There is no shortage of money on planet earth. You don’t need your money in dead real estate—you need income producing real estate. Unless you are making $50 million a year, you don’t need to be investing in a house. Flipping a home is not real estate investing either, it is a sales job. The way you learn real estate is with your feet, you have to walk properties.

Here are 4 ways to invest:

1) Yourself
3) Syndication
4) What GC does

Learn about each of these 4 ways in this episode, and why way #4 is the only way you need to go.

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  • Victor Calvo

    Your phone line was busy, if an investment costed $5-10million, and could potentially provide over $100million return the first year at a 50%-70% profit margin, would that be an investment worth taking a look at? If 35% of what I’m saying is true, would it still be worth looking at?

  • Victor Calvo

    step 5. Stay Broke