Last year Grant hired 10 people from Whatever It Takes and 6 of them quit. The other 4 are his top producers. What will this season bring? Watch the contestants sell a glass of water and see who can handle the pressure when Grant throws them some curveballs. Which contestant will have the stamina to go through the grueling beach workout Grant puts them through with former professional boxer and fitness instructor Dentato De Martiis? Who will prove they have not only the drive, but the skills to work for Grant? Find out now as season 2 of Whatever It Takes launches an explosive episode 1 full of twists and turns. Sell or be sold!

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    Haha this is too funny of a start

  • Justin Sokol

    How are you watching this?

  • sadasasa

    You have to pay the the $993.00 or whatever to watch.

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    Justin Sokol  are you a subscriber.

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    sadasasa you are incorrect.  I paid nothing

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    sadasasa It Doesn’t cost any money, Subscribe at the top. However, it you aren’t willing to invest, it may not be for you.

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    Grant you need to tell Heath to undo that button before it pops and hurts someone.  Haha

  • Justin Sokol

    Hell yeah and I can’t watch anything

  • JeanaFrancis

    AWESOME !!

  • I see GC flipped the script on the water thing…very clever GC

  • Justin Sokol

    I have tried to watch this video 50 times and nothing

  • Robaj Designs

    Keith Dixon gotta be ready for every situation

  • Robaj Designs Keith Dixon I caught that from the first one, how come people didn’t see it

  • GEEZ Orion.   Owed Grant $$$$$$$ . . . . . .

  • AWESOME Show… . . . .I can relate to the Wife dropping in. . . . .   Best show on Grant. . . . .

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  • Great first episode! WIT is so intense, why the hell do they sell the water? Heather from the radio station was probably my favorite part.. Wow! U0001f60d

  • DamienCallais

    I think that the cast is weak. Nick and Michael Jordan are above average, but the rest are pitiful. When you are ready to upgrade your team let me know. You are my Edison and I am the modern day Edwin C. Barnes. #MrCarpeDiem

  • JeanPaulLott2

    None of the candidates appear to have ever sold anything but lemonade when they were 5 and begged for the .05. I don’t believe any of them have got the energy to do anything. If any of them were trained, I would like to see that, to see if they got any better.

  • ScottKlein1

    Watched the whole show. Waaaaay tooooo long. Seemed like last seasons shows had a better format. The guy that stiffed you on the money had the most to prove and brass balls by evidence of showing up there. I think he had the most potential out of the group.

  • GrantCardone Your question about the baggage after Luis’ segment….. yeah, I don’t want to hang out with someone who has excess mental, emotional, or physical baggage, and also …. he’s carrying all of his stuff with him because he lives out of his suitcase being a flight attendant. Also, you can only take small bags with you when flying. So, he doesn’t have that much stuff since he is an f/a. (I used to fly so I get it)

  • DobbsShow

    Great show. I just don’t understand how these guys can put in all that effort and give up. What’s stopping them?

  • FilipeSousa

    Whatttt I can’t believe both dint make it in the job I thought they where both great and grant I respect you more now for hiring both and calling there mum and making there mothers proud I saw that I would do the same all we want is for our mother to be proud right uncle g.?

  • DmitryHustlerFromRussia

    Clearly understandable! Its like running a Marathon 26 mile. Only few can make it. 
    Both of this guys looked good on a short distance run. But they got exhausted and couldn’t keep up with a team.
    It take lots of guts to perform X10 daily, monthly, yearly.

  • TwoStreetMusic

    This is such a huge opportunity to get on the fast track to making some serious money and more importantly–growing your skill-set to the max–it’s insane that these contestants seem to not operate on a full tank of gas! If I didn’t own my own business I’d consider working for GC.  C’mon now!  Ridiculous.

  • DmitryHustlerFromRussia

    Lots of people can to talk. But only few can get things done. Looks like this 2 winners happened to be just talkers ….

  • DmitryHustlerFromRussia

    Really amazing episode ! Thanks a lot Grant !

  • matiss_paradise

    DmitryHustlerFromRussia or grant is bitching bully who have childhood problems

  • DmitryHustlerFromRussia

    matiss_paradise DmitryHustlerFromRussia You should be banned from this group. Get the hell out. There is no room for haters like you, you dumb looser.

