Episode 4 of Whatever it Takes features a group of candidates trying to convince Grant Cardone they have the skills, the intelligence, and the ability to think on their feet…AND the willingness to do whatever it takes. This is how Grant finds great people. One guy calls himself the fire breathing sales dragon. Another a sales killer—or does he kill sales? Who’s tired of being good and wants to be great? Who is sick and tired of being sick and tired? Everyone on the planet has great ideas, but who can actually HELP Grant? Watch the contestants try and sell a 454K Lamborghini, dig a sandpit, and give it their all to win a coveted position at the top sales training company in the world.

  • StevenMerlino

    Episode 4!! If you’re here early vote for my pitch video 🙂 http://grantcardonetv.com/video/perfect-pitch/steven-merlino/

  • Awesome! Was looking forward to this episode:)

  • StevenMerlino

    Chris didn’t try at all. No energy and didn’t prove that he should be there

  • Let’s do this http://grantcardonetv.com/video/whateverittakes2/episodes/ep4/ GrantCardone GrantCardoneTV will Uncle G get a keeper this time?

  • StevenMerlino

    He was to focused on girls and partying

  • Edwardssp

    Amazing how so many have so little in the bank

  • Gustavo Correa

    #WIT whatever it takes show #realitytv needs to be on #netflix all the way @grantcardone pay the price today so you can pay the price tomorrow

  • StevenMerlino

    Beautiful car!!

  • JeanPaulLott2

    so many weak people, either Grant is really intimidating or these people are just terrible

  • Let the LamboMiami Lamborghini https://twitter.com/PRESTIGEMIAMI come in now nicely done https://twitter.com/BrettLAMBOMIAMI and GrantCardone http://grantcardonetv.com/video/whateverittakes2/episodes/ep4/

  • JeanPaulLott2

    Geoff is toast, dump the emotional baggage guy

  • StevenMerlino


  • bhickey

    best show on “tv”

  • JeanPaulLott2

    craigs looking like great potential

  • JeanPaulLott2

    Freed froze, dump him

  • JeanPaulLott2

    keep sheelah, potential, geno toss, language and understanding barrier, will take years to understand how americans think

  • the1frankland

    now that everyone is in cardoneu i think that if they did another casting for a new season there would be quality candidates

  • ingramtj

    Now that you’ve seen them pitch the water, see what I can do @ http://grantcardonetv.com/video/perfect-pitch/tj-ingram/

  • JeanPaulLott2

    Ok, so whatever it takes season 2 episode 5 will be “how long can you last”. I am disappointed, but not so arrogant that I could say I would last through the trials either. But I will say this, with the training I have through Cardone University, and every book read, and purchased the mp3s of the same books, learning through repetition, study every day, I know that I have doubled my sales in less than two months. Its about confidence, it has fed my abilities I already had, and has caused a hunger for more sales and I am permanently addicted. If I dont sell every day I am furious, and do not allow it. I am and always will be the best at what I do whatever field I am in. Its too bad that all of these people that try to get this job cant seem adhere to the principles that are in the training, they are all pusses.

  • Powerful show. This Show is what the world needs to see.


    Here I am and I just reached out to grant

  • Nathan Lawson

    Mr. Cardone
    Break their ego from the beginning, have them earn the suit or nice attire. Bring them in wearing matching shorts and sneakers, and see if they can separate themselves from the pack. Run them through the mental-physcial test first, and then see if they can SELL…!!
    Contact ME!!!
    Semper Fi,
    Stay Great- Nathan Lawson

  • David Gasiunas

    JOSH KAUMANS Hey Josh. You do not need anything else. Your  final step, show that you actually got whatever it takes. 

    Make sure Grant’s in the office, and show up for a job. He already wants you to come in and work together.

    That’s your final step to get the position, don’t miss it being unsure. Be committed

  • Flymen

    Love the show! One thing I hate is the fact you Grant do not shake people’s hands when they want to. It is very disrespectful and I feel sorry for those people by just watching it! YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT THE MEANING OF “HAND SHAKE” IS. Look it up men! Shame on you for that! Apart from that, you are a great business person.

  • LonnieThomas

    Grant I love these shows, it was super funny when you had took the glass of water off the table when the guy was doing his water pitch.lolU0001f602U0001f602

  • LonnieThomas

    I agree


    JOSH KAUMANS  Thank you for demonstrating that amount of courage and love for human being and transparency! Bless you. 

