In this episode of Women in Power Elena and Katrina interview the amazing Felisha Monet, the voice of Miami, a staple on WEDR 99 Jamz and Star 92.7 in the Cayman Islands. They discuss the long journey of being a woman in power, climbing the ladder of success while remaining true to yourself, being on 24/7 as a brand and much more. She also discusses her choice to use talent to achieve her goals instead of her sexuality.

Other Topics:
1. Balancing motherhood and working 6 days a week
2. Gaining respect in the male-dominant music market
3. Dealing with missing out on personal events due to work
4. Building a network of like-minded women

  • Mart Ramirez

    What an AMAZING story how Felisha came about! I love hearing LOA inspiring stories and how God brings dreams together. It’s one of my passions! I’m also a very passionate person and love to encourage and share. It’s great to be in good company!! Many blessings to Felisha! It’s great to see Kat back too!! 🙂

  • elenacardone

    Mart Ramirez thank you so much!!! Felisha inspires me too

  • zepporaht

    I really enjoyed the show!!! Wow – thanks for bringing Felisha on! She’s got so much energy, drive, ambition and at the same time sounds grounded and totally relatable! Her passionate nature is infectious. I’ll definitely stay tuned for more 🙂