  • DmitryHustlerFromRussia

    Love selling the water part. You can tell so much about the person by observing this moment.


    This surely brought the wow factor!  I learned volumes more from this episode about “whatever it takes”.  I’ve seen myself in just about every contestant at one point in my life or another.  Thank you Grant for REALITY TV, better than fiction.

  • Atanas Vasilev

    woah love it but the first season is better in my opinion!

  • Tony Airiainen


  • Powerful Show. Grant Cardone and Elena are True Business Leaders. This show is what the world’s Needs.

  • Ryan Moyer

    This show is killer! sharing it on Facebook right now!!

  • Carlos Trujillo

    It sucks to find out Orion had already been through the same situation before with Grant and they just acted as if he was a new guy. There’s videos on YouTube with this guy paying his debt and making phone calls on a Sunday in Grants office. Why would you do that?! All this time I thought the show was real. Now I know it’s fictional.

  • Aaronnn

    @Carlos Trujillo I was thinking the same thing. Love the show but just a little confused by this? There is also a training video with same guy from a year ago on youtube. Either way, show is still great!

  • KennethHamilton2

    I am getting a error: invalid license key. what does that mean?

  • Aaronnn

    Scratch that, just realized the youtube clip is footage from shooting for season 2.

  • matiss_paradise

    DmitryHustlerFromRussia you get out! you’re a fake hustler

  • Carlos Trujillo

    @Aaronnn the scene in the YouTube video takes place in a different office and they have the exact same conversation. It seems scripted to me… Idk.

  • Aaronnn

    @Carlos Trujillo Looks like its the same office. Everyone is dressed same as well.

  • FadiMazboudi

    thank you so much for this Grant.

  • thanks Grant! I wish I can do this when I’m hiring people. I guess I should also create my own reality show. lol.

  • Robertas C

    Amazing show, btw why Jarrod wasn’t with the team?

  • BEAST!!

  • vaughn_witn1

    @Carlos Trujillo aaronnn the footage is the same, just from a different camera in the same shoot. Season 2 was filmed last year, and the Orion scene was released on YouTube before any of the show was edited. This show isn’t scripted at all. You can’t write the craziness that these people say. lol

  • Devon Webster

    damn grant, was better off keeping the asian dude after seeing that physical challenge

  • DmitryHustlerFromRussia

    matiss_paradise You just a troll. Its obvious

  • DmitryHustlerFromRussia

    Aaronnn Its not scripted.

  • markgrauer

    @Carlos Trujillo Dude, Carlos….. That was a LIVE feed at the very time the interview took place…. This TV series is never released till the “season” rolls around.  This is the exact same, the one on YouTube was live, and this is TV bro…. TV series are not live.  They are edited and have a lot to go through before they are released on TV.

  • Damn! Awesome show. I can’t believe those 2 dudes didn’t stay after they got hired.

  • jeffdinges

    I think there’s a little more to the story about “Paris” lol…..

  • VictorHongYu

    Isn’t orion the guy who did cold calling training at the boiler room a year back?

  • Loved this!! Awesome job guys, not only is this entertaining but it helps! It’s EDUCATION also!!!! Looking forward to the rest of them!!

  • VictorHongYu Yes these are filmed a while back. Orion has also left Cardone Enterprises since that cold call training video.

  • @Carlos Trujillo Carlos, this footage was filmed before Orion had a position with Grant. He has also since left.

  • Aaronnn The footage for these episodes was filmed prior. Like all other shows in the world.

  • stevegriggs6

    funny stuff man. great

  • Yea, he came back & got another chance

  • NickEnterprises

    @ 40 she blames her husband??!! accept responsibility you are not 5 years old girl where whatever you do you get “its OK”

  • Aaronnn

    vaughn_witn1 I know its not scripted, just got thrown off by the youtube clips. I didn’t think about how far back shows are recorded before airing. Makes total sense though. This show is addicting because of the craziness of what these people say!  lol

  • DrJeNeen

    The show is awesome! I learn something with every episode. I absolutely love Elena’s blue dress:-)

  • Haniel Lopez

    How d fu** those two guys gonna miss that opportunity, they seem really talented. Grand Cardone you know how to pick people, but you need to pick people that wont miss your opportunity like those man, it is stupid really stupid they deciding not to come back. Oh man how much i wish i was on their shoes, but oh well, people are dumb like that.

