Episode 3 of Whatever It Takes has a batch of new contestants competing for a coveted position at Grant Cardone’s sales training company. If you can’t spot a liar in a job interview, you end up with liars in your company. Watch the contestants go through contraband, grueling physical challenges, and selling on the streets of Miami Beach. Who will bring the most revenue, who will be the biggest asset to Grant? Make your picks early and find out who makes the cut and who has whatever it takes.

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    Been waiting all week for this!! #WIT

  • This show needs to be on cable http://grantcardonetv.com/video/whateverittakes2/ep3/ GrantCardone #realityTV

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    Lets Gooooooo.  I’m pumped!

  • the crowd is tense so far! http://grantcardonetv.com/video/whateverittakes2/ep3/ GrantCardone

  • The actor is a lost cause http://grantcardonetv.com/video/whateverittakes2/ep3/ ElenaCardone did her thing!

  • StevenMerlino

    gusycorrea ElenaCardone hahahaha just saw this part

  • NickBritton

    Love how GC gives back to our Veterans! Cardoneuniversity.com/vets

  • the VET was intense at the end! http://grantcardonetv.com/video/whateverittakes2/ep3/ GrantCardone something went south at the end.

  • Big Cornel U is a pretender! http://grantcardonetv.com/video/whateverittakes2/ep3/ GrantCardone

  • that’s the dude in your Confession of entrepreneur vivnt GrantCardone http://grantcardonetv.com/video/whateverittakes2/ep3/

  • Haha oregon dude is funny http://grantcardonetv.com/video/whateverittakes2/ep3/

  • StevenMerlino

    Cody the Oregon guy should have been wasted in the first 30 seconds

  • lolololol i was moved lolol

  • StevenMerlino

    Grant is watching himself call out Orion for not paying his bill to Cardone U at 49:47 hahahahaha

  • gustavo

    Jay is a sore loser @grantcardone

  • JobsByDre

    That actor was horrible …..lol

  • @gustavo

    LOL. Not at all just a disappointing moment.

  • wow! no1 hired ….again? GrantCardone is doing something right, filter the dirt http://grantcardonetv.com/video/whateverittakes2/ep3/

  • RickRaison

    JayBerry Bounced back big my man! Good things coming for you!

  • KamronPeacock

    How can someone do this, win, and then not show up or not perform? It blows my mind


  • JakeFerguson1

    Damn @heathpowell  straight bustin thru that suite. Look sharp man.

  • davide bugatti

    another great friday night digging into new knowledge.. through real life..

    thanks mr Cardone  so many insight from your work on them

  • Papagrace

    Hey Gustovo so being mad you lost is being a sore loser? Guess you must be used to losing. I’d be pissed as well. To go there and even try is an accomplishment. Haters hate pal. Nice job Jay

  • Nathan Lawson

    Mr. Cardone,
    You should create a show where there is only vets competing against vets, ONE Veteran per Branch!! Creative thinking to recruit more Veterans!
    Contact Me!!
    Semper Fi

  • vext916

    Not a joke but a observation of mine, Shauna appears to me to have earlier signs of Parkinsons like Michael J Fox, she talks, blinks a lot, and moves her head like him… although it maybe her asthma thing too. 

    I think Cody isn’t air-headed only, he has too much pride and personal insecurities which he clearly showed in the CIA interrogation and post-interview.

    Love the mole scenario again!

    Tough job you must be running there Grant, cause those two ex-military couldn’t even past your probation period.

    Thanks for the upload Grant and WIT team!

  • vext916

    StevenMerlino Yes, he was all air-headed and not direct in his answers at all. i would have told Cody go enjoy the Florida sun before it goes down, cause you ain’t getting hired here.

  • vext916

    KamronPeacock Things don’t work out as expected, it’s that simple. Happens all the time.

  • GrantCardone

    Nathan Lawson   love this idea

  • GrantCardone

    davide bugatti  thanks for watching http://grantcardonetv.com/video/whateverittakes2/ep3/

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    Amazing KamronPeacock  right mind blow http://grantcardonetv.com/video/whateverittakes2/ep3/

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    Hey man JayBerry  you were awesome !!!!  http://grantcardonetv.com/video/whateverittakes2/ep3/

  • Victor Verhage

    Thank you Mr. Cardone, 

    The ending is always my favorite part, do they stick and stay, or wash out. The search continues.

