In today’s episode of “Young Hustlers” Jarrod Glandt discusses how people can avoid being broke, why they may be broke and how to end the cycle. Following the GOP debate, Jarrod points out that regardless of who is elected, it’s important for people to make their own economy and income. He reminds us that only we are in charge of our own lives, so forget about excuses and get out there and create opportunities, wealth, happiness and everything you possibly can. Time is money and just working hard isn’t enough anymore.

Watch Jarrod discuss his three tips avoid being broke:
1. Budget your time
2. Develop yourself
3. Surround yourself with people you can learn from

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    love that simple time break-down JarrodGlandt  I always remind myself….. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

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    The pain of discipline is way less than the pain of regret

  • JonathanLongoria

    Hey JarrodGlandt I have a question for you. What are some  techniques you’ve used to really start thinking in terms of abundance? Like getting rid of the idea that your product is a lot of money. I’ve grown up around scarcity living, not enough, no money type of environment and I’m trying to move away but its so ingrained.

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    JarrodGlandt i tell my guys all the time work 2 hrs extra each day it gives you an extra 40hr work week

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    I try to hold this close in life. Are you the person the person your looking for is looking for? Self reflection. It is up to you. Great show

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