The big finale of Whatever It Takes Season 2 ends with the most explosive episode to date. Who will win the marketing challenge to get Cardone University into the top private university in the country for hiring, educating, and training entrepreneurs? One contestant refuses to leave, another cramps up in the water, another bleeds. This isn’t heaven and Grant isn’t hiring angels, but he is looking to hire people who will represent Grant and his brand with ethical behavior. Find out who can pitch water and who gets tongue tied, who makes it and who gets cut!

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    lets do this

  • GrantCardone changes lives, watch and learn

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    gusycorrea GrantCardone  hey man….good to have you on the show….

  • charlesfuchs is dropping in? haha! cool!

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    gusycorrea charlesfuchs  you are good on camera man …

  • Powerful Show. Mr. Grant Cardone is a outside of the Box Successful Entrepreneur . This show should be in 80 Markets worldwide.

  • I like charlesfuchs I hope you get a keeper here let’s do it!

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    @charlesfuchs is the bomb great guy

  • GrantCardone Uncle G my man! you are intense and quick, love it! see you in Miami soon!

  • wow G why you cut him? did you see some we didn’t?

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    GrantCardone did you google analytic any of these guys for this show – see how they rank?

  • Jeremy

    Grant – regarding your show on the Federal Reserve today – if you want a
    comprehensive overview of how the economy works, this is a very simple,
    illustrated book that’s very easy to understand: . It’s a great
    educational primer even young children like your daughters can
    understand. You already know about wealth and job creation, and how to
    get out there and things happen and no one needs to teach you about
    that. But if you want to know more about how our economy has been
    manipulated from the free market roots that made it rich in the first
    place, and how government intervention destroys wealth creation, you can
    learn about it by reading that book. Hope it helps.
    When you asked today about why people are willing to sell you
    Gold/Silver for paper dollars, the reason is simple: Legal Tender laws.
    The paper money you have says ‘legal tender’ on it, which means it is
    MANDATED to be used in contracts as well in payment of taxes. It’s use
    is mandatory, and enforceable by government penalty (jail). It’s not a
    voluntary means of exchange. Gold and silver were established as a
    voluntary means of transaction for thousands of years before governments
    had the worldwide clout and power to enforce paper money use like they
    do today. If faith in government collapses, or their ability to enforce
    paper money use diminishes, gold and silver will again make a resurgence
    as ‘true’ money like it always was. If you want to learn more from a
    very knowledgeable website, you can go here: . I hope
    that clarifies your one question.

  • no cologne at GrantCardone offices, take note peeps

  • oh MG GrantCardone straight up G dog! found his girl and an older one too

  • .ToddStraugh just saved a life! haha!

  • Water Pitch!! Completed! Check it out

  • #culture key word at GrantCardone companies

  • no jokes when is time to show up boyyyy right GrantCardone ?

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    Who tries to close a deal with a pic like that anyway?  His sales material sucks.

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    Let’s go Tom

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    GrantCardone I’m watching it now. Mr. Cardone here’s my water pitch – 100% of the money will buy water for Flint

  • Here’s my Agua Pitch hope to make it to the top with uncle G GrantCardone

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    @Ashley Hendricks   nice job

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    gusycorrea  you will see later…

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    arthur robinson jr  I agree

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    thats good    – make sure you get votes

  • LSD? haha! nice effects robertsyslojr

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    gusycorrea robertsyslojr  The Genius watch it with me now…

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    I submitted my water pitch this evening, will it appear on the pitch page?

  • This is a real #realitytvshow and it has to make it to TV so millions can enjoy and learn from the interview process http:[email protected]ix

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    dangrille  thanks for jumping in

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    Why did I cut Tyler – “I have an energy problem.”

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  • Tyler had no energy to be in the boiler room GrantCardone it takes 10X to be in there

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    gusycorrea  someone will pick it up, maybe netflix and spike?

