Season 2 of Whatever It Takes continues with episode 2. There are 7 billion people on the planet and Grant needs to find just a few that are ethical, disciplined, and GREAT. Everyone says they have whatever it takes, that they are the best of the best and that they can deliver, but when Grant finds out where they live, what they think about, who they spend most of their time with will he really find people who have whatever it takes? See how the candidates react to the different situations Grant puts them through. How would you respond? It has been said that if you bring a man out to play golf or play a game of poker, just get him into a game and you will meet him for the first time. Competition brings things out of people that ordinary situations never will. This is whatever it takes!

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  • Great work very excited!  Also, Give My Approach To The Water Challenge A 1-10 Grade!

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    lets crank this up

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    grant here – love your comments tonite

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  • GrantCardone let’s get this show on all the mayor mediums out there! awesome show!

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    GrantCardone Let’s go grant

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    Woot Woot! This is how i spend my fridays!

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    dont talk so much?>>>
    damn im mean

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    he could not close the girl ….get her phone number

  • GrantCardone is a hard ass haha! love it!

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    gotta do something about your breath

  • breath must have been stiff!

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    GrantCardone this show .. love it. Great thing you didn’t sell it.

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    Was on Cardone U until this was released!!

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    Whats on your phone

  • my phone has sell or be sold, 10X and soon Obsessed

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    Best motivator….lmao…not even with that voice

  • Empty your f ing pockets and get to work .

    This Season, has stepped it up… Great editing, AWESOME GRANT slide in Talks about scenes. . . . . EVERYONE says they have WIT

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    GrantCardone can’t wait to see who will get the #10AXE tonight !

  • robertsyslojr is the man! behind the camera

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    Uncle GrantCardone is on fire!

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    this show is completely unscripted….

  • GrantCardone I bet you go back and laugh out loud after these scenes! I hope you end up with solid sales killers after this.

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    Whatever It Takes Season 2 live now

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    Glued to success!!!

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    GrantCardone Great stuff… love this show.. haha your crazy Grant..

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    Man…. This is good stuff.. best reality ever

  • GOT TO do somethin about your breathe man . . . . Funny

  • Danene solid so far

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    BarnettPiedPipe  it was bad —

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    should have hire Ryan

  • no spoilers GrantCardone !

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    I messed up with Ryan……

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    Very intense!!! Love it

  • get Ryan back!

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    Aren’t u being a little bit of bully to people or harsh sometimes even though it is an interview?

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    lol. She jus needed fairy dust

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    lol feel the heat..

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    leo342  Yes at this stage I am trying push people out of this…..find out what we have here…. the weak fold…what do you think itll be like later

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    Mark Louderbaugh  totally unscripted

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    Samantha would be pissed!!!

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    GrantCardone leo342 wow even though I’m not there i can feel ur pressure …Not really sure I’m still within 21 min

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    We couldnt show full gitmo scenes CIA

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    write/read posts!!!

  • Someone is lying about the Oxy’s

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    DianeCardone  crazy show right intense unscripted

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    BarnettPiedPipe  no doubt liars in job interviews

  • I’m not going to Lie, I’m just not going to Tell her.     Morals man, Where are they anywhere ?   My

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    Mark Louderbaugh  this thing is so compressed and tough

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    The water pitch is LIVE

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    Here comes the water pitch…car sales guy messed it up

  • everyone has baggage c’mon lets show GrantCardone who has WIT!

  • Great interview process if done like this.  Employment laws are constricting from my few years of hiring.

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    You scared him!!! He had zero confidence

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    Jscents  its tough man – dare you to come pitch the water to me….

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    GrantCardone Sell you glass of water? No! Help you buy a glass of water? Absolutely!

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    detroit dan was the best pitch man in the show…..dumb mistake

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    Women act sexy and then get pissed when a guy comes onto her!!! Act married

  • CINDY      . . . .. Geezz   Great TV

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    I sold lawn care!!! I can sell water..

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    The show is the freaking BOMB – best thing on TV – don’t have cable to busy hustling but this is a must watch over and over I should interview like this for my team!

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    GrantCardone the coupon code success says it is expired!

  • hahahaha that breath must be from hell! GrantCardone

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    gusycorrea GrantCardone  it was terrible….

