Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt go over the massive topic of closing the sale. You can pitch your product, advertise and spend money on marketing, but there comes a point when the close has to happen. If it doesn’t, the deal isn’t done.

Grant personally delivered over 4.5-hours of content on this important topic in a webinar that you can OWN FOREVER. Watch it again and again to get every bit of information from it!

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Jarrod and Grant address bad advice from other sources, such as:
• Trying to close the wrong person
• Closing too soon
• Don’t twist their arm
• Waiting too long to close

These are ALL WRONG. Don’t ignore your lines of communication. If you do, you’re abandoning your dreams. Don’t abandon your kids, your parents, your spouse, none of it. Close as soon as you meet the customer, close before you leave. But make sure to know when you need to sell, when you need to listen, and precisely when you need to go for the close.

Grant shares a personal story where he got loose, messed up, and lost a $400k deal just because of a very basic mistake. He reminds you to stay on top of your game.

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  • Rico_Suavee1

    LETS GET IT ON!!!!!!

  • Is this gonna be a live webinar, or a replay like last week’s millions on the phone?

  • Rico_Suavee1

    Glengarry Glen Ross!! CLASSIC, that was perfect GC!

  • ingramtj

    Where’s that 10X Life at Jarrod?

  • grantcardonetv

    colinthomson  A replay. It is a bonus add-on to the package we will be releasing soon.

  • Can’t believe cutco guy didn’t jump at the job offer U0001f631say what???

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    Dudes I love you guys!

  • JoshuaCAlomar

    Love you guys! Keep it going!

  • Man, I rarely watch any GC videos anymore since you guys started using your own video streaming plugin, you can’t compete with Youtube. I enjoyed watching the shows in the morning on my TV while drinking coffee, now I have to be on my computer to view them. Not a good move, losing out on a whole lane of consumers who use Youtube on other devices. is a website, so it doesn’t run as smoothly as the Youtube app. Definitely would suggest that you guys go back to Youtube.

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    do i have to buy again? grantcardonetv