Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt offer business insights to help millennial thrive in the competitive marketplace. Grant and Jarrod begin the episode announcing that when it comes to branding and getting attention for yourself and your business there are NO shortcuts. You must be fully committed. These days people Google you. What do you want them to see when the find you online? Who are you? What are people saying about you? Who do you want to be? What do you want to be known for? These are the key questions one must ask when creating a brand identity.

Grant and Jarrod take callers and offer great insights to people in business looking to crank up even more. They ask callers if they can explain who they are in 12 words. This episode is the longest in Young Hustler history as it’s a topic Grant gets fired up about. Tune in for the steps to take when building a brand which include:

Steps to Build Your Personal Brand:
1. Define your purpose.
2. Be everywhere!
3. 24/7 No breaks!
4. Connect with the connected.

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    Grant, I have 14k tucked away & want to make it grow to 30k in the next 5 months. What would you do?

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  • Hustle more, hate less!

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    JarrodGlandt Cash10X Love you guys!! Thanks for everything! You are like Napoleon Hill and Grant is Andrew Carnegie 10X…And Grant is just hitting his stride. Watch how fast the company grows month after month from here on..Exponential growth. Watch…numbers never lie.

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  • Branding is simple! My income quadrupled when I understood how to properly brand. Here’s how I will show you what I did. Text the word “black” to 95577 on your smartphone

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  • Accelerate your brand by living by the ten a day rule

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    Best Young Hustlers EVER! That bad boy was Young Hustlers on Steroids!

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    Ok – specific –  Saving isn’t your problem right now… your 14k isn’t your problem now, your problem is that your 14k isnt $100k or $200k – don’t spend energy trying to triple your money in 5mon too much risk, unrealistic. Focus all your attention on how to make more money. The point is that 14k is great, but it is really no money. 
    There are no shortcuts, but more income will speed things up. I literally just put my money in a money market account until I had enough to put in a secure investment that would provide cash flow for me and stable return. You can roll the dice and put your money in a high risk investment tool, but secure growth is more important to me. Probably not what you want to hear… wasn’t what I wanted to hear either… but a 9 figure net worth man gave me the advice and 4 years later I have a big income and almost 300k producing monthly cash flow for me

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    Thank you. I appreciate your honesty & input. I’m sure you understand the feeling though! I guess i am really just looking for a better opportunity than the one I have right now. 6 month old baby boy at home & I’m just looking to give him the best life I can, better than i had growing up.
    ** Happy belated birthday by the way. Pretty sure I remember you saying you were a Libra.

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