On this edition of Young Hustlers Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt talk about the fact that getting rich is not a fantasy and take questions from callers. Money is about having freedom of choice.

A few questions to ask yourself:

1.What does rich mean to you? $1 million? 5 million? $100 million? You need to define what it is before you go after it. Otherwise it’s just pie in the sky.

2.Why is getting rich important? Just enough sucks. When you feel uncertainty, that anxiousness—that doesn’t go away right away even when you start making some money. The more money you make the more confident you become. It’s important if you value freedom.

The bottom line is if you don’t believe you can be rich you won’t be. It’s not a fantasy if you believe it’s possible. Few people know how to get money so it is a fantasy for them. The only reason to save money is to multiply it. You don’t invest 10K, you keep saving. Keep saving until you have a significant sum to invest.

If you want detailed tactics on becoming a millionaire, check out the new product Grant put together this month called Playbook to Millions which is created to build millionaires. Getting rich is not a fantasy—last year over 500,000 families became millionaires. Over 80% of them are self-made.

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  • PhillipDade

    I have about $700k in debt and $600k in cash… if i paid off my debt i would be broke!

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    PhillipDade crazy story right???

  • PhillipDade

    JarrodGlandt PhillipDade good news is, servicing it at under 4% so happy to take more…

  • PhillipDade HA HA HA That’s funny…but true. So many ‘experts’ would tell you to do just that….pay off your debt and join the poverty class. (Student loans, mortgages etc)

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  • Did  Mr. Black say he is not selling black?

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    Getting rich is not a fantasy, it is a necessity!

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  • A NO is not a NO.
    A NO is just an unanswered question.
    Ask another clarifying question. BOOM!

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