In this edition of Young Hustlers Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt tell you why you are missing quota. First, there is no quota too high. Nobody is missing quota because of laziness. If someone throws 1 million dollars down on the floor everyone is jumping up to get some. People lack purpose, clarity, and training. 87% of salespeople miss quota! In reality, the word quota can be replaced by potential.

7 reasons You miss quota

1.Not enough people—you have 50 people but you need 150.
2.Disengaged people—they don’t go for leads that are right in front of them.
3.No accountability—show me the numbers. Nobody gets audited.
4.Mistakes—you can’t be screwing up basic things.
5.No daily training—the sword must be sharpened each day to stay on pace.
6.Unable to handle customer obstacles—how can one close without closes?
7.Being allowed to settle—thinking it’s ok to miss quota. Never settle!

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    Welcome everyone – what are your questions??

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    GrantCardone What do you think about the Bulgarian people?

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    JarrodGlandt How do you keep the momentum flowing Jarrod?

  • What would you do if you have someone in your office that is a good, loyal on time but has a negative ass attitude?  Specifics my brothers.

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    I’m the head of our Safety Department…. I constantly create leads and bring opportunities to our sales team. it’s made me invaluable to our organization.

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    All of the salespeople only thing about themselves, They don’t care about the Company. Once I started 10x myself and start thinking about myself and the over all of the company. I started making crazy money. What Can I do it get them on the next level?

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    what is the quota at the Cardone offices? 
    Where do you set your bar at? 

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  • Is Grant getting up at 4am yet?  How is that going?

  • Chiheb Bouhanaf Great question man….we are in the process of hiring a sales team right now.

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    When I hit quota I wonder if I really pushed myself enough. Do you feel that?

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  • I listen to Sell or Be Sold every FREAKING DAY while I’m drive in my car!  It is changing my LIFE!

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    I have problems with keeping the momentum flowing.

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    Why is so important, very true.

  • QUESTION: Pitching to customers vs pitching to investors? What are the differences (if there are any)? NickTheoret

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    Began Cardone U last week and am currently listening to Sell Or Be Sold & 10X Rule. Living and breathing by the words of Uncle G!

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    QUESTION: I’m tired of missing sales. Do you have any resources that could help?

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    Exactly, Grant. People need to understand that businesses need to make profit to sustain and continue to pay employees.

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    Question, How can I back into a number with a formula to determine the amount of contacts I need to make to realtors and prospects to close some loan business.

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    Your cold calling module is killer, Grant. Gave me the conviction and certainty that I’m just going to dominate my space.

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    Question, how do I keep my motivation moving at 10X speed ALL day long? I find myself getting lost around that 2 PM – 4 PM mark.

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    Nathan Eagle Take notice of what you are eating for lunch, and go for a brisk 15 minute walk or 15 minute meditation so you can re-energize yourself. That time of day is a natural slump, so either get up and move or take a brief rest. See if that works for you.

  • Hitting quotas increases motivation and increases momentum. Motivation + momentum = Profits
    Grant I am sending you a package be on the lookout!

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    MaximusNguyen Nathan Eagle that’s good advice… mid afternoon burnout is brutal. I found it’s worse on a roadtrip, driving at 2 in the afternoon I really power out. eating mixed nuts/almonds is a good boost.

  • Powerful show. Grant and Jarrod Where Born to do this outside of the Box show.

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    hitting quotas is cool – hitting potential is even cooler. Imagine coming close to your unreachable potential? #comfortkillers

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    Man! You two are funny as ….

    The show keeps getting better.

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    I would say, you need to get back to your purposes and goals, that should motivate you to keep hustling and grinding. That has helped me probably it does to you.

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    More often than not sales people miss their quota because they work on it instead of working on developing and tapping into their full potential.

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    LJCA1 Call 310-777-0255. Guarantee you will find anything and everything you need to crush your sales goals.

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