On this first episode, it only makes sense to discuss Mentoring. The importance of having a mentor, what a mentor does for you, how you can find a mentor. Also flipping it around and talking about an apprentice, why should you do this? What they can learn.

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    Great show! Opened my eyes to the importance of having a mentor. Every wealthy person has one!

  • kjoel007

    Thanks Kevin! You were awesome on Shark Tank. Looking forward to meeting you one day. 🙂

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    HarringtonKevin GrantCardone 2 Pros

  • JuanitaDavis

    Thank you Mr. Harrington.  Yes, let’s work together to grow my business.  I appreciate your mentorship.  Ms.  Juanita Davis

  • Seck Mor Maty

    Working with you is a chance and a great honour for me.
    Your work is great.
    You bring a lot to the community.
    Thank you very much!

  • Great episode, thank you Mr. Harrington!

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    Awesome show Kevin! Look forward to seeing more! Glad to see you on Grant’s network!!

  • Thank you for sharing. Appreciate a guy like you taking the time to share your knowledge and insights!

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    Excellent first show… milestone!  Valuable, helpful advice… thank you for sharing!

  • Great first episode Kevin. I’m taking notes, sounds like you are presenting a successful business outline for entrepreneurs. I can’t wait to view the next episode.

  • Kevin has been my mentor for a year.  His depth of knowledge and ability to cut a strategic path for your product is a massive differentiator.  Many guru speakers make broad claims.  Kevin has not only been a part of $5B in product distribution and can back up his claims, he is a true gentleman and operates with class.  He will deliver for you.

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    Absolutely Great Kevin! Wonderful job, I will spread the word.

  • If i could have you be my mentor, it gonna mentor to billions not millions,  i got a real great BIZ Plan. Can’t wait to see your next episode.

  • Amazing how much you can learn from someone who does know. I have learned  a lot today 
    Thank you Mr Harrington 
    Very good Stuff!!!

  • ShelleyEngineer

    Excellent presentation about the value of a mentor.  I believe my success in supply chain engineering consulting business is because of a mentor that I greatly appreciate.  Also, I have a mentor in inventing but I believe I have helped other inventors on the supply chain side.  You are awesome.  Thank you.

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    Very good first episode.  Looking forward to new ones.
    David Stewart
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    This is a great reminder in having a mentor. Thank you Kevin for your videos!