Why does Grant invest in real estate? Before you do anything, whether it is getting married or just getting a pet, you need a reason. You need to know why you are doing something. Here are reasons Grant—and you—should invest in multi-family real estate:

1. Dependable cash flow.
2. Multiply money.
3. Low cost of debt.
4. Inflation hedge.
5. Physical Assets.
6. Tax Benefits.
7. Asset Appreciation.
8. Ownership.

We’re following Japan and we’ll see negative interest rates someday. The bank is going to charge you for you to have your cash in the bank. You want your money in something that is real. When the world goes bad, you want something real. This isn’t David Copperfield and smoke and mirrors. Fiat currency is all smoke and mirrors. Get your cash in real estate.

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  • Russell Anthony Vilt

    I’ve gone through Grant’s books the past week. Really like his stuff. I watched this video and contacted the email to sign up for the group he mentions around 56 minutes since I bought BOBA. Love the books but can’t say I’ll reach out to his company again. Just a big hassle and the person I emailed back and forth with about 10 times was incompetent. Total waste of my time and in the end he didn’t even sign me up for the group.