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    Dan got my attention

  • GrantCardone I’ll push this to be [email protected] !



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    hahahaha… the best thing to say would be, You have to buy this water!!! it really helps with your breath….I mean… look what happen to me… hahahaha…..

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    Grant I am so enjoying this.

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    Dude bro I would pay to watch this this show! Brings nothing but value to my  fri night.

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    Love this show!!!

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    Mark Louderbaugh Dude bro I would pay to watch this this show! Brings nothing but value to my  fri night.
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  • GrantCardone we need to binge on this watching all weekend, haha, loving this!

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    Keisha Melinda Grant I am so enjoying this.

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    Jscents Love this show!!!

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    GrantCardone AWESOME!!! Great Show aka Jenny 🙂

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    Good choice!!!

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    this guy Lafayette – love him…. makes men

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    Hey Grant, I wanted to ask you this question for a while. I posted it twitter and facebook as well. Would love to hear your response. Thanks a lot.If your were 21 years young today, Which company would u start that would make you a billionaire? And which industry would you go into?

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    I’m 23 years old, making $200k a year as a salesman. This show makes me want to quit my job and just to see how well I can perform in such interview… Should I do it Grant?!

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    Wow!!! You presented her with an opportunity of a lifetime for her and the family and she couldnt commit!!!

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    It wasnt my mistake… They didnt cut my phone off after they checked it lol

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    GrantCardone how can I be a part of your organization?

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    Damn!  You are intense!

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    GrantCardone I see what you are doing and I like your mission

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    Sam did crap, he didn’t LISTEN or DO as Asked

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    Ace didn’t do well at all, unfortunately you had to choose her…. for now….;)

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    I [email protected] get rid of him.

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    Expected more from him tho.

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    Sam could have close you on that water easily! because u can perfectly clean your car with it 😉 GrantCardone

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    Kyle did bad, you were soft at him because of his background.

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    I would pack up myself, my family and my life to have an opportunity to work with grant cardone!!! Just moved to tampa fl on a whim to start my own lawn care business!!

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    only you would have the kahoonas to tell someone about their breath!!!! LMAO

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    GrantCardone you are a beast brother – loves this!!!! Love Elena’s big roll in this season as well!!!

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    Not liking Sam either

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    YOUR  GrantCardone Next book after #Obsessed should defo BE #TheArtOfSelling

  • GrantCardone Yeah – Lafayette, I guy you want to help, and you did, Free training. If he trains he can do it. . . . IF HE WILL.

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    Dan and Denise

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    New tip – watch this show while getting a call and do a super close!!! oh ya!!

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    ‘d never trust Sam

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    nice show i am hook

  • Elena eye balled that $500 , then went to work to earn it. . . . .

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    Everyone Should See This” #UJIS2
    #sales #business #wit
    GrantCardone ElenaCardone

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    Grant, I do agree with your thought that you might have made a mistake with getting rid of Dan, Dan has IT, the Ladies are good, Dan is great

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    Love, Love, Love this show – GrantCardone ElenaCardone you 2 are awesome!!!

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    So funny how the dude beside Grant tries to be such a bad a**, only because Grant is there. Such a tool

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    After all of that she was not able to move. Thats crazy. She wasted time

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    Keisha Melinda  right?

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    The show bombed….cause did not see darn shark go at any of them in the water…Otherwise good episode hmmm

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    MonikaKovacs GrantCardoneTV GrantCardone ElenaCardone Everyone Should See This”!/search/realtime/%23UJIS2!/search/realtime/%23sales!/search/realtime/%23business!/search/realtime/%23wit GrantCardone ElenaCardone
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    Tommy needs to understand that not everyone who visits Grant’s website is going to be wealthy enough to regularly visit  The Forge, but that those who cannot regularly eat at The Forge, will potentially choose The Forge for that special night, anniversaries, Birthday’s, proposals, because it is the Best in the region, and thus Tommy should have mentioned that all levels of income, who would potentially choose the Forge who also visit Grant’s websites, could choose The Forge once they see the Ad, because many times when someone is o  Grant’s websites, they are at a place in their lives, whether wealthy or not, where they may want an atmosphere Like The Forge for that special dinner. Also that This could ensure repeat customers for The Forge by having the Ad on the site.

