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Today on Young Hustlers Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt discuss the importance of mentors.

If you don’t do the research on a person you can’t trust them. You have to really research them. If you’re not willing to do the research, you’re not serious. A mentor is defined as an experienced and trusted advisor. Based on the definition, you need to trust them. People have wrong expectations of what mentorship really is. It’s not an age thing. A 60 year-old can learn something from a 14 year-old. Maybe it’s the new Pokemon app. The point is you shouldn’t trust someone who hasn’t done what you want to do. A mentor doesn’t have to be a face-to-face meeting. You don’t have to personally know a person for them to be your mentor. Just consume their information. A few tips in finding a mentor:

1. Choose carefully—Get someone who is qualified. Before you go all in with someone really learn what they are about.

2. Do not get too many sources of data— You don’t need too many chefs in the kitchen. Pick just a couple, or better yet, just one.

3. Duplicate exactly what they tell you to do—Don’t be filtering what they say by what you think. If you want to be mentored, do what they say.

4. Stick with them until you outgrow them—Don’t give up on it until you’re ready for a new mentor to take you to new levels.

You either have the wrong information or you lack information. Get the information you need with

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    Hi Grant, I’m 50 yrs old getting started (again). What’s the best way to get started? Thanks

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    JarrodGlandt January first this is what it looked like when checking account hit a milly for the first time!  6/30 : $664,030 —> 7/1 $1,163,096.00!!!  #Abundance  Thank you guys for the daily mentorship along the way!

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  • Sam

    Dear Grant Cardone, 
    Sales and being a Salesperson is probably not the right career path for me.     I am not a people-person, I am an introvert, I really don’t like selling. I also really don’t like talking too people that much. 
    And there are a lot of Millionaires and Billionaires are on this Planet/Earth who can not sell.       There are a lot of Programmers/Developers, Accountants, Financial-Traders, Professional-Athletes, Movie-Stars, Lawyers, Medical-Doctors, etc who CAN NOT sell and who are NOT Salespeople, but they are still worth Millions and Millions of Dollars. 
    I truly believe that you can make/earn Millions and Millions of Dollars WITHOUT being able to sell.        For example: most Software-Engineers/Programmers/Developers have basically zero Sales-Skills (Part of the reason why people are Programmers/Developers is because the job does not involve much human-interaction, and is geared more towards analytical introverts), and some of them are worth Millions and Millions of Dollars because they are very talented at Programming/Coding. 
    Is it possible to use Grant Cardone’s products and Grant Cardone’s techniques and lessons even if you don’t work in Sales, and even if you DO NOT work a Job/Career that requires you to be able to sell?          For example: Software Engineers really have very little to no sales skills, and most of them have limited social-skills/interpersonal-skills, but some Software Engineers make/earn Millions and Millions of Dollars per year because they are talented at Programming/Coding. 

    Some people in this world are not meant to be Salespeople. 
    I know that Grant Cardone pushes people to learn how to Sell and for people to become Salesman, but there are numerous Full-Time-Jobs and Careers that does not involve Sales, and that do not involve being able to Sell.      There are numerous Full-Time Jobs and Careers that pay Millions and Millions of dollars per year in Salary that do not involve Sales, and that does not require any Sales-Skills. 
    For example: most Software-Engineers/Programmers/Developers have basically zero Sales-Skills (Part of the reason why people are Programmers/Developers is because the job does not involve much human-interaction, and is geared more towards analytical introverts), and some of them are worth Millions and Millions of Dollars because they are very talented at Programming/Coding. 
    Here are some specific examples of Software-Engineers/Programmers/Developer who make and earn Millions and Millions of Dollars:–because-hes-already-making-3-million-every-year-2014-1

    Some of Grant Cardone’s other material/content may not make any-sense for me to buy/purchase like “Cardone University” ( because I really believe and I really think that I am not meant to work in Sales. 
           Is it worth buying “Cardone University” IF I work a Job/Career that DOES NOT require me to sell like being a Programmer/Developer/Software Engineer? 

    So with all this said: What products do you advise that I buy/purchase as a first-step? 
    Also: assuming that I am NOT working a Sales-Related Job/Career, and I never end up working a Sales-Related Job/Career: do you still feel that “Playbook to Millions” ( is a product that I should buy? 
    If you could please elaborate on the questions and concerns poised in this email, it will be very much greatly appreciated.

  • i don’t know a successful person that regularly smokes weed.  Im sure there is an exception to that, but I’ve NEER seen it !!!

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    @John Bolling JarrodGlandt thanks for coming on brother!

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    JarrodGlandt PhillipDade I left all my friends and moved to san diego by myself on april 7th.  I haven’t had a drink of anything but water since… I owned zero properties when i moved and have acquired about $6,000,000 in multi-family and office real estate… have no alarm clock can’t wait to get into the office by 545am DAILY! and can honestly say every week since has been the best week of my life. Thank you guys again from bottom of my heart for all your work.  it’s been a huge part of Phil 2.0!

  • Troy

    Do I get GC Playbook or CardoneU? 
    What’s the difference?

  • beeznutzstl

    why did you get fired from McDonalds GrantCardone

  • JarrodGlandt

    @Troy CU is $1995… if you buy Playbook for $495 you can purchase CU for $995… so get both! We can help you implement and get you winning fast!

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    Grant, who was the name of your mentor?

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    Ok. Thank you.

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    PhillipDade JarrodGlandt Way to go Phillip!

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    michaelostrand3 Do you mean the one he mentioned earlier? Jackie Cooper

  • LJCA1

    The engineer who make 5 million first has to close the deal – then they can go sit in front of a computer.

  • I know its late but… No matter what it is you want to do, you should always go talk to the person who is the best in that arena. Question about plumbing? find the best plumber you know. Question about how to rebuild a motor? Talk to the best mechanic. Want to be a millionaire or successful business owner? Talk to the biggest, baddest guy you know. I love that you guys preach the mentality that I’ve been fortunate enough to develop over my life and career. Thanks for re-affirming that I am going in the right direction

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  • JordanRose

    Mentorship is about following one voice. Have one voice in your life.

  • JordanRose

    A mentor looks for proteges, great book on the mentor-protege relationship is The Pursuit by Dexter Yaeger

  • I bought the playbook. Buying is the first step. Next get on to learning the stuff.