International sales expert Grant Cardone helps a local Gold’s Gym franchise that is on the verge of closing.

  • jdg690

    Is it just me or has anyone else been able to watch this video?

    I register/sign up, login, and try to play “Turn Around Kings” to only be prompted with “Sign-up and watch this exclusive content!” over and over again. I’d love to watch it but your blocking my access, c’mon man!

  • jdg690 Try caching your browser. I am able to watch this episode fine from London.

  • Wow. If ever there was an episode to show that price is a myth. Its this one.

  • jdg690

    Rajesh Taylor jdg690 I had to create a new account to get it to work.


  • Max Weber

    Awesome show Grant! Loved watching this one. Price truly is a myth.

  • AndreaLajsz

    Truly inspiring! Giving hope back to those people, and revitalizing their business, awesome! Appreciate Grant, what you achieve!

  • Simon Zammit

    jdg690  It’s not just you. I’m in Taiwan and I have the same problem. Logged in but can’t watch the video.

  • herbahungry

    Absolutely loved this. It was awesome to see Grant putting into action everything I’ve read in the books- very inspiring.

  • This is Truly a great example of NO NEGATIVITY. positive attitudes close sales.

  • Grant,
    Just finished The 10X rule for the second time. Then signed up at WIT Network. Dude, you absolutely rock. And you’re right – TV is a natural habitat for you.
    Best Success!

  • DavidBGoodrich


    Loved the format of this show, it reflects a growing professionalism in format (not that your other shows are unprofessional, live is after all live). The format reminded me of Hotel Impossible and Shark Tank (the way you focused on their response in the beginning with a verbal pause and dramatic music and then the turn around at the end). Hope you do more of these.

  • Sean

    What I really like about this show was the Grant helped the business owners recognize the value in their own business, and that’s really what a lot of down-and-out business owners need to re-energize the processes and get it done.

  • ChristianRamirez3

    Wow, very inspiring Grant you truly have a gift sir! Thanks

  • Arman de Burbon

    Both episodes were awesome! Wanted to see TK for a long time now but couldnt find it anywere. Thanx for uploading it here. 
    Its incredible how much Grant could accomplish in just a few days with helping implementing just a few small but basic tools and principles. Nothing new, just basics.

  • RichardSaupe

    That is not 10x that’s a 1000x, that was awesome!!!!!!!!

  • LA L

    Why can’t I watch the gym episode ? Im already logged in

  • TymoneFerry

    Man what a great show. When’s the next one?

  • 10X365X7

    Grant, Im pretty sure I’ve watched all of the Turn around shows up to this point! This is by far the best one I’ve seen for many reasons! Not only did you show them how to improve on sales, but you got Jr to actually believe in his product! Even though there are thousands of competitors in this industry, when I think of fitness I think of Golds Gym! Great episode!

  • Sam

    I can view the car sales vid but not the gym vid?? Tried a hundred times! I’ve got the DVD of the gym vid but I want to watch it here and now! I love it…

  • LA L

    me either, can’t watch the gym episode, is there anyplace where I can watch it?

  • balticsamurai

    Grant, this is just amazing! I feel so inspired, pumped up after just watching this episode – it’s fabulous. Learned a ton and got sooo much motivation.

    I’ve been through all your books. 10x rule – two times. It’s funny but up to this moment what’s benefited the most is my relationships with wife. ‘always agree’ works magic… and I’m still selling her, but it doesn’t turn ugly anymore like when I was countering her objections every time 🙂 Thanks a million!

  • Simon Zammit

    jdg690 Rajesh Taylor  Yeah, that worked for me too. Thanks for posting.

  • That was so awesome to watch! I’m taking action right now based on what I learned. Thank you Grant!

  • mmmm lets get a gym

  • StanSK

    Mr Cradone that was really great show!!!
    I am very surprised you haven’t done 50 more of them!?! I really dont like TV shows (they are full of BS) but i would watch this one! So motivating inspiring and educational 🙂

  • TomThefurryhatguy

    Definetly a show that I would watch on the networks.  And I dont even watch TV anymore.  🙂

  • john

    This show is amazing, you should do more episodes

  • Marian

    More please!