  • Cody gutsy tattoo boy

  • #ruthless with yourself first then with the ones that surround you GrantCardone is a role model on this.

  • GrantCardone can’t handle the boiler room?

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    I like Charles water pitch.  “You got 1 second” “Okay Grant, just drink the water”.  That’s a close

  • I’m.done GC you are the best..
    No one thinks of this stuff but you

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    ScottDocs  yeah loved that

  • this is tooooo gooood GrantCardone damn! midas touch…

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    GrantCardone did you reply to it?

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    Grant is a wildcard crackin me up

  • Don’t ask questions you don’t know the answer, lose control of the situation

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    James didn’t CLOSE!!!  “You need this water…”  ASK FOR THE SALE.  Thought is instantaneous Grant, think of an elephant.  Did you get it? See, you don’t need time to think.  Now is the time for action.  This water is one dollar.  Pull out your wallet, give me a dollar, and let’s get this deal done.

    • Jim Kuckie

      I agree! I have learned much over the years. I will be closing Grant Cardone in 2017 on my company Thanks for the support!

  • Wayne went verbatim? good voice on the guy

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    Why. Doesn’t. Anyone. Ask. For. The. Sale!!!???

  • who picks the videos for the interviews? we gotta get you some good blood in there GrantCardone

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    how did Marcel do on the water pitch

  • GrantCardone she did average

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    I love Charles

  • charlesfuchs is a straight hustler GrantCardone

  • Pulling for charlesfuchs and Marcell!

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    [email protected] is a STAR!!!!!

  • Black guys can’t swim! haha! 🙂 he is 10Xing the gig

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    Tommy actually is very composed.

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    Go Charlesfuchs! Great show GrantCardone

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    GrantCardone awesome

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    If you’re throwing up, you probably need to drink some water to rehydrate. 😉

  • this is absolutely insane! #paintball

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    Damn Robert has the best natural sales skills of anyone I have ever met.

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    GrantCardone  that is a hell of an interview!!!

  • came on spiketv pick this up for the next season please

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    This show is off the hook love this GrantCardone

  • Marcell hit it off the park GrantCardone

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    thanks for that gusycorrea GrantCardone

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    Love the show!

  • “this ain’t heaven, we ain’t hiring angels” haha!

  • dude this has always such great endings on all the episodes great awesome job GrantCardone

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    Thanks to all of you who watched tonite

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    James didn’t turn up the heat.  He needs to come back on Monday and refuse to leave. DO IT JAMES

    • Jim Kuckie

      I am happy I didn’t take your advice and show back up. You are correct in that “I didn’t turn up the heat.” but it was meant to be. This experience was one of the best ever for me. Grant, I can’t thank you enough.
      I will be closing Grant Cardone this year on my business
      I have also been able to help my wife Maggie Kuckie reach her dreams as I spoke in the show, by helping us create “One of Illinois Best Day Spas..” We won multiple awards in the past 2 1/2 years we have been open, she has left her RN job to be an entrepreneur, and we have an amazing team…. I didn’t know it back then, but I was speaking what I wanted in the show.

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    ScottDocs exactly wish he would have fought for it…

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    i wish I kept Chris…

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    GrantCardone loving the show Grant! Would love to be part of the show!

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    Show is MONEY… so much to learn from and being able to dominate the market!!!

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    GrantCardone charlesfuchs do you guys ever sleep?

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    GrantCardone charlesfuchs y’all was funny as hell lol U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f618

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    Great show, I’m just so suprised how many don’t fight your call that they don’t have whatever it takes!

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    GrantCardone Thx for constantly inspiring & putting life into perspective I will fulfill my duty/obligation/responsibility of greatness

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    GrantCardone Mad Respect Grant… It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet the legend of sales and I had a great time!! …. #WIT

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    GrantCardone since you made CardoneU 995 i think that if you filmed another season now you would have some killers!