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    Thank you very much to taking the time to create attention and sure great lessons to learn, I am grateful for the opportunity being here GrantCardone heathpowell ElenaCardone & Cardone EnterprisesTeam. I can see that only tash2182 I remember so far who is greatly doing and becoming mum and wife, wow! Thank you for the show.

  • TheMaz

    Don was calm, cool and consistent in every segment. 
    5:30 didn’t just give up, he quit on himself. Should have cut him before the beach.
     The big guy looks like he would’ve shown up for the physical challenge
     What happened to the 3 winners? Did they all show up?

  • 10xordie

    Come on Grant!!! No one has stuck with you after three episodes, what’s going on??

  • S_Draee

    it doesn’t work? after pressing play it shows an error exclamation mark

  • AngelBuenooo

    Great episode! Not only did I get to meet GrantCardone someone that I look up to but I got to experience something that many people in this life time will never experience. A true job interview that pushes you to all your limits emotionally and physically. GrantCardone has not seen the last of this guy. Also big thanks to allowing me to open up about who I am!

  • That ending was so awesome I think ElenaCardone and GrantCardone did a great job! #realityTV http://grantcardonetv.com/video/whateverittakes2/ep3/ #netflix

  • JayBerry I salute you bro, I apologize for my comment. I think you need to go back and 10X it!

  • gusycorrea Thank you man! No apology needed.It was definitely a great experience.

  • Robertas C

    Something is not right, 7 great people so far and everybody quits , would be good to know more about why did they quit? or a behind the scenes montage or even after they are hired, film them through for 90 days.
    Because 7 great people –  Nick the salesman,  hustler Jordan, green beret, solid players. What happens to them? Maybe Mr. Cardone should address the issue of society not following through or give his insights of why did they quit, that would be awesome! GrantCardone

  • SuppleDavid

    Fantastic show. The job interview may formally end at the end of the show but really it continues and really starts when that person shows up for work every day.

  • Davide Bugatti

    GrantCardone Davide Bugatti
    on your shows you hit myself everytime , about how crucial is to be a more diligent person ,about  what really counts to be immediately felt like a dependable and loyal winner with the people that counts

    and most of all how  critical is nowdays to push the boundaries of your skills and knowledge to the limit in order to reach the peak of your success and become a top player 

    and i know this university is made with this purpose 

    i will enroll it mr Grant

    thanks for the time you are taking to reach us everyday with your wisdom

  • JeanPaulLott2

    jonathan out, im going to call the last two contestants at the 35 minute in mark, Cornell u, and the soldier.

  • Nice touch have Jeff Mendez on! Great episode GrantCardone

  • JeanPaulLott2

    wow i was totally wrong, mind blowing

  • Don was the best of all interviews on this one!!!

  • Arman de Burbon

    Woa. None of those people are able to perform after getting the job, what gives?

  • TheMaz

    Keith Dixon Sucked is a strong word. What episode are you on?

  • Andrew

    @GrantCardone had good initial instincts about Don – something off about him. Totally got that. Not remotely surprised that he couldn’t cut it – came across as pretty weird to me.

  • stacyacross

    Realize that no matter what, these individuals went there, took the chance and showed up. Even if some didn’t actually show up. We waste energy commenting on the experiences of others when we didn’t take on the challenge, what gives us the right to discern? Good series though.

  • TheMaz

    I just re-watched the ending. Why didn’t they last the 90 day trial GrantCardone Great show. Can’t wait for the next episode!

  • Atanas Vasilev

    @10xordie haha ikr

  • Atanas Vasilev

    S_Draee Is it gray?

  • Nathan Lawson

    Tell me what you need and I WILL DO IT.
    #Results Matter….

  • BeRichLife

    I knew that Jeff dude looked familiar. He was on one of those interviews awhile back!

  • IvoDimitrov

    Great show. So much to learn and apply from it.
    But I feel that I have to share this wi you all.
    What’s the next level of water challenge? Sell a water for $100K. Ridiculous 😀 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rg3Mr6e1KMo 
    Money is everywhere. Just create the process that will make them to travel from the customer’s pocket to yours.
    Listen to Grant Cardone. He teaches us how to do that. 😉
    Many thanks Uncle G!

  • realtimbrooks

    Don it was cool to finally see your episode.

  • Aunnieboy

    So Shauna was told that she wouldn’t get cut if she made the most amount of money but she still got cut? Am I missing something here and what are these terms that most of the ex- military are not able to stick it out after they get the job?

