There’s a lot of uncertainty right now in the financial world. You remember 2008. Jarrod starting work for Grant in late 2009 living on an air mattress and worrying how to pay for his next trip to the supermarket. The ability to increase his income, to even control his income in uncertain times gave him great confidence. You too can learn what Jarrod did. Severe economic times call for severe measures. How can you get more money in the job you’re in right now? 5 things to get your money right:

1. Always commit—this is basic and you have to go all-in on getting rich.
2. Income is senior, get a flow of income—don’t worry about a 2nd flow until your 1st flow is a fire hose.
3. Set Income Target 10X higher —If you make 30K, don’t just shoot for 60K, go for 300K.
4. Do the math—This is what will make it real to you. You have to find the right vehicle to do it in though because you won’t make a 100K when your boss makes 70K. Find companies that are expanding.
5. Invest in yourself—Nobody got great at anything without practicing and learning. You don’t have a million dollars because you don’t yet have the skills.

Invest today in Playbook to Millions and get your money right!

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    How do I find the right vehicle?

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    I ain’t so young, but I’m a hustler! Following Grant and purchasing Playbook to Millions and Cardone U is making all of the difference for me.  My company is T-WORX ( We do professional website solutions right.

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    Being 25 years old, what is a step I can take to creating a 2nd income pipeline?? Also – Are you guys taking calls today?

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  • Kyle Sneed JarrodGlandt Go after your passion what you truly love so you can persevere for the long term dream accomplishments

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  • JarrodGlandt  how did you go from 30K to 60K ? what did you do ?

  • Amazing. Jarrod has enough presence of mind to actually respond to the comments during the brief pre-recorded commercials. Amazing.

  • @TeacherNia super fantastic never seen something like that before it’s a miracle!

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    JarrodGlandt Good point bro. Primary flow isn’t as strong as it could be.

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  • I Am Going for the €30.000.000 before 30, I am now 28 and € before 75… you like that?

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  • Invest in yourself….people spend more time and money buying an iPhone that doesn’t make you any money.

  • Get Playbook to millions. ….I’m not getting paid to endorse this…I just believe in it. 
    The books that Grant has suggested were also game changers…

  • JarrodGlandt  so basically optimize the process and take more action, great answer bro appreciate it !

  • TracyWittenkeller

    Just saying “I want to be rich” and being excited every day won’t cut it. You gotta take action…more importantly…the right action. Who else is telling you what the right action is, and giving you the right tools to get there, besides Grant?

  • Chiheb Bouhanaf awesome story what do u do bro ?

  • TracyWittenkeller Read books from Bob Proctor, Napoleon Hill, Donald Trump… it’s very important to know the exact value like €10.000.000 before 2018,,, instead of vague I want to be rich,,, keep these precise goals repeating the rest of your life until you achieved them same for what you are going to do for and with it, figure it out in the smallest details by imagination in color, feelings like it is already presence, so you can fill in your dream because it dwarrels into your subconscious mind and you make automatic the right decisions for your dream, all you have achieved today is because of you thought about it, so use it the other way around for the future and so forth, never doing it for the money but what you do for the money, creating the best possible quality giving the best possible feelings, than the money follows, never compete with no one but with yourself yesterday, good luck, you can become it All, Limit & Fearless, Go on

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    JarrodGlandt  How do you get your leads?

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    JarrodGlandt Streaming live in front of my sales training class. They’re loving it!! All of them are purchasing The 10X Rule, which by the way the 10X Rule took my bank account from $3.43 to $60K. Much love from VA!

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    Kyle Sneed JarrodGlandt  Awesome Success [email protected]’s University!

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    Alain Stout TracyWittenkeller Exactly Alain. One very important realization for me was to not let my past hold me back. I think a lot of people are stuck looking in rear-view mirror (mistakes) instead of focusing on what’s ahead. I know I was…until I started following Grant a few months ago.

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