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    @JOHN Maybe refresh the page will work

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    GrantCardone I am sooooooo gonna miss this. Can’t wait for Season 3. #wit


    Used to love the show, but it seems to me as if he is just using people for this show. Like the shooting paintballs in the guys face, going through their phones for nudes. Seems to me like Grant wants to compensate for his height by putting other people down for himself. LOL

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  • JOHN


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    Congratulations Marcel and how long you have lasted

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    dont need to watch past #Seaman G.C He is the one..But i am sure you will pass up the best one as usual


    STEVE JAKE put your face up to back your sh*martness. have you ever still an apple? Great! move on!why be upset with the guy you don’t want work for?! ha? come on man, you are not that!bad! I remember one JArKe, a! just before you put your face up think this, that you spit on everyone here&there who with grant you spit on me!, and i know how sad you are; but what would happened if that world you are in will spit on you? Thats right, move on!keep asking!


    Great great great and best as brilliant and beautiful fearless education! for me for sure! GrantCardone i believe what you say and turning things into gold might be very illuminating and time  😉 was sure generous with you and i would say that now you teaching others souls to turn things into gold and what a CHARITY and LEGACY to HUMAN BEING it is because they are doing that to and it grows! I will make my pledge to you here and now that i will become the biggest donor for my church here in uk and around the world. I so enjoy this “The Presentation” and the reincarnation part that wish to say hello 😉 i am reading here from Wikipedia (never trust what other’s say about someone else):

         gives an alternative story of the descent and life of Midas. According to him, Midas was the son of Gordios, a poor peasant, and a maiden of the prophetic race. When Midas grew up to be a handsome and valiant man, the Phrygians were harassed by civil discord, and consulting the oracle, they were told that a wagon would bring them a king, who would put an end to their discord. While they were still deliberating, Midas arrived with his father and mother, and stopped near the assembly, wagon and all. They, comparing the oracular response with this occurrence, decided that this was the person whom the god told them the wagon would bring. They therefore appointed Midas king and he, putting an end to their discord, dedicated his father’s wagon in the citadel as a thank-offering to Zeus the king. In addition to this the following saying was current concerning the wagon, that whosoever could loosen the cord of the yoke of this wagon, was destined to gain the rule of Asia. This someone was to be In other versions of the legend, it was Midas’ father who arrived humbly in the cart and made the

    ….this someone wasI 😉 and I say Thats Exactly How I would hire on my team! jc! was too much diversion already -iKnow that every one who went through that one given shot, yes iKnow, that you’re giving more then one 😉 will chance a person’s life, and every those who watching! wow! I felt compel to express my gratitude!

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    Thank you!!! I learned from the best.I promise our paths will cross again, I appreciate, and miss you and the entire Cardone family… Must see TV #Spike #Discovery #A&E

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    LOOL every single series contains someone from the FB friends.. Whats up Charles Fuchs .

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    Soon I’ll be on this. I will come all the way from Australia 😉

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    Thanks Uncle G

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    GrantCardone You aré though I like your style #WatheverItTakes

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    You cut him because pitching on the phone takes energy. Sometimes you can sense if someone can bring the intensity or not just by observing their natural state of being

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    Its a water pitch..A PITCH! Yet almost EVERY single one of them go in trying to ask questions and get all tripped up, making up bogus “facts.” Gotta get your pitch tight!!!!

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    Hey John, I just started watching this episode and it works fine on my end. Are you watching using your phone or your computer? Maybe you can try using a different browser, or clear your cache/cookies.

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    @JOHN sorry guys it was the date on my computer if its not set at the current date it will not function.

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    123zen  Thank you for that. (:

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    charlesfuchs GrantCardone #WIT Keepin it real, Charles. You da man!

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    The older guy bowing out because he doesn’t want to be in that environment…did “I” miss something? Or did the old guy miss something? The way I see it, GC does NOT WANT that in his work environment, and he’s seeing IF that stuff is in these potential workers environments BEFORE he goes further with them.