    For the rest of the world, GrantCardone GrantCardoneTV Hey, what a closing “wow” after 8F.Months!!!!!! JC! 

    …what i learned? or should I say what was clear to me from the start is that, should we say on modern language 😉 was wrong WHY (speculate by a child, pardon me, to get a job! but she been honest saying she want to be great and truth is SHE IS GREAT! she is mum!)  and for the employer to choose someone over the other because “single mum” gets on the way for ‘the heart to feel and eye balls to see’ the obvious, ha?! please, this is not a charity event we are watching OR is it?! 

    Grant, you are right all the way -but that great and best ‘human’ part of you gets on the way. However, I truly admiring you doing those things for the all world to see and truly learn about life! Being FREE is not easy -simple though 😉 and to free beings, GrantCardone , can be fun! Thank you. a! you are right even more – because “how truly one can train someone being Great, when THEY ARE GREAT!” JC! YOU CAN ONLY FIND THEM 😉 so, get that army of yours back together and move on 😉 conquer the world -what ever is that mean -through the lives i see the meaning of the word is changing drastically 😉 and its ok! 

    I am very happy that you truly care and demonstrate that love and caring about …shell we say, what.is.going.on. . .ha, and I am here to acknowledge your great job and SheriSuccess ElenaCardone JarrodGlandt and all the team doing fantastic job! and you’ve said yourself -people want to be entertained! in exchange they would give the support YOU can easily “harvest those 7B” -in short and truth is that I don’t expect everyone would know what I’m talking about but you.


    arthur robinson jr absolutely and they may even act better in life for themselves 😉 I do!


    JeanPaulLott2 i see what you feel. and the truth is that there are job/work to be done and big one! The World in trouble and need TECH to get themselves out the trouble and help someone else rather then oneself;  unless, of course,  someone running charity from their own pocket! you can’t hurt person with pure heart and clean hands, right? A person have to be able to move Mr Grant Cardone’s Ideas to the Market Place 😉  with the speed and quantity enough to continue do those charity he already doing 😉 and is keeping us being entertain. well i am anyway. I truly see and feel the way you are -but we are not offering ourselves, right? Grant_Cardone cheer leaders we are, at least 😉

  • PashaMorenaTarantino1

    This was one of the most nerve wracking yet incredible interviews I have ever done.  Though, I will admit that I messed up big time on my pitch, I learned so much from that public failure that it has catapulted me to a confidence level I never knew I could achieve.  I am forever grateful that I fought past my nerves (maybe not well enough.. haha) and went through one of the biggest learning experiences of my life.  (Failures are meant to learn from and make us better).

    Thank you to Grant, Sherri, Elena and everyone involved for changing my life for the better.


  • Arman de Burbon

    Geno’s “ask Mr.Putin” on the question why almost everyone else want to dump him was THE REASON to dump him on the spot, thats a mark of a whiner and a loser who would blame everyone and everything for his misfortune. Grown up man playing the pity card like a little bitch. And I like the guy originally.

  • JeNeenRidgeway

    So, “Mr. Black”, do you have an energy problem? I can help you with that, naturally! @VitalityProject

  • Alosha

    JOSH KAUMANS He’s not gonna call your or email you…You need to suit up and show up and be ready to work.

  • Alosha


  • KolohePrimeau

    this was awesome

  • David Gasiunas

    PashaMorenaTarantino1 I knew that’s you!


    Arman de Burbon I was trying to be funny under the substances…not whining about Mr.Putin invading Ukraine.

  • EdmundAfful1

    DAMMMMM as soon as u let josh go I knew you made a mistake! if anything he should have least got an opportunity to work with Prestige imports!

  • AlphaHaynes

    What’s Sheelah been up to? Check out her facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/smtoro

  • MatthewMarch

    i was rooting for josh

  • Barone2525

    GrantCardoneTV GrantCardone Finish episode 4, great on location segments!! #WIT #10x

  • Barone2525

    GrantCardoneTV GrantCardone My family’s LA team and I finished screening episode 4 early this morn, great on location segments!! #WIT #10x


    MatthewMarch haha thanks me too i am trying to reach GRANT NOW

  • langelmedia

    Love the format this season, so freakin good!!

