Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt discuss how time is money. Control time or lose money. Make excuses or make money—you can’t make both. Time is the most valuable commodity you have. Get obsessed with time. If you can’t control time you’ll decrease production. Two people can be at work for 8 hours but get drastically different results. See how much you can do in 15 minute blocks. Here are three tips:

1. Commit to controlling your time
2. Accept Responsibility for it
3. Cram more into what you do

Cram as much as you can into your day, take responsibility for it, and stay committed to it. Get obsessed with it and pre-order today Grant’s new book Be Average or Be Obsessed.

Get the hardcover and you can send in your receipt to [email protected] to get access to 13 coaching sessions with Grant!

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    JarrodGlandt Shoot some T’s this way! cheers, phil

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    Get Fit Be True jarrodglandt 

  • Ruben P. TX

    Be the Controler Not the Slave of Time

  • Time becomes valuable when it’s controlled towards impactful activities

  • chadpittenger

    Your Mindset is Your Secret Weapon….. train it, Tame it, Use it….

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    whats up everyone. 

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    Young Hustlers.

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    Be the God Not the Slave

  • ZMM95

    Hi Grant & Jarrod
    What is the best way to raise money for real estate deals?

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  • Jessica Zakaria

    we all have the same 24 hours but not all of us use it the same way !

  • Tucker S

    I just heard of you guys a few days ago, but I’ve been binge watching since.

  • Ruben P. TX

    Cold Calling Is A Great Time Collapser!

  • Elijah4

    Grant, are you saying if you shorten the time you have to get a deal done you will improve and create obsession?

  • Tucker S

    Sales people who aren’t closing are making excuses for why the customer wouldn’t buy, instead of making up excuses as to why they should. You have to be a warrior

  • MrJoe

    The Mastering Objections webinar was sick!

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    MrJoe what was your favorite take away?

  • Hi… Christina De from Houston……

  • Elijah4

    I’ve tried the 15 minutes intervals and I realized I had no clue on exactly what I needed to do to grow my business. I want to make noise and get attention but with purpose not just noise. What do you suggest for a young Real-Estate hustler to do to start effectively growing the business?

  • Time is energy!

  • chadpittenger

    Focused Attention ALWAYS involves Choice…..  Choice Wisely…..

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  • My cell phone froze.. I kept saying hello… I’ll catch you guys another time..thank you for today !

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  • grant i sent you a snap chat about how im not sure what to tell my friends are arent trying to make the same positive and money making moves in my life, theyre getting mad at me for not going out as much anymore, for working too much.. what do i tell them?

  • Tucker S

    Sarah, this is one of the most crucial lessons to learn on the road to success. Ask the hard question about each of these people “Do I love going out with them more than I love my vision of my future? More than my desire to fulfill my destiny/potential?” If you answer yes, keep them around but forget about those dreams. If people are holding you down as hard as it is you have to let them go, just as in business if an employee isn’t making you money they are loosing you money, and you can’t have that kind of toxicity within an environment designed for success.

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    My dad always said, “Killin’ time isn’t murder…it’s suicide!”  Thanks, guys!

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  • No protesting going on here man! I love you guys – You’re like my extended family! You’re part of my “executive board of mentors.” Thanks for continuing to give, give, give!

  • Donnyboy8
    Hey Grant and Jared – Classic scene in Spaceballs about time. You probubly already have seen it but worth a look.