In this episode of The New Sale, Jeffrey shows you how he transforms his goals into big paychecks.

  • Coffee Black

    The Legend!! This is awesome stuff Mr Gitomer. I have read “The Little Red Book of Selling” and you are spot on in your teachings. Excellent video. Truly enjoy listening to what you have to say!

  • javierf1

    Great way to convey what it truly takes to be succesful , the insight of believing what you are doing and conveying that belief  towards the actions that will get you the results, not everybody understands this in the beginning until they have been thru it ,  or the process of discovery, but all in all for us that have been is the sales aspect  of any business or personal endeavor, it all comes  together with the belief factor, if you believe it  you can achieve it,.. Believe!!!!!!!!

  • Absolutely on point.

  • AdamGoodson3618

    This is awesome!

  • DASlinkard

    There needs to be more of Gitomer on the WIT Network.

  • I think you have to know you can. I think I can (Now a days leaves to much doubt) If you look up a address and get directions through some nav system, in your mind you have no doubt that if you follow the directions you will get to your destination. 

    You have to have that same belief in anything you set your mind to, if you want to succeed with it. There is no try only do!

    Great show #thenewsale

  • prudentmoneyman

    I like his style!

  • Great show! Git – I’m trying to build a team  – tell me what you think of this concept – – thanks.

  • dude this show was done in feb? we need more shows!

  • aflore02

    Loved it Jeffrey!!!!!

  • aflore02

    Grant let’s get Jeffrey back if possible!!! Great guy!!!

  • Jeremy David Wilson

    Hey Jeffrey,

    Where can I go to order some of those Post-It Notes from you?

    All The Best,

    Jeremy David Wilson