In today’s Young Hustler’s Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt discuss what happened with the Cincinnati Zoo shooting and killing a 450 lb silverback gorilla that had a 3-year old human child in his grasp. The zoo is getting heat suggesting it did the wrong thing. Grant and Jarrod ask why is this so hard for people to handle? Why do people go into such shock when things like this happen? You need to learn how to put gorillas down in life. Employees who show up late, make mistakes, don’t hit quota, won’t take the time to train and improve themselves and then continue to lower the bar of expectation amongst the rest of your staff need to be put down (fired). What gorillas do you have that need to be put down? We all have to make tough choices sometimes—it’s not easy putting the gorilla down. Get focused on you, go to conferences, read, listen to audio and train so you don’t have time for the zoo. If you’re making money you aren’t at the zoo.

1. Be willing to fire the customer.
2. Be willing to fire the employee.
3. Be willing to fire friends and family who aren’t supportive.
4. Be willing to take control of your financial freedom.

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  • LOL! The title is hilarious…

  • They didn’t show the part when the Gorilla dragged the boy around for a bit.

  • StevenMerlino

    Facebook ended your stream!!!

  • Yes- Facebook ended stream- logged here to catch this!

  • Looking forward to the topic G & J!

  • HomeSecurityKowboy

    Building my team and rockin and rollin. I knocked 211 doors on my own yesterday!! 209 NO’s and 2 Yes’s… $900 day on my own sales

  • JarrodGlandt

    HomeSecurityKowboy solid!

  • What about the Gorilla of forgetting to followup for too long, which just keeps perpetuating.

  • Major Zoo Fail. Because the zoo did not do enough to protect the gorilla or humans from harm, the only outcome could have been tragic–either the child or animal had to be harmed. 
    If you are going to run a business, run it right. A child should not be able to fall into a setting in which a wild animal roams free. The zoo made the tragic but right choice. An innocent animal was harmed to save an innocent child.

  • Sometimes the Family can be the Gorilla.

  • HomeSecurityKowboy

    Very true. I have family that think I’m crazy for what I do. I love the work and several thousand $ a week makes me happy. While they make $5-$600. And look down on my cause I am in sales. Especially door to door. I never thought I would like it but I LOVE it!

  • What’s your criteria regarding “killing the gorillas?” Specifically, at what point do you know its not happening?

  • JarrodGlandt

    Joseph Argier totally!

  • HomeSecurityKowboy

    They were all in the wrong to a point. If the kid grabbed a gun and shot someone, they would be looking at the parents. Parents,zoo and the kid were all to blame.

  • I know it may sound silly, but the guilt of forgetting to follow up makes it harder to call back!! any advice?


  • hinc1mike

    Scared money don’t make no money

  • PhillipDade

    Hey guys – so wanted to tell you why the Manuscript purchase was bargain and complete NO BRAINER at $1,000 :

    1) Grant has thousands of apartments
    2) Grand used to have 0 apartments
    3) I want thousands of apartments
    4) I have just about 0 apartments

  • HomeSecurityKowboy

    PhillipDade Awesome!

  • Thanks for all the added value Uncle G & J-man! I truly appreciate all the guidance. It has made a real difference.

  • I’m down for the safari!

  • ChaddNaugle

    I am down for the cruise – That would be an awesome event!

  • HomeSecurityKowboy

    Same here. Cruise sounds awesome.

  • HomeSecurityKowboy

    HUSTLE!! And have multiple streams of income! I sell Security and Home automation for Vivint and run teams. Amd a private security consultant,raise beef cattle and wholesale produce.

  • I am in for the cruise!