There are 80 million millennials out there and no, not all are lazy and entitled. There are plenty who want true freedom, prefer entrepreneurship to the 9 to 5 grind and are hungry for mentors who give them the real deal. Grant Cardone and his millennial protégé, Jarrod Glandt target the under 35 crowd with the tips and insights they need to succeed in any economic climate. Between the loose laid back banter and the frequent references to Jay Z, Kanye, Led Zeppelin music and other pop culture millennial viewers consider Grant their “millennial mentor” and can’t get enough of Grant and Jarrod’s straight up no BS advice.

The term “baller” is automatically associated with money. But to Jarrod a baller is someone with money and business so big no one can touch it. Having big money, big faith, big health… all of these things make a baller.

Think about all of the people who have everything going for them; actors, doctors, lawyers, etc—you don’t see all the work it took them to get there. You want the sexy thing, but you aren’t willing to do the sexy things to get there.

3 Tips to Becoming a Baller
1. There’s no such thing as an overnight baller
2. Your work ethic should make you puke
3. All ballers have one thing in common: they’re closers

When the game is on the line, you pass to the baller—because they can close, finish, make the goal on any challenge they face.

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  • Appreciate these nuggets of wisdom for sure.  Attention is definitely the new currency.  Listening and writing notes with intent. #YoungHustlers

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    Give us the secrets jarrodglandt and dreallday Attention is the most valuable currency today, not Money

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    Love it!! Great anaology!

  • Information overload. Focus on Mastery and Simplicity…. Loving this you are sparking ideas here Dre. Definitely needed at the moment. #YoungHustlers

  • ..”if your mind is not clear you can’t unlock your physical tools” love it dude

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  • FrankTheTank94_

    1. Clear Your Pathway
    2. Think about what made you think or feel about a certain goal or purpose and commit to it.
    3. Hustle, Desire and Commitment, makes you a baller. 

    You’re the man!!

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    Dre is really impressive. Smart ambitious giving guy the world is a better place with people like him. Thanks Jarrod for introducing him to us

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    hussledee I like how you say you feel behind, I heard this quote from Eric Thomas that kind of goes with that feeling. It was “I dont believe in success because it’s only a platform in life, I believe in improvement because you can never stop improving your work, life, etc.” (not the exact quote but similar) I think if someone believes on improving over just getting to the mile marker of success and content with life, they could go a lot further with their dreams and goals!

  • MItchmoore99

    Feel the same way JarrodGlandt! Although I’m ahead of most of my friends my age, I feel I a couple of steps behind where I know I could be.

    Have to stay hustling to get that success!

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  • TroyBennett_UFC

    “No matter how good I do, I’m a little bit behind.”

    I broke my personal sales record for the 3rd straight month last August, but I STILL feel a bit behind. 30 years old, only an Assistant Manager of my gym, after being a personal trainer for 7 years.

    What I realized, is that I didn’t hit that baller status because I couldn’t CLOSE as well as I do now. As a trainer, someone else closed FOR ME. Now, I’m the one doing the closing, and I have a staff of trainers I gotta provide clients with. I don’t even have the closing craft down pat yet, but I’m getting there.

    Time to make up for some lost time. #BallersJourney

  • JarrodGlandt

    Love that bro – the second you think you “know it all” you begin limiting the success you can have, continue lea ring and growing. Perfect closing as an art. Do you see the webinar Grant did, secrets to closing the sale?

  • TroyBennett_UFC

    JarrodGlandt absolutely. I’ve mustve dropped cash on 3 webinars in a row, already. Secrets, Millions on the Phone, and 10x Superlife. More information, motivation, and insight than I can absorb at once, but all three have been a big help to me so far.

  • Milind Gupte

    TroyBennett_UFC Hey little Brother…. alll I can say is inhale all the GrantCardone you can.   You won’t believe the transformation in 12 months

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