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    leo342  nice show Im hooked Grant Cardone TV: 
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  • GrantCardone Keisha Melinda Can’t believe that

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    It’s only three hours too!

  • excuses excuses, they don’t pay! what a disappointment! GrantCardone

  • Ed

    Denise did the best at The Forge

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    Great show, I”m liking Season 2 much better. Just so surprised win and then find out they weren’t committed. Surprising!

  • Jscents

    I would very much love an opportunity to!!!

  • MpactHarrell

    GrantCardone WIT=Phenomenal! Why do they only have enough to win the interview but not the income? You can’t fake heart I guess! U0001f4af

  • Some people will save whatever it takes to get hired but don’t have the skills to sell whatever it will take to make you more money.

  • Powerful show.

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  • AndiZdrava

    No one had Whatever it Takes GC. they were not strong enough. But hey, we should give the impression that anyone can be anything, it sells better. More peoples will watch the show, more will buy the books, more will attend the University,  more contracts  etc… Great job marketing your products, you earned your money today, respect. Thank you for the free lessons 🙂

  • @Ed They should have suggested unique marketing collaboration opportunities with up and coming the entrepreneurs/bloggers the comprise the demographic. Inferring extremely customized ads with various measurable calls to action that engage prospective customers, fuel word of mouth, and will use every sales/marketing tool/technique that companies pay hundreds of thousands to learn on Cardone University.

  • Clint Maki

    After all of that!~ She declines?

  • Nobody told me – Oh WHoa is ME. . . . Funny stuff man.

  • Clint Maki

    I am definitely going to The Forge next time I am in Miami!

  • Absolutely love it. . . . The show is a learning experience from Grant, How to deal with People, Interview, Questions to ask,  . . Watching the pitches in The Forge. . . Always valuable information from Mr. Cardone in How to deal with People and How to Sell/Close. . . .

    CardoneU is the best training for Sales, But all his content from youtube, blab-haven’t seen in a bit, Periscope, facebook always great real world teachable lessons to put into practice and and drill everyday…..

    I think I originally found Mr. Cardone that is doing a Youtube search on How to Build Confidence – and there he was . . .  The old – HOW DO YOU KNOW I’M CONFIDENT. YOU DON’T KNOW THAT ?

  • 10X

    GrantCardone Keisha Melinda ….I think Steve HAD the key right at the water pitch, ‘she didn’t close you though’  Right. She lead the sale but missed the close. 
    Great marketing for her if she is smart enough to use in her RE business 🙂
    Great show #uncleG

  • TapIntoHealth

    Fantastic Show Team GC! I have to say, Cardone U is and will continue to have a huge impact in my life!
    Thanks you Team GC!

  • viksra

    The guy with the bad breath missed a golden opportunity to sell you that water. He should have been like “Dude, I know you think my breath stinks, so give me $10 and I’ll drink this water.”

  • Kathy Janacek

    How I’ve spent my last 2 Friday nights. What an excellent choice that has been. Very surprised that no one who has been offered the job has followed through and shown up. My guess is they get home and start “thinking”. Can I operate at 110% everyday and do WIT EVERY SINGLE DAY.? Obviously the answer is NO. When the reality hits, ” I landed the job, ” THEN they start thinking about all the logistics involved in starting . If married, can spouse find employment, if kids, will they find caregiver for 10-12 hrs day. If they went into the job interview with 100% confidence they would be chosen, I would think that all the logistics of moving to a new city as well as their ability to bring WIT every single day would have already been well thought out. Folks wasting others people’s time is rather frustrating.

  • this is amazing

  • Bravo for what you’ve done for Lafayette… We’ll see if he’s really got, Whatever It Takes!!!

  • the breathe

  • amazing show GC #wit thanks for always sharing with us….love ya

  • matiss_paradise

    who’s got my monnayy!!

  • Arman de Burbon

    I don’t get these people. Srsly, what’s wrong with them? Winning and then failing to deliver, not even show up for the job!!! lol 
    Great show. I’d call back the Dan & Tommy and give them a chance for one-two unpayed weeks in the trenches.