    So, did I miss something? Or did the old guy miss something?

  • Aaronnn

    ArmchairQ1 I think that old guy missed something. GC was ranting about how he did NOT want that crap in his company, as you mentioned. I think that guy mis-understood or something. What a wasted opportunity!!

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    BeauBuckley Let’s go man! I’ll join you, represent New Zealand.

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    Tommy has to drop the “Uuuuuuuuuuuuumm” stuff.

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    So who won this time? show dropped right on the decision making part

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    What happened to the end? 1:25.16 I’m getting cut off!

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    Brady Quick same here

  • Brady Quick

    PolinaKlyukach Brady Quick killin me! haha

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    Old guy had worse things on his phone that he was freaking out would get exposed and used what he said as way to get out of it

  • JasonFinlay

    What?!  LOL Right when it was getting good! Give me the low down…

  • ItsDougBeney

    I thought the old guy was going to be the mole. Maybe he is if there is one more challenge.

  • JeanPaulLott2

    this episode is going to suck, nobody is worthy at 23:19

  • Arthur Adjamoglian

    They should have a redemption episode where they bring back some of the people who lost and give them one last chance to see if they have WHATEVER IT TAKES!

    • Jim Kuckie

      I like where your head is at! I don’t think Grant could offer me enough, unless he bought out my company and had his sales team distribute/sell, while paying me some royalties for such an epic platform.

  • JeanPaulLott2

    i agree, these people really suck, im wondering if they deserve redemption

    • Jim Kuckie

      No one deserves it, but could be arguably earned…. right?

  • Aaronnn

    SuppleDavid ha! You are probably right!

  • Darrikel

    Haven’t finished watching the episode yet but damn. Is this the best that’s applying to come work for you? No prep, don’t know your material, no money and want you to save their sorry asses. Have to close my wife and 3 high schoolers into moving down there and I’d be a shoe in if this is the competition.

  • JeanPaulLott2

    these folks are a joke

  • Brady Quick

    Hey @grantcardone I just want to thank you for the show. Your books, shows, and Cardone University have helped me be #1 at my company and a much better sales person. I made over 150K last year and am going blow that away this year. Thanks again man. I appreciate you.

  • JeanPaulLott2

    same here, shuts off, couldnt see who won

  • GabFar

    This episode had very disappointing editing. There was a huge improvement from Season 1 to Season 2, but it looks like we’re back to square one with this episode.

  • GabFar

    And what’s with the music? It’s like I’m watching an episode of South Park.

  • SuppleDavid That’s what I was thinking, too.

  • David Gasiunas

    @GabFar editing is great.. Likely your  computer is what is a problem.Take a responsibility

  • PashaMorenaTarantino1

    GrantCardone that would have been an excellent choice.  You know you should have kept #TheEntreprenuer, #TheSeaman, and #TheSamurai. 😉  Greatness attracts greatness and there is a reason we all are friends.  We applaud you on your choice of #Mr110.  You just needed the full Fantastic Four. 😀

  • PashaMorenaTarantino1

    charlesfuchs GrantCardone FUCHHHHHHSSS!!!! I’ve seen you hustle bro! You do online sales like no other.

  • PashaMorenaTarantino1

    @GabFar they needed me for the soundtrack. hehehe

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    MerseyNorthBM How do I know we’re not in the Matrix? The food would be better. (Dr Sheldon Cooper ‘Big Bang’)

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    GrantCardoneTV GrantCardone Always entertaining.

  • frig off!

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    Midas, reincarnation, gold, love the show!

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    I like that you mentioned midas from Greece and that you know the story 🙂 great show!

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    GrantCardone when will we see season 3?

  • stacyacross

    Are you a comfort killer?

