This is part two of Elena Cardone’s interview with author, Rochel Albert. Elena and Rochel further discuss her book “The Vitamin D Hoax And Other Medical Scams.” Plus more details on the vaccine concerns highly promoted on today’s mainstream media.

For a copy of Rochel Albert’s book, The Vitamin D Hoax And Other Medical Scams, email your book request to [email protected]

Download your free copy of Quest to Telos Buried Secret by Rachel Albert.

  • caricarnie

    woww i am so glad ive watched this episode! ive just stubbled across,your show and am in loveee, i dont see where to get the download for the book?if you could help me out please.LOVE women in power!

  • Tamara

    Loved this as well. I can not find the downloadable book as well. would love to read it.

  • KatrinVodyanitskaya

    Yes, I can’t find the book too

  • Geinseer

    email your book request [email protected]