Founder Secret Entourage, Entrepreneur, Investor and Author of Third Circle Theory.

The hustle started early for Pejman Ghadimi @Pejmanghadimi. As child he parted from his father and fled Iran with his mother for a new life in France. After years of observing his mother’s struggle with her business Pejman decided to become wealthy. His belief that work is a privilege would be the work ethic that drives him to become a millionaire. At age 14 he was making $2500 a week telemarketing after school. By 15 he founded his first auto detailing business. Before 25 he became Sr. VP for two major Fortune 500 banks without a college education. Now at 32, he is semi retired inspiring and teaching others. In this episode he and Grant discuss the Third Circle Theory –how mastering our circumstance and society leads to mastering our life and how entrepreneurship is the only way to accomplish true freedom. This must see interview looks at cultural differences and work ethic. Fascinating and always entertaining, this episode of Power Players is an inspiring must watch.

  • ChrisLancaster

    Love it! Good for him. Happy that he has found opportunity and had the intelligence to seize. Congrats! Can’t wait to read Third Circle Theory.

  • HyderRaazz

    Im speechless watching this video. Pejman rocked the show today..loved it! Third Circle Theory is my next passion now!

  • Amazing to see two of the mentors I follow talk about hustle. Glad you guys linked up.

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    this interview was amazing with

  • GrantCardone

    HyderRaazz guy was phenomenal…

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    ChrisLancaster can’t want to have you on

  • Love the interview. His story is amazing. Very inspirational on so many levels. I smiled at the reference to Glengarry Glen Ross. “These are the new leads. These are the Glengarry leads. And to you they’re gold,”

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    GrantCardone Pejmanghadimi Great interview! Very inspiring!

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    GrantCardone CardoneMedia twins have a stronger developed intuition than regular new borns

  • Cash10X

    GrantCardone intuition or knowing plays a huge part in the development of an entrepreneur.

  • nanic281

    I am entering my “Third Circle” of Life (no pun intended). Eye opener. Definitely lit a match under my rear to get things in gear…TODAY! Great interview with “PJ”! True definition of Power Player

  • 10xSingh

    For a Biomedical sciences student, these videos and grant rant is all i listen to to motivate myself to study the biochemistry, and medical sciences to succeed. But trying to overcome a hurdle in life to start business. Thanks GC and Mr. Ghadimi for the encouragement

  • 10xSingh

    Why do i feel like the [email protected] is talking about. “I wanted better than my family had to accomplish”

  • 10xSingh

    Im 21 and i have glengarry glen ross memorized- whys ur team slackinn

  • Mike Barron1

    Starts off slow…HEATs UP TO boil!! Excellent interview!!

  • GC & Me: Just lowly, grindin’ it out, businessmen trying to get our freakin’ pound on, make some money and take care of the family.

  • I’m logged in and cant watch your shows… thats why I stopped seeing most of your great stuff and can only watch on Youtube.

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    Content wont load, tried multiple browses??

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    I first tried watching in Firefox and it didn’t work at all. Switched to Chrome and no issues at all.
    I do have to say I am 10 minutes into the interview and so far it is just very awkward questions from Grant.

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    [email protected]@[email protected]

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    GrantCardone You need this guy back for a second interview.

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    Great guy!! Awesome interview. Congrats Grant.

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    Another awesome interview.

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    Good Interview

  • GrantCardone You need to get Edward De Valle on here for power players awesome guy, recently awarded Business leaders top 300 in the southern U.S. Top 50 Entrepreneur. Top innovator of south florida by the sun post and best PR company in central and south america. Owner of Toy Box Luxury rentals, CEO of Forbes Latin America and CEO of 3A Worldwide. True power player!

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    well said pejman.your words are sheer man.

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    Very inspiring!  Learned a lot