The NOI is Net Operating Income. You have income, expenses, and then you have NOI. 5 units and above are dependent on NOI. It’s what the price is based off of, what the banks look at, and what the cap rate is made from. To determine the NOI you take Gross income minus expenses = NOI. The higher the NOI the more cash flow it’s going to produce. 3 questions to ask in multi-family:

1.How much will you pay for the property?
2.How much will it operate for?
3.How much can you sell it for when you exit?

You can make money with any of these three ways, but ideally all three. Keep in mind that as soon as something comes on the market and it becomes a good deal with a good NOI, you often have over 10 or more buyers coming in immediately. Loopnet is the garbage dump for properties that aren’t selling. As an example, there is a deal for 14 units in Athens, Georgia. It costs 750K so you’d put 190K down and finance 460K. It’s 70% occupied. The NOI is 45K and the debt would be 32K annually. That means you’d basically be putting 190K at risk to make $1300 a month. That deal probably isn’t worth it! The bottom line is you have to know what you are doing with any investment.

  • Logan Parrette

    Just for reference for people watching this. I believe the loan amount is actually for $560,000 which leaves the cost for 30 year loan at $39,000 as opposed to $32,000. This in course leaves the cashflow at $500/mth or $6,000/year.