  • PashaMorenaTarantino1

    David Gasiunas PashaMorenaTarantino1 heyyy David! lol.

  • PashaMorenaTarantino1

    KolohePrimeau Kolohe whats up buddy!

  • joncamp

    Grant, just asked a black guy “can you read?”, I don’t care if grant is an outspoken person. That is just plain disrespectful and ignorant.

  • joncamp

    I think I know why people are not accepting the job. If no one actually stayed then that mean, its not them, its you. (unfortunately) You had a lot of great potential team members. I think the problems is grant and his team have high standard with low reward. Grant and his fellow team members are too picky.  They want great people to do mediocre jobs, sorry, you put people through hell and hot water for a sub-par job. I agree that the traditional job interview can be unreliably, but that why your take the time to get the person then see how the they do in the workplace. A lot of what I see on this show, challenges that proves NOTHING. Making people feel insecure about themselves, have people private affiars be publicized only shows how judgmental we are of others. That’s is why this can’t be done in a traditional job interview. Is not just illegal, its unethical. 

    “If your look for a rock, then don’t look in the trees, if you’re looking for an apple, then don’t look in the cave.” 

    I use this quote to say, Grant is looking for all the right things in the wrong places, hoping to find someone who don’t know half of their greatness. Work a mediocre job, and live a life working in the new world slavery.

    Grant is afraid and can’t handle the truth about himself and his team. 

    Great = of an extent, amount, or intensity considerably above the normal or average. 

     Tell me what is great about being a slave who boost your ego, who bust their ass for you, and in return they sent to the door.

    Sales is a relationship business, not “Tell the person what they want to hear so they can buy”

    A Great salesman’s know how to ask the right question, not give all the answer.

    One who listen to detail and is compassionate.

  • Aaronnn

    If you going to button the top button, pull your tie all the way up, or keep the top button undone if you are not. Every show this season theres been a few who have their top button done and tie not all the way up…attention to detail….Grant’s team always dressed sharp

  • 123zen

    Meanwhile in the normal world…..lol

  • Gotta prove it, Mike

  • Muhammad Waqas Manzoor

    joncamp you are a poor soul :p

  • Muhammad Waqas Manzoor

    GrantCardone you have done awesome job man…. cheers….

  • Lars Stollenga

    I would have picked Josh, but if Craig would be willing to move he would be the chosen one for real. joncamp And I get what you are saying with making people feel insecure stuff, but that’s the thing, you can’t be insecure for a great sales job. People will doubt you and your deal and you will be the reason of countless of dollars lost. He is just getting reactions and see who has the best ones. By the way for everybody, 

    You got to check this pitch out and vote for me. See why others are ripping people of with their water pitches, I mean 50$ for a glass of water?! Why? Water isn’t hard to obtain in the United States of America. I am not just stating the price and talk about how my glass of water is better than others, that’s nonsense! Water is water, and that’s why I have CREATED VALUE. Go ahead and vote for me, it would mean the world to me. http://grantcardonetv.com/video/perfect-pitch/lars-stollenga/ 


  • JeanPaulLott2

    In the process of becoming an entrepreneur, we have to go the extra mile, sometimes you have to make new rules. This show dictates that you can find the best within certain parameters. I see myself taking the challenges, but since i am physically out of shape, I feel that I would be lacking here. Having been training for over 20 years, I think I would do well in the sales challenges. However that being said, this kind of job interview I see as military style. Our armed forces go through training worse than this, you have no opinion, are owned by the government, and you do what you are told whether you like it or not. 
    Grant’s interview process is awesome, and Mr. Camp seems to get the entire idea of this incorrect, this is not for the faint of heart, if you cant see that, than you are watching the wrong program. Simply put this isnt for everyone, and if you think this is abuse, well they signed up for it. What are you made of? How far can you push yourself? Regardless of what anyone says, do you have what it takes, or can you do whatever it takes to push yourself farther than you thought possible?

    If this show offends you, and you want to take the stress card option like a sissy, well there are other reality shows you may appreciate more, like “the Voice”, completely useless trash that is 97.5% of whats on TV right now.

  • love the water pitch challenge http://grantcardonetv.com/video/perfect-pitch/gustavo-correa/ when is the next interview process GrantCardone ?