  • matiss_paradise

    Aaronnn no its the same but edited,

  • That was awesome. Even better than Season 1. This season shows a lot more detail about what happens during the day. I loved the part when they recorded the radio ads. I took a broadcasting class years ago, and it is indeed harder than it looks. The physical challenges are always fun to watch. Looking forward to the next episode. Keep it up!!

  • jhouser1987

    Awesome thus far. Just got done with the physical portion of it and thought it was too easy. If I didn’t have an obligation for another 2 years for the military, you would have seen me waiting in line in front of your building days before to get a chance. See you in a couple years Grant!

  • jhouser1987

    Awesome thus far. Just got done with the physical portion of it and thought it was too easy. If I didn’t have an obligation for another 2 years for the military, you would have seen me waiting in line in front of your building days before to get a chance. See you in a couple years Grant!

  • jasonsales365

    awesome show Uncle G grantcardone

  • Driven24

    Awesome learn a lot

  • RichardHalll

    Hahahaha…..Grant you and Lee Ermey (Gunnery Sergeant Hartman) should do a show together!

  • RichardHalll

    Hey nice new format for the show.  I like the follow-up about what happened to the guys that were picked.  Looking forward to episode 2!

  • BoroLakaz

    @Carlos Trujillo this show is recorded year ago.. Since the champions dropped out I assume that Grant gave chance to Orion.. I think that Orion is a real fit for WiT environment, but don’t know what happened next with him.

  • AlvaroJoseMartinezTinoco

    Great show Grant, thank you for sharing. It is incedible to see how many mistake one can make on an interview to the point of staying paralized. For some reason these shows motivates me to keep hustling and grinding everyday.
    Grant, people who say they know you and follow you and that claimed to have read your books should be ashamed of making that claim because they dont even know the building blocks of a sales pitch. On numerous occasions you have showed us how to get our pitch tight and the steps of a good sales process on Young Hustlerd & The Cardone Zone and if they dont.know, they dont deserve a chance.
    See you…


    Whatever It Takes FANTASTIC, very entertaining and well done!!! 
    Thanks for keeping it real and waking people UP. 
    Looking forward to episode 2!
    You guys are the best, hustle, hustle, hustle…

    Acir Brandao

  • Frank Gonzalez

    Wow! What a great show! Mr Cardone, you are definitely on track to achieve your goal of having a network tv show. “Whatever it Takes” is better than everything they have out there now. Mr. Cardone, you have what it takes.
    You need to promote the hell out of your show. You need to hire the right people to sell this to NBC, ABC, CBS, Netflix or Amazon. Do whatever it takes! The world needs to see you and your show.
    Thank you, your mentee in Miami
    Frank Gonzalez
    T3K Labs LLC
    Follow me on Twitter
    On Facebook: 3DP Mini Me
    Soon to come: and ……

  • RichardHalll

    Aneel Irfan this take on the “sell the water or sell yourself” was rather interesting this season.  I can tell most of these guys have seen the previous season and knew to sell themselves which Grant correctly predicted they would do.  As these guys probably had some sort of game plan as to how to win, Grant and his team purposefully did things to throw them (in other words, he implemented actions to disrupt their mind set and made them think on their feet).  Really quite ingenious.

  • RamehKhazen

    Grant’s a bit of a d**k isn’t he? Lol.

  • TwoStreetMusic

    RamehKhazen Not really, he actually helps a lot of people.  Remember it’s way better being a winner than a loser!

  • mlcrews67

    Excellent episode!

  • RustyDagger

    Can’t wait to watch this! 8)

  • Kangenteamgpm

    First off, amazing show, the entertainment value was sky high.
    Second though, I want to point out how much I learn’t after simply watching. Those 2 boys won after ALL that and still didn’t show up for thevreal thing…. Man that had me thinking about alot of things after I saw that.
    Thanks for the show Grant, only TV I’ve watched in over 10 years.

  • LJCA1

    my picks michael jordan

  • Arman de Burbon


  • Arman de Burbon

    Also I completely forgot that Dave Robards was in the last season, dudes a killa.