  • Just saw your periscope.. Pick me GC. PICK ME GC. I’m a wife, mom, public speaker and network marketing leader. Lookit that – I’m selling myself !! (In a non-prostitutional wayU0001f602)

  • AaneevWealth

    I love the Game but i seriously hate the Players..!! Coming for the interview, getting selected and then not showing being a little bitch. The reason which they give for not joining the company is frigging absurd, Why in the world did she come in the first place for the interview. Grant, you need to be damn brutal now..!!

    Much love and respect from India..

  • William and Astrid

    Shocked about the persistence of human kind! How are we ever going to go space with a team if we even can’t make it go right on earth?

  • meemaw87

    Oh my good day!!!! Loved the show……picked the wrong one, but hey, everyone makes a mistake..U0001f914U0001f914.even the big boys…Mr. Cardone you are the best!!! Not willing to relocate???? Hmmmmm…..girlfriend …big mistake!!!

  • ashmanno


    Where is it? 

    These people that get chosen need to be committed before they even show up. That’s the same as knowing your numbers, knowing the product, knowing what your customers needs are before you even sell them anything!

    We all here know that you need to show up and then show up again…. unfortunately she and many others before her just didn’t! 

    It hurts and is a complete shame because they have so much potential but have wasted everybody’s most valuable possession… time. 

    Mr Cardone and everybody in the Cardone family I wish you all well and keep the value coming as you all are one of the very few, that have helped me realise my potential and make me realise what I need to do in order to achieve greatness, help others and create more time freedom for me and my family.

    Love you rockstars!

    Ashley West.

    GrantCardone I have an idea for your empire that will increase your revenue and satisfy your followers and clients needs.

    I said an idea because I’m not going to charge you a single penny for it, I’m just paying it forward to you because you have helped me so much.

    If you are interested in having a quick discussion about this as I know time equals money then you have my information on file as I have recently purchased your audio book package which I highly surgest EVERYONE on this chat buys if you haven’t already. 

    It’s on sale right now! 90% off!!! ( right above this chat in the store section) and is the best investment I have ever made.

    I look forward to speaking to you soon and have a great weekend the Cardone family.

    Ashley West.


    90%!!!??! im not composed out of water!

  • Greengiant23

    100% commission job is what’s being offered. Grant is a stud no doubt, but the “ultimate job interview” is good for tv more so than actually finding a quality employee. Final 3 – guy who lives at home with his parents and 0 sales experience or training, a girl that spent her last few pennies to get there, and a woman that lived local and had no intentions of taking the job. If they were realistically looking for an employee they would have chosen Kyle, maybe Grant was afraid he wouldn’t walk away from 120k to take a chance at 100% commission. Seems like they’re looking for somewhat desperate people to make good tv.

  • JeanPaulLott2

    The question I have is people are willing to do whatever it takes, or have whatever it takes to perform in this profession. I see that the real question is are you willing to totally commit to this. To convince Grant that you have whatever it takes, these people seemed confident until they got in the lineup. I would say 90% of the people that walk in his door seem more desperate than confident. Having read Grants books and began training at Cardone University my confidence has increased tenfold. My income has increased also, enough to justify having experienced it in the first place. Having been a salesperson for 20 years, I have an energy now I have never had. Grants training is spot on. I can see why he never has a money back guarantee, it is not necessary.

  • JeanPaulLott2

    Juan is a joke, can he be trained? I dont believe so at all

  • JeanPaulLott2

    Detroit Dan, why is your phone even on? if you are so important that you cant turn it off during an interview with Grant Cardone, how could you think you would even be considered. DOA

  • JeanPaulLott2

    Lafayette will be a great salesman with training and confidence

  • JeanPaulLott2

    Ace will crack under pressure, weak and useless. dont waste your time

  • JeanPaulLott2

    Kyle was weak, if he has trained anyone, they have got to suck terribly. Ive seen newbies pitch better than that, where is the confidence? Grant must be very intimidating in person, cant wait to meet him.

  • JeanPaulLott2

    Denene has a shot, obviously has sold things, there is just enough confidence.

  • JeanPaulLott2

    Im going to say that down to the last 3, I’m right there, would have made the same decisions. However the “cuts” would not have even made it to the second challenge, you can see the flaws prior to the physical challenges.