  • Sam Patterson

    I really enjoyed how Grant has the same style and character to this very day.

  • ClarenceOliver

    I’ve learned more about my business mistakes and how to fix them in this free 45 minutes, than I did with a Personal Coach that charged me 2,000 dollars.  Why is this not on CNBC, this is so much better than the profit.  Thanks Grant for the powerful info.

  • NewMexTraveler

    I wish you would come to WNMU in Silver City and turn around our university. If the faculty at WNMU would sale the school and the services they provide for students they could meet there gone of 5,000 students instead of 3,200 they have now. Then everyone that is afraid of getting fired and wondering if they are going to keep there job the following semester would see that selling the University and its unique views around Silver City, NM would bring them more quality students the town and school would thrive. Please help by putting us on the map with your show and Awesome Motivational teaching skills.

  • 5starvideostv

    Unfreakin believable!! Thank you Grant!  You not only saved the P family but I got so much out of this show to help my own business! Rock On Brother! 5starvideostv

  • I realize how many things I still have to learn from the Alexander The Grant Cardone.
    I have learned lots of things about promotion and marketing in the pass.
    GC literally learn me how to put all the puzzle peaces together.
    Grant example.
    Great show!

  • MackeddyFils

    I am completely impressed.  There was no crazy drama or over the top nonsense as with other shows.  It is a true turn-around.  I was in tears as it reminds me of what I need to do to get my business off the ground.

  • Carlat

    Truly inspiring!

  • Great real life business turnaround in your face! It`s Sales Baby!

  • jeffnunley

    Great show.  I really liked the idea about customizing the sales process to each individual business.  We’ve done that in our business just recently around a unique set of tools we offer and its made a big difference

  • ron austria

    what a wonderful show grant. I love it! I hope more episodes  to come up soon.

  • ErikRamos

    This video is a year old. I’ve been following GC for a little over a year and I’ve never seen this.
    However, this came at the perfect time! I am working for a local Gym here in Texas. After watching this I feel that I don’t need Grant to come and turn this gym around. I can do it my self now. And I’m only a front desk sales person.
    Get All Pump. I’m going to bring the ideas GC proposed in this video and turn my Gym around. I feel that the staff is 100% bought in on what we have to offer. Now it’s time to get people in the door, and close some sales.

  • Id like a follow up as to how this gym is doing now.

  • Doc Dale

    Simon Zammit jdg690 I’m watching from Singapore just fine. It could be your wifi speed. I have fiber optic cable and its working great.

  • AstridZanders

    We signed up by our local Cross Fit today and the owner did exactly what I saw in this video. No wonder he is PUMPING!

  • Pete

    I would love to see more of these! There’s only two but this show is awesome.

  • S_Draee

    enjoying this so much. wish grant did more eps.

  • Great Job Grant!   I hope you can sell this show to a network like CNBC.   Man I wanted you to give Joe Junior a kick in the  ass for all his negative body language.

  • NewCenturyMen

    Annnnd  they went out of business. These were the wrong owners with the wrong mindset. It’s now Zapp Athletic. Go ahead and call and see what a membership costs.

  • NewCenturyMen

    BTW, that’s not a dig at Grant. He was beautiful as he went in and gave them the tools to succeed. It’s obvious where the problem lay.

  • NewCenturyMen

    ErikRamos How did it turn out for you?

  • Lance1992

    Loved it Uncle G, more of this!

  • Mario Rodriguez

    Mr Grant once more you are a number one, the best couch……….thank you. my family and i love you,love your family and the members of your staff.

  • LeslieCarlLightfootJr

    Grant, Why did your show not continue? It is like the Marcus Lemonis’s “The Profit” on steroids. I love it, but only 2 episodes??? I welcome you to make a show with my company.

  • MiguelFlores4