Elena Cardone, Chief Family Officer and wife of Grant Cardone, teams up with Katrina Campins, TV personality, real estate expert and most famously known as finalist of season one of The Apprentice. This 30 minute web series will showcase women CEO’s, authors, entrepreneurs, designers, artists, ladies who are making powerful moves in their relationships and in life. Learn from accomplished women who successfully manage business, family as they strive for personal fulfillment.

  • I can relate to grant when it comes to traveling and Business but I feel like my bride needs a brake from the kids. She refuses to travel over oceans though. Ugh…

  • JennRyan

    I really love this show! This was definitely a good episode. I definitely find most women don’t see international travel as something accessible because they are focused on their families. But I like how your show portrays the “have it all!” idea, it’s great. I am personally going on trip out of the country next week, and I am stoked to connect with my husband and experience a different place and remove ourselves from our daily lives for new perspective. Keep it up, ladies!!

  • elenacardone

    JennRyan Thank you so much and hope you had a great trip!!

  • elenacardone

    CoryFewTweets I TOTALLY understand her viewpoint. I think once she can do it once and see the overall value, her viewpoint would shift but it’s hard to get over the fear of travel and leaving the kids etc.