  • Love it Grant man! You’re filtering the elites of the ones who have the Supreme Test to an extreme level! 
    May the Magic be with you man!
    (Francois Crepeau)


    Hold on. If patience is not a virtue, why the hell are we waiting on Season 2 Episode 2??? Give it to me NOW. 


  • GrantCardone

    @Carlos Trujillo   the show was shot over a year ago – what you saw was exactly as it went down and i dropped what happened over one year ago….

  • Enrique Gonzalez

    @Carlos Trujillo If it were not real all of them should win an Oscar!  Great Show!! GrantCardone  congrats!!

  • rogden19

    GrantCardone,I just finished watching this on GCTV. I don’t think I’ll be sleeping tonight… Truly inspirational. You’re the man Uncle G

  • MasonVadney

    Doesn’t Orion look just like the guy Grant interviewed, who stiffed him last year? I thought they already gave that guy a shot with the video of him making calls?

  • MasonVadney

    Apparently, I’m stupid as hell haha. They’ve obviously been working on this season for a good while. Time warp 😀

  • LiveWire

    MasonVadney haha yeah that IS him!

  • MrDDub

    Why did that chick get a second chance ? She’s HORRIBLE !

  • Oh man That Travis B guy (Patience is a virtue) is a total joke… “I made $3000 last week” LOL.. 🙂

  • lmao ..I thought you were actually going give that girl a third chance. LMAO She’s a hot mess.. even said “Your wife told me to go back in”.. I’m dying over here man.

  • Jorge Lemus

    1:16 “shes beautiful and she is a genius” look at Elena (Grant´s wife) lol

  • meemaw87

    Awesome show! You picked the best in the group, but what the heck … They didn’t stay…wow very disappointing…loved every minute of the show!!!

  • Looking forward to watching S2 E2…

  • Grrrrrfrozen

    With AT&T highspeed business package, every video that I click on plays without a glitch. Except the videos on this website. Three days trying to watch this show and I’m finding myself just staring at a frozen screen more than watching the action. I wish I had never got hooked on this show. It doesn’t look like I will get to see it. Anyone else experiencing this?

  • MychalBerrySr

    Would love to see someone to be told to sell the water, tell Mr. G that this water WILL make him millions, and then drink it.

  • Kativy

    Michael Jordan did show up and did work there for several months… He said it was the best learning experience of his life!!  Thank you Grant!



  • Danielvb

    They get a job and screw up I get frustrated by that !  Such an opportunity it is like a lottery to me !

  • Danielvb

    @Kativy And the best ‘BITCH of his life too !

  • @Danielvb I wondered tye same thing

  • Darrikel

    Ya got me hooked on the show. Went back and watched last season. I would like to see a show on a typical
    day at Cardone Ent to see why the people who win don’t seem to make it long term. Can they not hack it? They should know what they’ve got themselves into by the time they’re hired.

  • Lars Stollenga

    I expected Jordan not to make it but Nick? How can you go trough all that sh*t and then not take advantage of the opportunity!? 

    By the way guys, you know that water pitch challenge that is going on right now? I submitted a video too, please  check it out and voor for me and also see why others are ripping people of with their water pitches, I mean 50$ for a glass of water?! Why? Water isn’t hard to obtain in the United States of America. I am not just stating the price and talk about how my glass of water is better than others, that’s nonsense! Water is water, and that’s why I have CREATED VALUE. Go ahead and vote for me, it would mean the world to me.

  • Mirna

    oh my goodness, shocking results right at the end!! There are people who would give anything to have these opportunities and be able to endure such trials then they get to the end and win and ….  quit ? huh???? and so sad to also find out that poor Louis died!! One of the saddest & disappointing GC episode’s I’ve seen.  Grant, I’d love to work with you but I also will be honest with myself and you that I don’t have what it takes…yet.  But so so disappointed and it doesn’t feel fair that they get given such an amazing opportunity when there others would wish they just could have those opportunities.  I could sell you a glass of water or myself either one you like, but I’ll be honest I can’t hack it on the physical challenges. Who knows maybe some day in the future when I’ve got enough stamina to endure whatever you’ll throw at me, you’ll see me waiting at 5am for a spot on Whatever it Takes 🙂

  • AJ CABRERA I’ve seen them ask that in season 1, but it’s kind of a silly question when it comes to a glass of water.  He’s always pretty indifferent, so if you’re going to sell the water you have to create a need whether he is in the market or not.  Ask him to eat some pretzels, and then tell him the water is $1.00.  Ask for the sale and he would buy it.  I haven’t seen anyone actually close the deal on the water yet.  kind of sad.

