Ever feel that the same type of person reappears over and over? How do you break that cycle to find the person who is best for you? In this episode of Women and Power Elena Cardone (@elenacadone) and Katrina Campins (@katrinacampins) offer tips to help women pick a great partner. Tips include:

1. Understand your values.
2. Communicate what you are looking for.
3. Break the toxic partner pattern
4. Don’t ignore the red flags
5. Don’t set out to change others.

The ladies also discuss the importance of paying attention to red flags, and understanding the true purpose for a relationship. Writer and lifestyle expert, Terri Trespicio @territ adds great insights as a guest of the show explaining that women should pay attention to how men respond to their success. Are they threatened or supportive? Tune in for the heated discussion and be sure to add your comments to in the space below.

  • CardoneMedia

    When a man says they struggle to be motivated or aren’t motivated. BELIEVE IT! Don’t waste time trying to change them.

  • CardoneMedia

    A toad isn’t going to die a LION. Trying to change someone is a colossal waste of time and energy. Better to find someone who shares same vision.

  • Don’t waste time trying to change any man…unless he is actively trying and working to change himself…if he is growing and changing for the better-emotionally, financially, spiritually-then support that—get on that and ride it!

  • DavidRealtorCT

    Relationship should be as setting agreements,good communication, then the feel for each other will prosper and flourish.

  • CardoneMedia

    How does JayZ deal with his wife being a sex symbol ?? He looks at the bank account numbers.

  • CardoneMedia

    Great show ladies!!! LIVE rocks!!

  • DavidRealtorCT


  • http://www.vanityfair.com/vf-hollywood/2014/09/emma-watson-un-speech-feminism

    I thought you ladies would like this video my friend has shared with me. This is Emma Watson talking about Feminism at a UN conference in Britain. She addresses feminism as a world wide movement for gender equality.

    Love this show!! Love you guys!

  • Great show!

  • Stephanie Spray

    Loved the show today!!

  • shorty

    I think both genders have to be okay with themselves alone first before even thinking about venturing into a relationship. That they can stand alone and are a whole person and know they will still be the same if the relationship does fail. Majority do not set out to fail,but it happens. Partners should always lift the other up, but to enhance the best of their partner, not just to better that person for their benefits, such as material objects. As some sadly use people for their own benefits. Know yourself first and what you want and most importantly what you don’t want. Great show ladies. Thanks!

  • chih

    Great show. Thank you!
    But please work on the sound. It’s too uneven between the talking & much louder commercials and at some point this episode it went out completely.

  • GrantCardone

    you guys are awesome!

  • GrantCardone

    @chih thanks for your input we will work it out… thanks

  • GrantCardone

    @shorty agree completely – gc

  • AllisonHamilton

    Love the Cardones! So happy that Elana can talk and express herself more on her own show.

  • SallyWise

    Great discussion. I have to agree with the part about watching how he treats others, and especially how he reacts to your success. I’ve had two failed marriages to men that are not secure enough to see a woman succeed more than themselves. They said they were proud and happy but the actions, and reactions, to my success told a different tale. I look forward to future episodes. Kudos to E for staying on topic. I also look forward to callers, and to the sound problem being fixed (another comment addressed this issue, I experienced it also.) I’ll be here next Monday.

  • There is confusion about what “Feminism” is and what being a “Woman” is all about. The feminist movement is about changing the way women are treated as compared to men in the workplace, at home, and society. There are women who are strong in that they have taken a masculine role and that has created confusion for many women. Those women have taken on such roles because they felt it necessary to do so in order that societal perceptions would change concerning the roles of women. I believe that women today need to define their own purpose concerning the feminist movement. There is still great inequality in the workplace and I don’t see it changing anytime soon. I love a man who takes charge in a positive and uplifting way. I am weary and cautious of men who want total control of my life and attention. I shun and stay away from those types of men. They are too draining on my emotional well being and too much work to deal with. Great show … I loved it…Unfortunately, I seem to tune in after the taping because I would love to give my opinion live. Elena & Katrina, ladies you are fabulous!!!

  • CardoneMedia Jay-Z is a cheater and has lost my respect for him. Beyoncé is a strong woman but I hope she doesn’t remain in an emotionally abusive marriage for the money and the sake of false presentations. It sends the wrong message to young girls. We need more women like Eleana & Katrina bringing value into our social circles about feminity and womanhood!

  • CardoneMedia  I was in a marriage for 16+ years because I believe that my husband would change if I became what he wanted me to become and life would be easier…. 16years later I realized that I wasted my life and emotions on the wrong person. Today, as a single woman I am working on reconstructing my life and though it is challenging I am happier for it. My ex remains as he is.

  • AMaeDonnelly  Awesome sharing … Thanks I enjoyed the speech. 🙂

  • Debbie10

    Love it love it love it love it love it. The sky is the limit with this type of show, I’m very excited to see it develop and continue. And also love this fabulous independent Network. It’s the future of Television!

  • Business Tamika

    I can see that the show is going to take off now that you are live! Suggested topics: Finding out your significant other is gay, How to handle post partum depression, manipulative partners, get out of domestic violence situation, etc.

  • JennRyan

    This was a great one!!!! I believe people should choose partners based upon an evaluation of the way that other person lives his/her life, how they contribute and communicate with others, and the scale of their dreams to fulfill their potential. Selecting a partner solely on passion is no bueno, in my opinion. But yeah, passion does need to be there, of course!