Grant Cardone offers 4 things millennials must do to create financial freedom. Jarrod is on vacation with his girlfriend and Grant starts the show with statistics on salaries in America urging millennials to think about what they are doing to earn money. He explains that there are specific things people must do and continue to do in order to achieve financial freedom. Millennials are burdened with debt, unemployment and lower levels of personal income than the last two generations at the same age. Grant gives all millennials permission to get rich and give the 4 ways to make it happen.

4 Ways To Get Rich
1. Decide you will be rich.
2. Focus on it every day.
3. Follow the money.
4. Stay disciplined with resources (time, money and energy)

Grant takes calls and invites Video Producer Robert Syslo on the show to discuss how he is increasing his income despite being a “creative” type. Rob, 26 offers great insights for other millennials and shares how his thinking shifted since working for Grant Cardone.

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  • Build assets

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    Great show. How about a Young Hustlers show with debt as a the topic. Debt is a huge hurdle and cancer to millennials and other generations, it is one of the biggest enemies of financial freedom, discipline and conserving resources. Please share your thoughts on debt, how to avoid it, get out of it and stay out of it.

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  • Changes I’ve made in the 4 months since meeting GC:
    -All gurus, teachers, web programs, seminars, books and time spent on web sites not connected to WIT, GC and LRH.  Downsized to one dead teacher and one live one.  Waaaaay more than enough.
    -I’m selling everything!:: tools, books (over 1000), furniture, camping supplies, old clothes…anything I can’t rent or lease later
    -BigThink.  I’m selling my biz and getting a new vehicle with less suppression and more control.  I know I’m better than what I’m doing.
    -Goals to appropriate 10X levels
    -Actions to appropriate 10X Levels
    -Ethics have taken a ridiculous turn for the immaculate…seriously its almost pathological
    -My workouts and commitment to my own 10X Health Goals
    -Discipline and commitment to my spiritual freedom 

    Thank you GC!  Stats to follow in the coming months.


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    2 stay focused
    3 follow the money
    4 stay disciplined
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  • This is prob the best episode about becoming financially free!!  Question Grant, How would I go about getting more money in a state job where there isn’t any other sources or ways to make income?  I already made the decision I am and will be rich and I am ready to work and do whatever it takes.  Have all your audiobooks also which is in rotation with many others each month.  Please let me know your thoughts and good luck to Robert on doubling that 7gs

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    2. stay focused – i am doing this now
    3. follow the money – i am doing this by going after bigger projects and more high end projects
    4. stay disciplined – you know it!

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    Just seeing the show but here are the 4 steps

    1. Make a decision to be rich
    2. Stay focused on getting rich
    3. Follow the money
    4. Stay disciplined with your resources (money, time, & energy).

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    The 4 Steps of Financial Freedom: 

    1. Decide to be Rich
    2. Stay Focused
    3.Follow the Money
    4. Stay Disciplined

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