Grant and Elena Cardone discuss naiveté and offer examples for how people are naive in marriage, business and life.

Grant and Elena begin the show with a discussion about vaccines and the awful experience Elena had recently at a doctor’s appointment for her young daughters. She politely passed on vaccination and suggested a further conversation without the children present. The doctor pressed on. Grant explains that naivete impairs handling of certain situations.

Grant and Elena refer to an article on David K Flowers’ blog “Ten Naïve Ideas About Marriage” and mention a few of the ideas including.

1. Our romantic love will never fade.
2. I love everything about my partner.
3. Living together first will make the marriage stronger.
4. My partners couldn’t do anything to question my love for them.

Grant says these beliefs are naïve and reminds people that relationships will come upon tough times and things won’t be all peachy all the time. He suggests couples have the freedom to tell one another what they don’t like, to get it out and then move on.

As always the banter between Grant and Elena is entertaining and real! This is a couple dealing with the colliding worlds of business and marriage.

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    Awesome show, try to use an html5 video player dude the video just stop loading on a mobile connection

  • Traci Holmes

    Damn GC, “YOU. SHUT. UP.” ……..Harsh