Today on Young Hustlers Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt tell you how to be ON 24/7.
Grant is lit up—how can you get up? You need to stay on or be gone. You are not a candle. If you are burned out it’s probably because you lack purpose. Get on purpose and don’t worry about burn out. Bone up!

#1 You have to be committed. Everything you do in life starts with commitment.

#2 Social has to be a part of you. Social media doesn’t sleep. 9 to 5 Monday – Friday is middle class math. If you can’t be on you need to hire someone to be on for you. How many different ways can you talk to people? You Tube. Snap Chat, Facebook, a phone, email, Twitter—get on them all.

#3 Get around people that inspire you. Avoid those that bring you down.

In addition to Grant and Jarrod taking calls, the legendary Frank Kern is in studio and gives real estate advice.

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  • What up Jarrod & GC…YH is in the building baby!!!

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    I’m loving the fish bowl.

  • Young Hu$tlers Salute!

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    No audio guys… come on!

  • This is a good topic…sustaining that 24/7

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    It’s 7pm over here, just got home from a 12 hour day, put on Young Hustlers and got back to business! Keep hustling!

  • Raul Lopez

    From: Raul Lopez
    Uncle G & MrJ
    Loving the show, question…

    I have a momentum right now in the business, been closing and selling. Just in the past 9 days i’ve generated 3500+! On the other hand my team right now, i am trying to get them to listen to you, get on your podcast, so they can also get the ball rolling. Back in January i produced 15k and i stopped and got comfortable and lost my momentum. So now i ain’t stopping, yet i am trying to get my team infected with my momentum. But i can’t get them on board. I keep thinking of other ways but how do i get them aboard 24/7? Should i just leave them behind or what can i do?

  • Mike Zwirn

    Yes I do !!!   In today’s environment the world is my local market !

  • Lead Forensics in the house!!!

  • Dayummm G!

  • It all can be done with a phone and some words…wow, I just learned that

  • You guys are watching Grant and Jarrod to better yourselves, and these guys drop EXTREMELY valuable content everyday. You guys need to keep your pipeline full. Contact me directly to identify a ton of leads passing through your website right now! –

  • He needs to change that

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    Thank you Jarred & Uncle G! Gonna take the advice

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  • I’m hitting my list Grant!

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    Love You GUYS!!!!!!!!! We ARE the YOUNG HUSTLERS!! 10X from the UK

  • When you’re on your purpose, you get excited about life. 


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    Q: is there a difference between being couragious and ” going for it” and beng wreckless.?

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  • Yes, Get Frank Kern a show!

  • Too many business owners are Living off of yesterday’s laurels….

  • Grant I’m here. the number 1 online Tech Support Company in the USA.  All our agents are in the USA.

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    JarrodGlandt I design a book cover for millionairs booklet check it

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    Frank and G!!!!  Hell yes get Frank on WitNation more!

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    You guys could be more genuine and especially Jarrod .. Grants on point to be honest. Jarrod needs to wake up