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    Kid has got my vote, for sure.

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    Love it

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    Nailed it!

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    damn my pitch sucked in comparison

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    What a creative presentation.. Loved it… but to sell something i believe you have to be strong as well..

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    GrantCardone Nice

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    GrantCardone awesome presentation

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  • Wow-  beautiful- got my vote!

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    PhilipSimonettaPA  right now I have a broken jaw, but i will keep that in mind for next time 🙂 Thanks for the comment

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    Great job!

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    You’re the winner, hands down!

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    Great presentation and awesome pitch!! Especially with a wired jaw when everyone else would just hide! Congrats!

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    Nice job Ryan

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    That was sick man  http://grantcardonetv.com/video/perfect-pitch/ryan-odonnell/

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    GrantCardone  Thanks Mr. Cardone! I thought you might like it 🙂

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    Hey I voted for your video. You had an awesome pitch! Check out mine! http://grantcardonetv.com/video/perfect-pitch/colton-kaplan/

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    Took you up on your offer.  LIKED yours.  Here’s my link http://grantcardonetv.com/video/perfect-pitch/trudy-beerman/

  • Hey man!, your video is awesome.. love the neat pen trick and water drop

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    Hi Ryan,thanks for checking out my pitch.  Yours is very spot on!

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  • I liked the innovative touch to the presentation. I have given it a thumbs up. Please check mine http://grantcardonetv.com/video/perfect-pitch/gowin-rai/

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    Water is very important, but why buy your water rather than any other water?

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    Grant always talks about -Super Freak your Presentation- you did it! You were interested and interesting the two qualities a great salesperson needs. You get my vote!

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    rdavidba77 Glad you liked it!!!! 🙂

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    love the graphics and heart…got it all wired up…keep it up broski

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  • http://grantcardonetv.com/video/perfect-pitch/benjamin-leghissa/

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    i was hoping someone would do a magic trick where the dollar bills were coming out of the top of the glass of water… like an income stream… pun intended… stream… water… get it? …anyway… congrats on your video… it is a work of art… and if you are ever able to do that trick i suggested… please send me a link to the video… i would like to see it… thank you… best wishes for the $1,000…

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    rainingmoneycom  Maybe someday 😛 Thanks for the comment! Best of luck to you

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    Congratulations Ryan O’donnel! Inspirational young man right here.

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    Congrats 😀