  • Hey guys have you submitted your #waterpitch yet? go here to see mine 2 days left!

  • Grant, your buffed salesman with the purple shirt and green tie .. someone please teach him how to tie a knot and choose his colours .. come on

  • Awesome you hired both of them, Nick was my first pick GrantCardone

  • Ah! Sorry that Nick didn’t show up for you GrantCardone 
    I don’t think you picked the wrong people though, they were the right people at that time. What they ended up doing on their end was their choice.

  • JoLynnBraley GrantCardone I understand your point but hey he committed to come and didn’t. That’s why it appears to be not the right choice for Mr Cardone.

  • pasquinilli

    Everyone else has gone home. You get paid in public for the work you do in private! GrantCardone #showup #stayup

  • JamesBrewer1

    I love Grant Cardone…..but maybe the problem isnt the people but the company…. I have many of the products Grant has put out and been a fan of his…but I hear of them making employees crank out 300 sometimes 400 calls a day working well over 12 hours a day ( 95 plus hour weeks etc)…Grant tells them they dont get holidays off (see season one where he tells a lady this)…he makes them work every day no weekend… etc… sure these guys make 200k a year…..but when u start calculating what they are making per hour knowing that grant only gives them a base salary of like 40k….that’s rough for miami….and remember commission is taxed at 40 percent…that’s why the smart ones leave the company…. so sure they are making what seems like a lot but after taxes and in miami…..meh…

    If grant was such a great leader people wouldnt be quitting or getting fired after a week or month…maybe if he valued his company as much as he does his ego people would want to stick around….How many people do u hear of going to Google or Facebook and quitting after a day or week…NEVER!!!  I cringe every time he calls people’s moms when they get selected ….he always cuts people off on the phone like he doesnt care what they have to say….

  • DBoots

    Mr. Cardone, how many glasses of water have you to drink today?  1? 3? 5? 10?  Great.  Did ANY of those glasses of water provide you with an opportunity at hiring the type of salesperson that you’d like have working for you?  No? What if I told you that this glass of water, not any other glass of water, but THIS glass of water, would also include the sales rep that you are wanting to hire?  Would you drink it?

  • IgorLemberg

    How do they chose those people? I feel that I would easily kick everyone there and I know that I am way from being a perfect salesman.

  • Amine1

    Patience is the level of endurance one can have before negativity  is the state of endurance under difficult circumstances, which can mean persevering in the face of delay or provocation without acting on negative annoyance/anger,

  • AmaraKaira

    IgorLemberg lol you should go try !!

  • Dale Szewczyk

    No, you weren’t too hard on the kid who stiffed you. I’d do the same thing you did, I might have been even harder. You don’t play with other people’s money, EVER. You could have let him move forward, and given the hardest treatment then cut him. I am nice, too nice, but when it comes to stiffing people, I am vicious. I want money to afford your university. I am working for it. I expect the same out of anyone else.

    And the guys you did pick, I would have picked as well. Makes me sick when you pick winners who stop being winners. They earn the kill and then they fall short. I don’t know if I have what it takes for you, but I’d fight every damn day to level my game up. So when I see these winners lose what they fought for over something stupid, it makes me mad. You’re giving a great opportunity, you’re the one boss I’d respect. These guys don’t know what they are throwing away.

    But I have no doubt you will find the winners. You have some great people from last season, the faces I always see. And those who were hired before the show like Jarrod and Heath, love those guys. A lot of people talk crap about Jarrod, but he’s well on his way to being the next Grant Cardone, if there is such a thing. And Heath, man, he’s a freaking beast. Love the pen he earned!

    Keep more of this show coming, I can’t get enough, man! I mean, Mr. Cardone, you got me going on the “man” thing. I will do my best to call you Mr. Cardone, but ti’s hard when you calling people bro and man. lol. Not complaining, you’re a cool boss. Even when you’re tough.