Elena Cardone, Chief Family Officer and wife of Grant Cardone, teams up with Katrina Campins, TV personality, real estate expert and most famously known as finalist of season one of The Apprentice. This 30 minute web series will showcase women CEO’s, authors, entrepreneurs, designers, artists, ladies who are making powerful moves in their relationships and in life. Learn from accomplished women who successfully manage business, family as they strive for personal fulfillment.

  • #womanpower !

  • @[email protected] you look like sisters, great show.

  • Chevonowens

    We need a female version of the cardone zone/ young hustlers please. I’m a massive fan of Grant Cardone and as a woman this show did not impress me. Love you ladies but 🙁

  • elenacardone

    Chevonowens Ok give us another chance to impress. Check out our Famous and Single Episode with Michelle Stafford. This is a different show that Cardone Zone and Young Hustlers…this is more of an interview show that is designed to inspire and motivate but we are on a journey to figure it out as well so this might not end up being your cup of tea.