No sex in a year?? If a good friend calls you to express a very intimate problem in their relationship, what do you say? Elena Cardone and Katrina Campins layout why sex is important for women in a relationship, and the little things women can do to get their man on top of their sex game and much more.

  • Ryan

    Sex is extremely important.  I’ve been in a relationship for 5+ years, and she is wanting to be married.  While it isn’t exactly the only issue, sex is a major one for me.  So far this year, we’ve had sex 4 times…the last one was 3 months apart.  I’ve talked to her about it numerous times, whether it was something I did, her body (a little overweight), or what it is…she just mentions she is always tired from work.  Wonder if there’s another issue, just like you both mentioned a mask for something else.  If it is this slow now, I can only imagine the next 50-60+ years we are together.  Excellent vid!

  • What about the same sex couples?? ElenaCardone

  • AceMuzic


  • FreirePhoto

    Exactly, the guy is insecure and unhappy…. he can’t handle successful woman. So many guys like that nowadays!!!

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