  • Master Motivator

    Hey everyone, stop thinking you have to sell yourself, sell the water and you’ll sell yourself. Have confidence in yourself, sell the water and you’ll sell yourself. You want to sell yourself stop trying to impress people by telling them who you are and what you can do show them what you can do. Be confidindent in yourself and your abilities.

  • Chris Yu

    GrantCardone  This is 100% conjecture and I am not saying this is the exact reason Mr. Cardone, but perhaps you can enjoy entertaining this theory and see if it has any validity.
    The reason you cut Mr. Fitness, is because subconsciously you realize that you drink too much caffeine (16 shots/day), and your mind views this dependency as weak. However your conscious mind hasn’t realized this. Basically your manifestation of hate towards people using substances for energy, actually comes from a self loathing of your own poor habit, that subconsciously you wish you could change. When you see others using energy boosting substances it reminds you of your own dependency on caffeine on a subconscious level, which in turn manifests itself consciously as an uncomfortable feeling which you then force to leave by making the trigger (Mr. Fitness) leave.

  • Chris Yu

    gusycorrea GrantCardone Bro you need to smile way more. The one time a half-smile came out (~0:47) it was really nice and I wanted more. When you smile you don’t look as uncomfortable, and in turn that will make the prospect feel more comfortable.

  • Chris Yu

    stacyacross test

  • Gabriel Mejia

    Mr. Cardone, do you agree that presentation is an integral part of being a salesperson? And you’re aware that you’re bound to meet several potential employees today? Would you like to set a good example on how to be presentable? Take a look at your elbow for me. Im sure we can both agree that that skid mark needs to go and unless you can lick your elbow, I think you could use some water. Why don’t you use that handkerchief in your suit pocket, and I’ll sell you some of my water. I only paid about fifty cents, but I’m  also pretty thirsty so I’m gonna have to charge you a dollar.

  • Gabriel Mejia

    Just realized that there is a water pitch competition, hopefully someone will, in the spirit of capitalism, steal my idea and pitch it!

  • Gabriel Mejia
  • just bought the sell or be sold book. -_-

  • ArmchairQ1  Well I’m not sure if you missed anything. I think I understand where that gentleman was coming from. One element of the “environment” was the discovery of certain images on private phones and then questioning who the images were of, why they were on the phone and proceeding TO SHOW THE IMAGES to everyone with either an in-your-face or a sweeping pan gesture. The man who left (1) didn’t want to see that garbage, (2) felt bad for the women present who had to be exposed to that garbage, and (3) didn’t want to work in an environment in which anyone could be called on the carpet and humiliated publicly for sexual/nude images on their phones. Perhaps he figured if Mr. Cardone thought it was okay that they were being (forcibly) exposed to this (type of conversation, these kinds of images) now, there were certainly going to be future captive audiences that would have to witness other garbage (similar garbage or otherwise) once hired. The man who left early on may have felt that what was going on was beneath him and that the environment was not one that he would enjoy and thrive in if hired.

  • MarcellMarcell 123zen Keep your eyes on the prize. Well done. End of st

  • MarcellMarcell 123zen End of story.

  • Grant is on two goals First he wants to bring one or more qualified person on staff. Two he is broadcasting the process so he also marketing Grant Cardone Fantastic I love the synergy. As for the process I think he may make people feel wrong a bit much With that he is firm on his value system on ethics. I think this is a great show and I love this selection technique. I am not sure how he is able to get people to leave their stuff so he can go through it but I get the drill. Awesome Now Grant Purification is great but very limited until you combine it with BEMER

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    lol he hired robert love it

  • lexi

    poor gary

  • lexi

    ill hire waynne

  • AmineAmara

    Mr Cardone asked Chris “Do you know where i come from?…Im you know what’s Tunisian is …”
    I wanna make sure if he is Tunisian  please anyone respond me

  • Kensome

    Man how much you made this year? A million. In one year? Man, how do you live off that? I thought you were making more than that. I got to go.

  • moe

    When is season 3 coming?? Love this show

  • Jim Kuckie