• MatthewDanskin

    Better than most but double the time cap.

  • Ryan ODonnell

    Love it! I can get you TEN MORE votes! All you need to do is vote for mine once and post the link to it on your social media pages http://grantcardonetv.com/video/perfect-pitch/ryan-odonnell/ 🙂 hurry because I’m only offering this for 2 more days. Make sure to comment on my video to let me know you did

  • LonnieThomas


  • Joe Vess

    I’m into the first two finalist videos and BOTH of them broke the rules! 60 Seconds, Grant! They can’t follow basic rules – why are they finalists?!

  • StevenMerlino

    Last thing I heard was “Do you have a family Doctor?” and then I stopped the pitch. 60 seconds.

  • rainingmoneycom

    MatthewDanskin in a couple of episodes of The Ultimate Job Interview… Grant tells the people that they might get extra time if they are able to get his attention during the first 60 seconds… so, maybe that is the case? thank you…

  • All the haters just means he’s done right.  he broke the rules, did whatever it takes.  unless your pitch is the top 50 too, then his rule breaking might have worked better than your rule following.  all kinds of grantisms come to mind here:
    • get an unfair advantage
    • control time don’t manage time
    • do whatever it takes 
    • if you don’t have haters you’re not doing it right