• Daniellenicole

    Awesome video bro!

  • Nosleeptill7figures

    Best pitch so far. Clean!!! Quick and asked for the close. Boom!

  • BenMenchaca

    Nice! Asked for the sale straightaway ! Assume the sale!

  • AustinEllis

    Kaboom town!!! Is it weird if I’m thirsty now??!?!?!?

  • Naya S

    You a approach displayed confidence. You came off as trustworthy, respectable and your tone made you sound genuine.

  • Ryan ODonnell

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    I’ll get you TWO votes if you give mine one, and comment saying
    you did so (with a link back to your video.) Be sure to hurry I am only doing
    this for a few days 🙂

  • MikaylaMccarthy

    Nice smile, Yay for water !!

  • ChristopherTyre

    This Marine made me just run to grab my Cantine. Great Job.

  • NicholeMax

    #TeamCameronHarris! Go with the best of the best! U0001f44d

  • Rosie

    Good job Cameron!

  • Jon


  • VeraScavuzza

    Way to go Cameron,

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  • Awesome pitch, bro! 
    Good closing scenario too