• Brock Goss

    Good job. Here is my video. Please watch and provide comments. I also
    voted for you so I would much appreciate a vote from you if you like my
    pitch. Thanks very much. Be Great.

  • Grant


  • @Grant I dont like how i said healthiest water “alive”, doesnt make sense. I
    was trying to reiterate the beginning of how healthy means alive,
    because if you are sick you are just existing and not living. I also did
    not close well. Looking back it, i shouldve said something like, This
    actually changes your biology! (with more enthusiasm) Believe it or not
    it will work and keep you allive… or something. And then give credit
    where its due to Mr. Harvey Branman. I was going for a new perspective
    in the beginning to grab attention – make you think. Then
    connect how life is water and then obviously persuade with science which
    i now realize is a terrible idea since most don’t understand nor care
    too.. What do you think i should have done differently? Maybe after the
    connection give a quick explanation how this water reverses symptoms and
    then giving it a price but then following up with, How much if your
    health worth?.. Either way i’m glad it made it to the top 50. What
    happens now, relying on how many votes from the public? I thought you,
    Mr. Cardone would just decide ..

  • Brock Goss Much appreciated. I will watch and comment on yours now. I will vote for yours if it is worth a vote. I’m certain it will be. Thank you sir. Be great and inspire others with your success

  • Joe

    Not sure what the ask is here. Appreciate the effort, but not a compelling pitch. Doesn’t strike emotion with the audience, which is what’s needed if you are looking for them to take action. What problem are you trying to solve?
    How will X product solve X problem?
    What will be better bc X problem is solved?
    And how does a bare bottom relate to this pitch?
    The photo doesn’t match the message. Well…maybe it does.

  • dawn

    Wonderful aspiration, good luck.

  • @Joe  Thank you for your input

    I was trying to solve the problem of being sick, disable, and unable to live

    If I could change something I would involve a new opening that everyone can relate to. The hook and hammer technique

    I did not have a focus group which is key in any pitch, I should’ve “played the tape through”

    Much appreciated Sir

  • @dawn Thank you!