Elena Cardone, Chief Family Officer and wife of Grant Cardone teams up each week with co-host Kerri Kasem, multimedia personality, producer, writer, and daughter of the late icon Casey Kasem. This 30-minute web series showcases women CEOs, authors, entrepreneurs, designers, artists and more. All of these women are making powerful moves in their relationships and in life. Learn from accomplished women in all stages of their careers who have successfully managed business and family as they strive for personal fulfillment.

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    Like the interview; Rise Above the Noise

  • This show was good. However, I strongly disagree with the commentary on Mental Illness. Casey you are not a qualified Mental Health Professional and your comments are extremely hurtful to many of your viewers. 1 in 4 American’s suffer from mental illness and they do so in silent because of people who make commentaries as the one’s made on the show today. It is not about the pharmaceutical industry making money on sick people. I am grateful for the medications that helped me heal. Don’t speak out of ignorance but take time to educate yourself about mental illness. You don’t know how many of your friends might be suffering in silence and you could be their only hope. Be supportive, be mindful, be emphatic, and be compassionate. Be grateful you are not one of the severely afflicted individuals whose lives are destroyed by mental illness.

  • ElenaCardone I totally agree with the ending, that you cannot have any doubt whatsoever that you will reach your goals. I have been working on this with current clients because I know they still have doubt they can succeed. As long as that doubt is there it will bite you in the butt and take you down!

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    Delia De Jesus I agree with you Della. Kerri is a good person. She has her opinions.She stated that she was told she was mentally ill and she is not. I agree that doctors freely label people. It pisses me off how they push drugs on people like me that suffer from a disorder called PTSD. I have gathered tools to deal with PTSD, there is no medication to help with it. Post Traumatic stress disorder is not easy to deal with. A lot of our troops and law enforcement officers have to deal with it. I truly believe the types of medications you are speaking about are not for everyone. I know they work for some and they are on the same side you are on. They are “grateful”. These are very powerful women I know who are on medications for depression and other mental health issues. These women juggle with a career, handfuls of kids. and being a parent and good ones at that. We as women can rise above all misunderstandings and conquer the world with what we want, with our own personal goals.I like Kerri. We were super close when we were in school. Sometimes kerri just says stuff and she can be misunderstood, but nevertheless she is coming from a good place. She is awesome. I am very proud of her.

  • nicki ape gr Delia De Jesus Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. However, my commentary is not directed at Casey as a good or bad person. I enjoy her and the commentaries. I am a mental health professional. I know the stigmatization that comes with mental illness. In fact the very term “mental illness” or “depression” is no longer valid for our contemporary world. Neuroscience and Medical Science has shown that the brain has glands which either shrink or expand which in turn leads to the low excretion or over saturation of hormones which then impacts the bodily functions. This is a biological illness not an imagination illness as Casey has referred to in her commentary. She speaks out of ignorance on the issue of mental illness. I don’t mean to say she is stupid — not at all. I do mean to say that she does not have current knowledge on the changes taking place concerning illnesses of the brain. She is not qualified to speak on the subject matter and she misinforms people on the condition. Many people take their lives because they can’t live with the pain of being called “crazy” …. This is wrong and I am hoping that Casey correct her commentary in the future. I have been into health and wellness all of my adult life — that did not exclude me from suffering from PTSD — Today I lead a very normal, happy, and healthy life. Without the medications I do not believe that I would be typing my story or helping anyone else overcome these illnesses. I am saying that “Awareness” and “Compassion” is a major factor in helping many others overcome. Let us not be careless in our commentaries on major speaker platforms.
    Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but when it comes to these biological illnesses “Education” opens up the mind to new possibilities — with medication or without — it really is ok ….

