Today on Young Hustlers Jarrod Glandt and Grant Cardone want to help you make your water pitch water tight. You often hear be interested, then interesting, but really you first must be interesting. Get attention, and then don’t lose control of your pitch.

1.Sell the problem
2.Sell your product
3.Sell yourself

If you haven’t already, get your water pitch in. Go to
On May 7th over 1200 and counting submissions will be cut down to the top 25. Winner will get $1,000 and more importantly—attention.

And remember, hustle without skill is idiotic. Don’t worry about THE econmony worry about YOUR economy. Get skilled up and get on Cardone University today.

  • Have you every had anyone run you out of their office because you put “too” much pressure on them?  If so, did it ruin it for future opportunity or did you end up selling at a later time?

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    Whats up Jarrod and Grant!

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    There is going to be 1000’s of Grant Cardones in the FUTURE!


    This is the game of money. Money Follows Attention!!!


    You have to be INTERESTING to get anybody’s ATTENTION!

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  • Hey everyone.. thanks for liking my pitch…. WoodBros… #WaterPitch  Youtube:: JulianWoodws

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    jf300z  305-865-8668

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    Im using Grants pitch.. it was SMOOOOOTH!!!!

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    Dame Jarrod that pitch was excellent, very tight and you kept attention. Awesome.

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    Think that is not fair when a pitch with most votes wins, because they can have worst pitch but most voting friends, You and your team should decide, all things you tell afterwards, I know I have the best pitch period.

    Vote here for my Holy Water Pitch Now:
    Thanks in advance

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  • Comment below if you think Grant Cardone should get a 10X Aquarium in his office for his staff from reality televisions “Fish Tank Kings” from Nat Geo WILD?? Vote for me Jared Kavolchyck top sales executive for Living Color Aquariums.

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