How can you stay more focused the next 3 weeks to end the year strong? If you’re thinking more about Christmas than you are about your money, you need more money. People have bad Januarys because they have bad Decembers. The way to harvest in January is to plant the seeds in December. The 5 things you do today will determine what you are tomorrow. Why do people get so focused on calendars? The time is NOW. Skills pay the bills. Here are 6 ways to get your money right now:

1. Pay more attention to your goals than your Christmas list—Write them every day.
2. Have Urgency—While others are in holiday mode, you need to have lots of activity.
3. 2017 is here—It’s already here, because what you do in December will influence your January.
4. Don’t be satisfied—If you are, you are hanging out with the wrong people.
5. Focus on what you can measure—Don’t be guessing.
6. Focus on the lowest hanging fruit around you—Do you create a new client or look at opportunities with existing clients?

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    Always good to hear from you, guys. Bought your program “Wealth Creation Formula”. Going to lift up my finances. I know, it works and it can be done. Very appreciate your help and willingness to share your knowledge! Was wondering, if Ryan going to answer my email regarding real estate? Would be great if he will do it… Thank you!

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