  • MasonVadney

    Season 2 quality wise is so much better. What did he mean by “Ace” showing all of herself at the end?

  • JeanPaulLott2

    The pitch I would have used with the forge would have gotten me the job, period. Having some restaurant experience, you would have to pitch something to someone with a complete grasp on the idea that they are an artist, you would have to point out things that Mr. Malnik already knows. Talk about challenge, how could you walk in there with no product knowledge at all? Makes me sick.

  • JeanPaulLott2

    Denene could have made up a price, she would have had it, Denene needs to stay another round

  • JeanPaulLott2

    Tommy was more trainable than ace, keep Denene and Tommy, I did not see the value in Ace like the team did. I dont see the entitlement thing with Denene, I’m not in agreement with the decision today. I think Ace will crack. Denene is used to deals not going through, Ace loses two deals she will quit.

  • JeanPaulLott2

    Was episode 2 a total waste? Wow I dont know how Grant deals with these people, It is irritating just watching these people believe they are pouring their soul out, I dont believe any of them, shallow and empty.

  • Mr Done Deal

    JeanPaulLott2 sounds like someone has NO idea what they are talking about.  You have a lot of time for a Saturday.  Make some phone calls or something.

  • JeanPaulLott2 Smartest thing I read on this thread…they’re horrible

  • Nick

    Can you guys please pick a different format for streaming the videos. Because every 2 minutes it freezes on me and won’t load.

  • JeanPaulLott2

    Hey Done, I’m actually watching the episode and training at Cardone University at the same time, been training since 6am this morning. On a daily basis I wake at 600 am, train until 730, get dressed kids to school, then 12 hour sales job as a service manager. I am the top salesman at my place of business after Grants training. Then when I get home at 9pm I also train for another hour. Next day repeat. On my days off, I am an Amsoil dealer, aftermarket exhaust, and Plexus distributor. I also buy and sell used cars. Having been a salesman, Manager, and Senior technician for the past 20 years, and having studied 80% of the sales training available in the past 40 years, I would like to think that I spend a majority of my time enthralled in what you are suggesting me to do. Do you take a day off? I don’t. Seven days a week 18 hours a day. I manage a staff of Technicians, and get job offers in my inbox daily. I have enough experience in my field a degree of any sort is insignificant. In closing, Before I am to judge anyone I must be presented the facts, unlike someone without the correct information passing judgement who has no business doing so. 

    Just looking to have one online presence without a freaking troll would be nice. Peace brother.

  • masterpence

    I don’t understand this at all. Lafayette was the only person that actually closed a deal that day and he still was cut? Out of all the interviewees, Lafayette was the only person to produce a result. He has talent, passion, and a solid pitch. It’s easy to train someone to say “Mr. Cardone”, it’s nearly impossible to train somebody to have a real passion, and drive.

  • MrDDub

    Dan would have crushed that last presentation in front of Malnik.  Should’ve kept Tommy, he looked little nervous but had a great delivery.

  • Mark Louderbaugh

    What do you mean?? Grant is training him he gave him Cardone University what more was Mr Cardone supposed to do? That was more than fair..

  • A 100 Million Salesman

    Grant is a legend in his own mind. His rapport skills suck. I don’t believe any intelligent prospect would buy anything he’s selling, because he’s condescending. All of these candidates would be better off  to tell him to shove his attitude.

  • A 100 Million Salesman

    These candidates are wasting their time trying to work for this guy. He’s a poser who gets off on acting like a jerk and insulting others. NOT a sales real sales professional. Entertaining TV, but who would buy anything from this jerk?

  • A 100 Million Salesman

    Wikipedia: “After college, Cardone chose not to pursue the field of accounting and moved into automobile sales.”  Yep, exactly what I thought. A car salesman with an over-inflated ego and a condescending attitude.

  • Seeking Susan

    I loved watching this! It’s made me realise I can’t sell for toffee… My boyfriend is a manager and sales trainer, I asked him as soon as he walked in the door from work did he want to sell me himself or the glass of water, he said himself, I asked him to sell me the water, he did so in around 20 seconds, I had no choice but to drink the water and say I was not qualified to ask him anymore questions hahaa! He didn’t even question why I was asking him all this stuff, he was so compliant! Shame I can’t get the same level of focus when I ask for help with the housework!