  • Rohmi95

    @Aunnieboy Shauna got told “If you don’t bring the most amount of money in you will be cut”, Grant didn’t say that she won’t get cut if she brought the most amount of money in … Aunnieboy listen to the ending again, the ex military men couldnt make it past 90 days working with grant and the other man didnt accept the terms of the contract

  • RichardHalll

    Damn!  I was initially pulling for Rick, but his after interview showed all I needed to convince me it was the right move.  I personally would’ve axed Cody before the water interview.  Too much of a space case.
    On another note, ex-military status does not guarantee success in other areas.  Having served myself I know from where I speak.  It can work to people’s advantage, but it is the not some sort of panacea for things for which you do not know.  Adaptability, a constant willingness to learn, and a “no holds barred whatever it takes” attitude will do just fine.

  • Art

    In the beginning of every episodes Grant tells us about his awesome way to get the right people, but at the end he tells that he failed to get the right people.

  • LonLinke

    Why do NONE of these contestants know “how to” tie a…TIE?

  • Jayson Newton

    Grant, Id like you to picture yourself working with a true salesman. Ive been cold calling since I was 7 years old asking for voluntary pay on my paper route every month from my clients. I was thinking then what you are saying now, WHOS GOT MY MONEY. Im 28 years old work 100% commission and live for the thrill of cold calling. I grossed 1.28 million in residential hvac sales last year with a 35% closing ratio. I cant buy underwear my balls dont fit mannn. I would take a temporary cut in wages to learn and work for you and to get out of the cold in Canada. Lets make some money. Jayson @ 905-481-1047.

  • stansburygrant

    Rule#1 with my mentor: DO NOT talk about what youve done and are doing to do. DO talk about his business, what your doing to help him right now with revenue, and the gameplan for revenue now/today.

  • RodneyJames Mcintyre

    wow, Grant is intense! Bad ass!! I’m inspired!!

  • LonnieThomas

    Grant the man

  • EdmundAfful1

    what a freaking waist of GRANT’s time man I only had to watch this for an hr, but GRANT had to deal with that on a day to day bases smh come correct man.

  • carlosbeltranc3

    GrantCardone gracias

  • carlosbeltranc3

    GrantCardone thanks

  • Lars Stollenga

    He didn’t agree with their terms?! Haha and he was saying he was going to work for free and only earn commission, so what could make him say the terms were bad?!

    By the way guys, you know that water pitch challenge that is going on right now? I submitted a video too, please  check it out and voor for me and also see why others are ripping people of with their water pitches, I mean 50$ for a glass of water?! Why? Water isn’t hard to obtain in the United States of America. I am not just stating the price and talk about how my glass of water is better than others, that’s nonsense! Water is water, and that’s why I have CREATED VALUE. Go ahead and vote for me, it would mean the world to me. http://grantcardonetv.com/video/perfect-pitch/lars-stollenga/

  • Hey guys have you submitted your #waterpitch yet? go here to see mine https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyhNUyho3ho 2 days left!

  • Lars Stollenga Good point Lars. I’d be impressed that the terms were cheap.

  • Sadening end. But life is life. You got to keep going Grant. May the magic be with you!
    Crepmaster the Magician

  • BrandonLowther2

    GrantCardone Mr.Cardone given the opportunity I would shine like the north star on a clear night.

  • CindyRBray

    GrantCardone I was recently given a shot to sell cars after watching #whateverittakes. You helped me bring it to the interview #newfan

  • MohammadAtif

    upworkshare.com nice site

  • GrantCardone I have never smoked weed or done ANY drugs, except for the following: Sugar, Caffeine, and Alcohol (yep, all are drugs!)

  • HCHCAdvertising

    GrantCardone Loving these shows man

  • Javibee

    GrantCardone where can I catch season 1?

  • rosarioeddie123

    GrantCardone great show

  • Sarcona_Felix

    GrantCardone WILLPOWER


    LOL. “I just had a little movement”– LOL “I’m gonna close you on your own product” HAAAAAAA!

  • Why Humiliate

    Mr. Grant Cardone makes a few good points but certain aspects of the show are disturbing, even sickening, for example, seeing the staff mock and laugh at candidates who are being humiliated for the struggles they are going through. Is humiliation and a culture of fear really the best way to motivate people?

  • JamesBrewer1

    Question…..how can he legally ask these questions in an interview…. I have interviewed only around 60 people and know it’s illegal to ask marital status… age…….where someone lives….do they take drugs….have you ever been arrested… etc…. Does he make them sign some form saying they can ask these questions…???????????