What do you do when you’re not feeling it? You have no energy, you’re flat…everyone has those kind of days. How can you break through this? First, be aware of which areas this happens in. For example, is it in the gym, at work, with a relationship? You can be obsessed in one thing and flat in another area all in the same day. First identify the areas where you aren’t feeling it. Decide to move to success and not average, you have to take action.

1) Make goals in that area

2) Exercise

3) Have Coffee

4) Phone a Friend

5) Learn Something New

6) Go to an Event

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  • I completely understand, this happens to me while I’m at school or at my day job. I’m currently starting my own company while going to school and having a day job and I’m only 17. But each time I feel unmotivated, I remember all my goals, I think of the potential my company will have, then I turn on uncle G and then it just hits me and get going. Take me to #10Xgrowthcon
    – Andrea Bedoya (CA)

  • Vancali

    when I know that I am not feeling it, I look at the photo’s I have of success quotes on my office wall. What most think what will be silly is I have money tree in front of the office window. That visual drives me to keep pushing.

  • mattsung87

    Spent £300 last week on books and merch i have just sold 4 doors totaling £2875…..commission is an easy mission. Boom

  • mattsung87

    Jarrod i’m hungry brother to get those tickets, I’m from the UK and i wanna change my life, asking for a helping hand… peace