  • A 100 Million Salesman

    Why would anyone want to work with this guy?

  • OrlandoDracoSierra

    You have to know yourself first and be real before make that big step on you’re life,that includes hungry for success and most important passionate.

  • Nathan Lawson

    Mr. Grant Cardone
    My name is Nathan Lawson. I would like for you to contact me yesterday”. I want to share with you a way to grow your Business in another Arena.. Contact me!!!
    Nathan Lawson

  • BSavvy

    Denene’s eyes shifted when she said she would go wherever Grant would put her but believe she can close. That tells me she was constructing information.  Ace didnt have the confidence in herself from the get go and would be well served to focus on developing her confidence  Funny what she gave up for Lent.  I woulda kept Sleezy Sammy, l think he had potential. Thought for sure you woulda picked Detroit Dan.  Tommy has workable potential.  Really wanted to see The Beast’s interview.  Lots of talent on the show.

    Id like to see a follow up on Lafayette though.

    Really like how you encourage people subliminally to have integrity in their lives and relationships and think that is integral for every one.

  • Mark Louderbaugh

    First of all thank you for serving our country!! Just an outside opinion get in front of him bro your hope selling.

  • OUTSTANDING VIDEO! You and your team have inspired me to hire MUCH HIGHER for our Sales Floor.   STANDARDS!!!

  • zacgawn

    @A 100 Million Salesman what’s the link to your wikipedia page?

  • M1Selling

    Hater=fuel for success. Grant appreciates your efforts. Just sayin

  • M1Selling

    The first step is recognizing you are living well below you’re potential. Love him or hate him, he’s getting paid. A wise man will seek success secrets as a duty.

  • M1Selling

    When my 16 year old is frustrated I encourage him to identify the problem and solve it. It’s the ‘not knowing’ that is always behind frustration. Turn the energy and passion into something of value as you move forward towards your exciting goals and dreams! Are your dreams exciting?

  • TheDaveRobards

    MerseyNorthBM GrantCardone That was so much fun. Really found out who people were

  • MerseyNorthBM

    TheDaveRobards GrantCardone What a lesson for all employers, must watch TV for anyone recruiting sales staff #10x

  • CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??? I can’t. GrantCardone Detroit Dan would be my pick. That smile, that closing, that style. A mistake is only a mistake if you don’t correct it. Get the guy back in your office and give him a day to prove himself.

  • Queen Bitchionnaire

    Grant Cardone is someone who has succeeded because of his true commitment to his work.  The reason so many people fail on his show and the reason that people like Denene the realtor turned down his offer is simple. Most people are 99% committed and say they are committed but it comes out of emotion.  Then when the emotion passes or they confront a stronger emotion such as fear, it all falls apart. Grant is doing a great job weeding out the “no” people, and then he has to filter through the “maybe” people.  Nobody comes on this show a “yes” 100% or they would be so successful they wouldn’t need a job.  So since he’s dealing with “maybe” folks it’s very unlikely that alot of them, even the ones that do well on the show, are actually going to come through in the long term. It’s not his fault it’s because people are so wishy washy nowadays and don’t really stand behind what they say most of the time.

  • Mr Done Deal

    Thanks for the good words sir

  • Mr Done Deal


  • Lafayette Dawkins

    GrantCardone  I love you too Mr. Cardone! Thanks so much for everything that you did for me that day. I really do appreciate the kick in the face! You are a great man!

  • Lafayette Dawkins

    BarnettPiedPipe Thanks for the support my brother! Means a lot

  • Lafayette Dawkins

    masterpence  WOW Brother… That really means a lot! Thanks so much for the love.

  • Darlene V

    This episode reaffirms for me….I still got it..sales executive for over 18 years and also owner/operator of my own business. Wish I saw the recruitment sign up pitch..this 49yr gal with a brain tumor would give some of them a run for their money!

  • MattCaven

    Grant,  I will be on the next season of WIT!   I’ll  be there from Canada!  Till then, keep dominating!  Matt

  • You’re filtering at the begining is ok. I fully understand it.

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    Whoa is me! Back at it!!!!

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