• Grant Jr

    Didn’t you get cut on the show?

  • TheMaz

    I like the focus on the features, advantages and benefits.

  • BryanSells

    Nice job.

  • Brandon12

    @GrantCardone under a minute, he hits on the Features, Advantages, & Benefit, & hands you a pen at the end. I like this one.

  • Aliavs

    @grant jr @grantcardone
    Yes, I believe I did see him cut from the show, and I was very surprised. His tenacity is incredible; I loved the simplicity of this video.

  • Perfect delivery, perfect pitch, perfect close! Great job – I vote for Jay.. Love the Pen in the closing..

  • Yep! It’s all about continuous improvement, and getting my name out there.

  • ChaseKazmaier

    Clear pitch, with a purpose. I like the option of the single glass upgraded to a monthly service.

  • Ryan ODonnell

    Love it! I can get you TEN MORE votes! All you need to do is vote for mine once and post the link to it on your social media pages http://grantcardonetv.com/video/perfect-pitch/ryan-odonnell/  🙂 hurry because I’m only offering this for 2 more days. Make sure to comment on my video to let me know you did so.

  • THustler1

    Simple, and easy to follow. True to the Cardone University focus on Features, Advantages, & Benefits.