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    Delia De Jesus nicki ape gr What I meant when I said “Kerri is a good person” , I meant she is compassionate. I guess I understood what she was saying because we both went through some similar stuff as teens. Kerri name is not  “Casey”, you kept on calling her Casey and Casey was her late father’s name. Anyways, she is a very intelligent person. She advocates for the vulnerable. I believe she was speaking about her own experiences and what she has seen. I do not believe she was targeting a vast majority of the mentally ill. Kerri understands a lot of the different variables of mental illness’s and I do not believe she was speaking out of ignorance, I believe she was speaking out of concern. 
       I also believe you are misunderstanding her platform as a woman of power. I do not believe she is being careless at all. I also do not believe for one second that Kerri was speaking without awareness and compassion. She is a very compassionate person. 
           What I am getting is that you are also very opinionated like you say Kerri is. Do you actually know her background in health and wellness? My whole adult life I have dedicated my life to health and wellness as well. But what kind of health and wellness are you talking about? Are you talking about holistically , or are you talking about the main stream medical care? I am educated , I actually went to college and majored in sports nutrition and fitness and I have also took courses on addictions and mental illness’s. I also help with our great apes and their health and wellness. So what variable of health and wellness are you speaking about? We al have walked different paths , but similar because we are women. I believe you saying she is ignorant is very brash and hurtful. I am a friend and that hurt me when you said that about her . As a person that does health and wellness and tries to stay positive should always be uplifting no matter who it is. Kerri does not believe she is better than anyone. She is very real and very human. Kerri is very intelligent and frankly my dear you are completely out of line when you say she is ignorant. You are making a little catchpenny into name calling. Calling someone ignorant who you know is very informed and very intelligent is awful. Maybe you believe because she is a celebrity you can throw words out like ignorant , and not even consider her feelings  as a fellow woman and a fellow human being. This is what Kerri does, she does radio. Different subjects come up while she is doing her talk shows. You must of taken what she said completely out of context. 
                I have known Kerri for 27 years and some change and no one has ever called her ignorant. I completely disagree with you on that note. I am allowed to disagree with you. I have remained objective , now I am just offended. You do not even know Kerri and frankly my dear you do not know every little detail about mental illness. There are so many different variables of mental illness, there is no way that you know everything. No one really knows the exact science to ones mental illness to another. It is a total catch 22. I believe Kerri made sense and she was stating how she felt, she never said “studies say today” she said she had been told that she was mentally ill and she was going over different variables that can make one think they are mentally ill and the first is someone you trust telling you that you are mentally ill. That is what I got out of it. She did not say in any shape or form that she read this out of any neuroscience books or read any updated studies on mental illness. She can only imagine how many people believe have mental illness’s because someone else told them they did. It is kinda mind over matter sort of speak. I believe also you bypassed and completely ignored her commentary  after she said those 2 bad words “Mentally Ill”. Your thoughts got in the way of listening to her. Because mental illness is such a sensitive subject there will always be controversy on the topic itself. I also recall Kerri never saying she was qualified or a professional on mental health, but a person who was speaking about there own experiences. I also do not believe if someone watches this with a severe mental illness , they are going to go off themselves tonight due to Kerri’s rendition of mental illnesses. Have a great night

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    Delia De Jesus I had a couple grammar errors, mental illnesses and their * sorry for the typos. I did not proof read before I sent the comment and ran out of editing time.

  • nicki ape gr Delia De Jesus Nicki I so appreciate your reply. I really do. When I speak of “ignorance” I am simply relating to “Lack of Knowledge”. Most people assume the word “ignorant” to be the same as stupid or dumb. It is not. I too am ignorant to many things. Mental Illness is a stigma for society. No one wants to be called mentally ill. Depression is not a one day or one week feeling that comes and goes away. Depression is a biological illness with the main glands in the brain being affected in one way or other. Kerri is speaking from her personal experience – I get that. She is entitled to her opinion. My perception in listening to Kerri is that “Depression” is something that we control by merely snapping out of it — changing your diet 100% — becoming Holistic and your body will re-balance itself to make you a very happy person. That’s the wrong message about depression or mental illness. Not only am I vegan, take vitamins, filter my water, and exercise, but I hold a Master Degree in Psychology and currently pursuing a PhD in Psychology. None of that knowledge and action prevented me from becoming clinically ill and having to live with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Medication made all the difference in the world for me. I am grateful to the Pharmaceutical industry for having created those medications. 99.99% of people speak from their personal experience on mental illness. They don’t take the time to educate themselves on current advances in medical treatments. Mental illness is not something to be taken lightly — people commit suicide as a result of their suffering. https://vsearch.nlm.nih.gov/vivisimo/cgi-bin/query-meta?v%3aproject=medlineplus&v%3asources=medlineplus-bundle&query=suicide&        ….  Let us all take time to educate ourselves before coming onto a public forum to imply that mental illness is all in the mind and can be snapped out of …. It is a very serious thing when one in such positions imply that its all in one’s mind. It hurts many people who have to deal with the stigmatism attached to mental illness. I apologize to Kerri for mistaking her name for Cassey ….. But I stand by my statement … Yes I am opinionated – I know that — but I speak as a Psychologist who has studied and continues to study Mental Illness to find ways to combat the stigmatism, misinformation, and prevalence of fear in becoming ill. EDCATION is the key to combat Ignorance.

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    Delia De Jesus nicki ape gr I do not believe the discussion got into depth about mental illness, like I said the stigma and the controversy of those two words Mental Illness , it sparks a fuse in people. I completely understand how depression chemically affects the brain, and so does Kerri. She did not talk that much about mental illness and I do not recall her talking about depression whatsoever. Now you are just grasping at straws. Next time, maybe you can say that person is ‘not aware” instead of calling them ignorant. I also know many people who study and practice medicine. I know people  who committed suicide or attempted. I also went back and listened to Kerri briefly mention her own experiences and she never said she was specialized. She has the right to speak her mind. This is the United States and in the United States we have the right to free speech and that is the first amendment of the Bill of Rights and the Bill of Rights is in the United States of America’s  Constitution. I am done here. I do not care about your credentials. You are reading way to much into 1 comment Kerri made about her own experience as a child and how someone told her she was mentally Ill. Thanks, but I am done.