“Thank God it’s Friday” really means this; I wasted the week, I wasted my life, I probably don’t even deserve to work for this company.

Thank God it’s Friday, C’mon, the whole world shifts on Friday. “Thank God it’s Friday, oh my God,” now everybody believes in God. Same people that don’t even go to church, don’t know how to spell “God” or thanking God, because it’s finally Friday.

Most of these people are doing it at 8am in the morning on a Friday, man! They are already celebrating the weekend and haven’t event finished the day. “Thank God it’s Friday” means, two things; I wasted a whole week waiting on this morning and now I’m wasting the rest of the day trying to get to tomorrow. This is freaking nuts. You are basically saying “I can’t wait to get this day to be over.” How many Fridays do you think you have? Let’s imagine, let’s fast forward fifty years. It’s your last Friday, what would you be saying? “Thank God it’s my last Friday?” I don’t think so. You are wasting Fridays, you are wasting weekends, you are wasting days waiting on a weekend. “Thank God it’s Friday” really means this; “I wasted the week, I wasted my life, I probably don’t even deserve to work for this company or any other company. Get rid of me, please. Get rid of the department, get rid of everybody around me. Because I am not going to accumulate to anything, I’m not going to have anything and I am not going to amount to anything.” Thank God it’s Friday” should really be, “Thank God I’m free.” Maybe you should change TGIF to “Thank God I’m free to be me.”

  • JohnABruder


    I often find your stuff inspiring. But you really need to go back and proof read this one.  Have a great weekend.

  • Bennie Ch

    Speaking from the heart…

  • pauledwil

    So true!

  • Korymegis

    Grant doesn’t need to proof read! If you don’t get the message due to grammatical errors then you aren’t getting the message. Grant did what he needed to do. Get back out the and make money!