Jarrod Glandt gives tips today for Young Hustlers. When you talk success tips you can find a list a mile long. These are just a few of Jarrod’s favorites:

1. You are never too young (or old) to start.
2. Be consistent.
3. Learn to make cold calls, which allows you to create something from nothing.
4. Find a mentor.
5. Staying on the cutting edge of technologies.
6. Be curious.
7. Start Building a brand online
8. Invest in yourself.

Don’t get too discouraged if you are off-target—just get started, be disciplined, and educate yourself online 5 hours a week or you will become obsolete.

Hustling takes work, and every step in Jarrod’s list requires you to take action. What will you do TODAY to build success for your tomorrow? Jarrod Glandt advises starting with Cardone University, available at http://cardoneuniversity.com/newyear


  • When do we get the ebook?

  • kshawYALL

    Elton Navarro We will be sending the ebook to your email right before the lived webcast at 2:00pm EST. greatestsalessecret.com

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    Learn to sell and learn to make Cold CAllS!

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    money is the root of all freedom

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    Anyone in the mortgage business?!?!? Add me on facebook @Ethan Lewkowicz or comment here!! lets network!

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    Ethan are you resi or commercial?

  • ethan Lewkowicz

    Brad Bischoff currently residential…thinking about moving into commercial soon. You?

  • Curiousity lead to my first Grant Cardone video on Youtube.

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    What’s up Jarrod and all the Young Hustlers!!!!

  • kshawYALL Elton Navarro great thank you!

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    I bought the Deal and I have yet to get an email with all the info, and I think it starts today!!!

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    When are we going to get the Sales Secret Ebook?

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    ethan Lewkowicz Brad Bischoff I am a Property Risk manager for commercial, especially MULTI Family.

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    Where’s My Money.

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    AnthonyRivera They do!

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    brendenvalks about to send them out!

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    New Life about to send them out!

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    JarrodGlandt New Life Thanks bud, your the man!!!

  • NVR give up! “Winners never quit – Quitters never win” awesome energy JarrodGlandt

  • AlistairWilliams

    Love the show. Really great for motivation. Bought one of the books. Take notes on the podcast. However, I’m nervous about the substance on the premium training. Any success stories on the education purchase? (Beyond the “I LOVE YOU, GRANT. YOU’RE MY HERO!” praise. Although, I love that Grant is inspiring people so much… as he has for me.)

    I’m looking to differentiate between motivational leaders and substantive education. JarrodGlandt, I’d love for these podcasts/ videos to have a little more of that, a little more substance. For me, it’s exciting but difficult to invest in if you’ve been in the personal/ business development hustle for a while.

  • JarrodGlandt

    AlistairWilliams JarrodGlandt fortune 500 companies used our paid platform – we are one of the few that have skill based content and not hype… we are a sales training company FIRST, not a motivation company… no walking on fire here. When the tide of motivation ebbs and flows… only skill remains, and that is what we focus on.

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    gusycorrea JarrodGlandt TRUTH!