How do you get not just rich, but super rich? If the doctor said you have a disease, maybe cancer or Zika, would you do everything in your power to beat it? Of course. Will you do everything in your power to get super rich? If not, you will settle. You can’t get rich at a job, but that doesn’t mean you should leave your job. Most people who work for themselves don’t get rich either. Poor people are selfish. The Middle Class is selfish. They talk about what they don’t need. The most narcissistic people on planet earth are people who settle for average. If you make 70K and don’t want anymore than why not make 140K and and give 70K away? You see how selfish it is? They aren’t concerned about helping anyone, they just want to be comfortable. You need to assault average. Take it behind the grocery store, beat it up, and crack its vertebrae. Beat up average.
Don’t pretend to be satisfied. Quit settling. Quit taking Suzy Orman’s advice. You aren’t going to save anything when you make 52K, sorry it’s not going to happen. You are surrounded by average and you need to get obsessed. 3 steps for you today:

1)You must make a decision to get rich.
2)Beat up average
3)Get your Playbook

You won’t get rich until you decide to do so. After your decision, you need to rid yourself of everything average. Next, you need to invest in you. I can give you skills that will make you money. Get super rich.

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  • Traci Holmes

    I want to get rich enough to help other people out when they need it.

  • hinc1mike

    A guy had a flat tire couldn’t buy a new one for his bike and I blessed him with a new tire. This is what makes God smile the little things. Most of us refuse to ask people for help. To prideful, I have no qualms walking up to a business owner and saying “hey make a contribution into my business I need your help” Embrace the fear.

  • Austin5472

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