Do you have the right problem? Too many people have the wrong problem because of how they think. If you want to go big, if you want to get big, if you want to play big, you’ve got to quit all the small talk. Quit demeaning yourself when it comes to the price of something. Quit giving yourself reasons you can’t do something. Your think determines what happens in your world, where you live, the view you have, the job you get, the money you make, and the happiness you experience.

Your problem isn’t that you don’t have $100,000—it’s that you don’t have $100 million. Debt is not your problem. Income is, you need to make more. The customer isn’t your problem, you are. Insecurity is not your problem. Not taking risks is. If your problem is that you don’t have enough money, the real problem is you aren’t great yet at what you do. Too many people are on the wrong problem. Find the right problem and you’ll be able to fix your problem.

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  • Elijah4

    Grant and Jarrod, I believe my main problem has been not stepping up to my true potential because I never practice or act on the individual I want to be and I allow my parents and loved ones to shrink my think to what they believe is the thing I should do. How to do I fix this problem? 


  • oli_trading

    man my problem is i am a trader and my wife says i dont give her time and all those stuffs. and the thing is i am aiming big for opening a hedge fund. soo how do i solve this. the time i am free i call her she doesnt pick up, and when she calls i cant pick up cause i am working. how do i solve this G?

  • Ernie Velasquez

    Grant & Jarrod – Killing IT!!

  • JarrodGlandt

    oli_trading get on the same page dude… she needs to know where you are going and what it is going to take to get there. If she is not on board with that, you need to get her there or problems will persist and worsen

  • JarrodGlandt

    Elijah4 rise above and start making decisions for yourself and not your parents! Parents job raising you only takes you to the point where you have the capacity to make your own decisions about life. Spread those wings.!