  • kbisson

    Yes!  She brought it, Dog.

  • kbisson

    Pasha:  I think she brought her A-game.  She is definite and calculating.

  • Justin Sokol

    Jarod saying uh while ol boy was rappin had me dying

  • Justin Sokol

    My pitch to sell water would just come back to myself… I would say I could bring water @ any time to any place @ any specific temperature and get the water from any location in the world… game over gc and Jarod would be like damn

  • Justin Sokol

    İ would do they loud hey hey hey like gc just to be funny

  • joncamp So if was a white guy it would have been okay? Your statement should have been: Grant just asked a guy if he could read.

    This is a reality Show centered around a job interview. I do think the prize for winner should be better but the people know what they are doing when they sign up.

  • PashaMorenaTarantino1

    kbisson awww.. thank you.  I appreciate you watching and rooting for me.  I would love to get to know you more.  Add me on facebook.com/thekatanamind 🙂

  • PashaMorenaTarantino1

    kbisson 😀

  • Brady Quick
  • Brady Quick


  • RichardHalll

    Ooooo, one of my picks actually made it to the end! (Sheelah).  I was rooting for Josh, but at least he made it to the final round and then some.  Great show though!
    On a side note, I miss the between episode music (whomever the hell sings that song that also appears on Young Hustlers) and the “greying out and jail bars” sound from Season 1.  Maybe a new intro too….hmmmmm.  There’s always another season! 🙂

  • David Gasiunas

    Justin Sokol you really suck dude

  • Gio forgot to ask “why”  Why do you to check out this Lambo and possibly drive it around?

  • People buying don’t beed a car, so Why do you want it?

  • Hey guys have you submitted your #waterpitch yet? go here to see mine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyhNUyho3ho 2 days left!

  • why are the 3 guys all have the same leave it to beaver hair cuts?

  • SFbayarea83

    Let me get this straight for selling a 455,000 car your commission is only $1,500 you must’ve lost your mind David(geo) that’s nothing,if I sale a house for half a million I’ll get $30,000 hahahah wow what a owner and you still have workers

  • StevenMerlino

    JOSH KAUMANS Good!! What did he say?

  • ArmchairQ1

    SFbayarea83 Great job listening, dude 🙂 You missed the rest of it. The car commission STARTS low…it does not STAY low.

  • MrHazeleyez

    SFbayarea83 Take a seat! I don’t think you know how the car business works. Most people wash out in 90 days and its one of the hardest jobs in sales. Most people that can’t sell cars, go into Real Estate.  I ran a Dealership for 4 years and people like you would never last. The sale is about impulse and pulling the trigger within hours.. not months like a home.  That $1500 rip is only the beginning and you’re not seeing the bigger picture. I would go work for that guy in a heart beat!

  • JoeBoulton

    This is 2 years old, Grant is 56 there and Jarrod isn’t even married yet. Come on mannnn!

  • Geno did ok nut he was trown lots of curves. He managed not so bad dealing with them.

  • Let’s go Josh! He called you! Go ahead man! 😉

  • mrneef

    SFbayarea83 lies! If you sell a 500k home you DO NOT get 30k…even if you were a broker you still would get at most 3%, unless, and thats a big unless, you dual rep the buyer AND seller….Stop living in a fantasy world.


    I thought they picked the wrong person. This lady tried to sell me a product that had been reduced in priced. I had to find out by actually calling the main line. Apparently the price was now reduced from 2k to 900.00. When I inquired to Sheelah about it, she said she just found out that day and it must have been something Grant just did. Uh? If I’m calling the main line and thats the deal thats going on, apparently its not a secret. I had to make her amend my original contract. I never received a follow up call on the product I purchased, I still dont know if I have every product or if there is some overlap. Never got a clear answer. I had to keep calling into the main line to get a new sales person to answer questions to get the answers.

  • Kensome

    This is sooooo goood. I rarely say this about anyone (except my Mom) but I have nothing nothing but respect and admiration for Mr. Cardone. I thought I was a hustler making 160-190K per year. After watching these shows and reading his books I have to say, I’m not a true hustler. I have to 10x my game.

  • Kensome

    mrneef SFbayarea83 So you just said YOU DO get 30K if you represent both sides. I sell 500K homes and get 30K all the time because usually the buyer comes directly to me. So it is true and not fantasy.