Today on Young Hustlers Grant Cardone talks about how he deals with depression. Do you operate in spikes? Grant surged with highs and lows, ups and downs, and would act crazy for a little while and then have the bottom fall out. It wasn’t OCC or ADD or whatever 1000 other mental disorders doctors claim are out there. If you have depression you can’t drink it or sex it away. Here’s the real deal—if you’re losing you’re going to be depressed. If you’re bored you’re going to be depressed. Depression is a normal response to failing. If you knew you could run 60 mph but only run 10 mph, how do you make sense of that? The doctors don’t tell you this, but it’s not depression you are suffering from—it’s mediocrity, it’s living below your potential. You are on planet earth, depression will happen. You’re depressed because you are operating at an altitude below your capacity.

You need skills. You don’t need sympathy, use your failure as motivation to surge. If you have no net-worth it’s because you have no self-worth. Invest in yourself and get on Cardone U. Don’t have white space on your calendar. Get rid of your boredom and depression and get a full calendar. To deal with depression, start hustling, skill up, get busy, and get winning.

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  • While taking a early lunch, I watched part of Season 2 the Ultimate Job Interview….KILLER…A MUST WATCH!

  • Depression attacks those that are still.  I LOVE your show man!  You are helping TONS!

  • IcarusRex

    Ayyyy let’go baby!!!

  • yahya hameed

    Hey Grant 
    i need the best answer of We’re already working with another supplier

  • It’s sickening how drugs are peddled as the answer when the REAL answer is COMPLETE HUSTLE #GCTV #YoungHustlers

  • Cew

    Hey Grant…. How can the YOUTH get paid to be YOUTHful, energetic, positive?

  • JD Beierle

    Depression is the worst thing on this planet!! Drugs and alcohol are a massive contribution t0 this epidemic. Setting goals, following through and having a massive drive to achieve your dreams can make it all turn around.

  • Agree with you Grant! I didn’t have a purpose and so my emotions controlled my behavior. I was diagnosed as adhd and depressed. Found my purpose and will never be depressed again.

  • ” …American Airlines, center seat between 2 fatsos.” Just spat out my coffee!

  • beeznutzstl

    beeznutzstl is here, and not depressed, happy to say

  • MrHavre

    Do you think your brother did you a favor when he said “Stop calling me and get to work?”

  • beeznutzstl

    the godfather of the punch

  • The Only Way to Eliminate Depression is to Focus on Building Massive Wealth.

  • RichardHalll

    For a show about depression, Grant is cracking me up!

  • Cew


  • IcarusRex

    People are reduced to animals when they accept welfare

  • RichardCinta

    My Grandad told me, that Every Day If you aren’t Living Every Day to its most..You are either busy living or you are busy Dying!   Make the most of Every Day!!!

  • ingramtj

    You’re absolutely right! I’ve been through severe depression and it all changed with my mindset. Set big goals and GO AFTER THEM LIKE A SHARK!

  • AlexanderTheMexican

    Whats the number??

  • wriojas1464

    Grant, you’re right. Getting stuck in old habits infuriates me, but I’m breaking free and taking control. And I’ve submitted my water pitch!

  • AlexanderTheMexican

    Alexander wants a chance to talk with Uncle G!
    I’m calling until I get an answer!!

  • Huzaifah

    How to deal w/ uncertainty and being unsure about large decisions?

  • Clint Holmes

    Depression is for weak ass minded people… bring on ALL the problems you have. I’ll get paid to solve all of them !

  • ErikRenninger

    Thank you for taking my call, Erik from NJ – Selling Water next….!

  • wriojas1464

    I sent my water pitch this morning!

  • Great Show.. (Get Your Mobile App Today)

  • Excellent show! Depression seems like a habit, and your suggestion to write goals daily is the perfect way to disrupt negative thought patterns.

    If anyone would like to see my Water pitch, which uses a marketing angle. Go to- 

    If you approve, your vote would mean a lot to me.


    Thanks for the show Grant! Dont let depression be your oppression! GET UP AND PITCH!

  • Kangenteamgpm

    Haha it’s funny cause I actually sell water 😛

  • SheriSuccess

    Huzaifah Stay clear on your goals. Be certain about yourself.

  • SheriSuccess

    MrHavre Grant said it really did help him.

  • SheriSuccess

    @Ebong Eka Wow, that is awesome, Ebong!

  • SheriSuccess

    Jeff Rambin You got that right, Jeff.

  • Clara Piedalue

    Great show! Very easy to relate too.  Thanks for taking a sensitive topic and make it real, GC Style! One more of the million reasons you rock.

  • There are
    many ways to fight depression and the key to finding your way is to do the
    things that make feel the most content. You will not even need or medication if you are
    keeping yourself busy with the thing you love doing.