In this previously aired episode of Young Hustlers, Grant and Jarrod talk about how millennials must focus on earning more and building their incomes incrementally with a strong “Follow The Money” message. Money must NOT be a taboo topic. Millennials must place an importance on money and understand that they can have more money. It is possible. Grant banked 1 million dollars in 9 years by the time he was 30. He explains he built it incrementally and went from 3k to 4k then increased over and over again. Grant and Jarrod share their own personal stories about how they build income by applying 3 critical steps:

1. Follow the Money: get around players who are in businesses experiencing rapid growth. If you are in an organization figure out where the money is. What departments are bringing in money? How can you get involved? Make yourself a valuable resource.
2. Don’t Show Off, Show Up: Focus on effort and productivity not cars and bottles in the VIP, watches and clothes. The biggest money makers know showing off is expensive and cuts into the bigger bottom line, wealth and true freedom.
3. The Only Reason to Save is to Invest.

If you’re a millennial ages 18-33 or a parent of one, watch this video to learn from two people who were broke and are building wealth for themselves so you too can get the life you deserve.

  • beeznutzstl

    Sup Young Hustlers, who’s in here today?

  • S2Prana

    Aww it’s not a live one =(

  • Jennifer Jakobs

    beeznutzstl Jennifer from Tel Aviv. I have a question for Grant. Grant what would you do in my position, I’ll be moving back to Miami in June as a newly divorced mom of 4.

    While the rest of the non-hustlers took their tax return and went on vacations I said to myself, I’m gonna take my return and make it grow.

    So I invested in some inventory and am in the early stages of growing an online business, it’ll take some time to grow so Im not counting on it for immediate cash right now.

    What I do have to work with also is that when I was 17 I joined the Marine Corps  and I qualify for a VA loan that hasnt been used yet.

    My plan is to purchase a multi dwelling home and build up from there. 

    Besides trying to build my online business Im currently not working so obtaining a loan will take some time.

    So my question for you is if you were in my position, what would you do to build up some cash as soon as possible so I can leverage whats available to me and start 10X’ing?

    Thanks Grant, 
    You da man!

  • FashionNY

    I wish more people acted like Jarrod. I just went through Dell hell because they can’t answer a question about when my new computer is arriving. The customer service agent sounded as if he had smoked an illegal substance. Then, I try to do business with Hertz and they send me running in circles. What’s up with business these days? Don’t they want money?

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    So what ever happened to the Rolls Royce?

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    Jennifer Jakobs beeznutzstl Jennifer, Grant is out hustling – the best way to reach him is to email him at [email protected] – also, as a vet you have free access to content on Cardone University. I’d suggest you sign up and go through the training courses to help you along the way. And congrats on the new freedom and purpose! Sign up at

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    This video is Dope! whats up Young Hustlers!

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    GrantCardoneTV GrantCardone JarrodGlandt Grant and his Hi Chews lol! FOLLOW THE MONEY!