In this edition of the G and E Show Grant and Elena Cardone take on big pharma. Grant struggled for many years with drugs and knows the challenges that many struggle with. Drugs are a problem for good people. It doesn’t just make a problem for individuals, it creates problems for whole families. The side effects are endless. How is taking a drug natural? People think it’s normal. You must confront it. Think about some of these facts:

80% of all pain meds, prescription drugs, on planet earth are consumed by less than 5% of the population.

99% of the world’s Vicodin is consumed by Amercians

Big pharma hit over a trillion in sales this past year

28K overdoses last year

There are 300 million guns in US and 4 billion prescriptions. Average household has 15 prescriptions.

There are fewer deaths in cars and guns than overdoses. 50 deaths everyday of pain med overdoses.

They banned tobacco in commercials. Why aren’t we banning pharma?

Over 10 million kids put on Ritalin for hyperactivity.

The bottom line is most of the time drugs are not needed. Drugs are seen as an easy solution. There are no short cuts in life folks. Big pharma manufactures problems. People must confront the pain, ask why they have the pain in the first place, take no short cuts, and never trust the “trusted” sources. Just because you are a “doctor” and wear a white suit doesn’t mean I should trust you.

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  • jcast0723

    You Guys are Great love it

  • Tony Airiainen

    You guys give so much value! Thank youuuuu!!

  • RichardHalll

    Pretty difficult to hold a marriage/relationship together with such easy access to and constant promotion to solve your problems meds.

  • TheloniousCJ

    This show is much needed. Thanks yall, God Bless

  • Had a great employee go bad who got hooked on that trash.  Sad..  But its an epidemic.

  • TakodaBrand


  • beeznutzstl

    BeezNutzStl is here, never fear.

  • New Life

    They are in pain, but not physical. They are depressed how their life is, they have low self esteem. When I was doing drugs it was because I was depressed and when the drug depresses your (pain), it’s a quick fix because it takes your mind off of the stuff. Instead of the Doc’s giving out pain meds, give the patients a wake up call and face there fears!!!

  • beeznutzstl

    I was on 22 something pills a day as a kid, one for this, one for that, four more to combat the side effects of the first two, and so on. People are so quick to reach for pills for everything, burned me on pills. I avoid pills at all cost as an adult now if possible.

  • KenWalls

    Good to see you doing this topic! Way too many people think that drugs are the only way to make it through the day!

  • beeznutzstl

    up with hope…..DOWN WITH DOPE – Uncle G’ and First Lady E,

  • Tony Airiainen

    Beautiful minds you are! Confront the pain. Confront the fear. Eat healthy. Helped me to drop the sht behind me.

  • New Life

    I have been trying to call but it says the number isn’t working.

  • Rj77777

    Hugs not drugs.

  • davebengel

    my buddys life was RUINED by prescription drugs… almost killed in a deadly car crash and jailed for involuntary  manslaughter….. all started from back pain. He was a multimillionaire lost everything

  • SteffanAllen

    My dad is on 44 pills a day and an injection a day

  • SheriSuccess

    New Life Probably just all lines busy. 305 865 8668

  • beeznutzstl

    don’t forget the athletes, musicians and everyone else surrounded by the yes men.

  • TakodaBrand

    Like I said the solution is SUPER SIMPLE, Live only on natural products, discard all the garbage like sugar out of your life, than you stay healthy forever become at least 100 en never need any Pharma’s! Stay positive, no depression pharma either, it is that simple, who doesn’t understand that?

  • I don’t do any drugs. Only herb from the earth aka weed once a month when I party. This is how we live in Miami.

  • KenWalls

    SheriSuccess New Life I’m trying, too!! Hi Sheri!!!!

  • beeznutzstl

    Dude in Coheed and Cambria a few years ago robbed a damn walgreens while on an Arena tour all for some pills.

  • Rj77777

    Drug pricing is ridiculous.

  • The prescription drugs is big money. I think the solution is awareness but the solution is goals, direction, belief in yourself. This is why I love 10X message-  the understanding that it is a responsibility  to achieve- that message needs to permeate everywhere. In addition, yes- that there are solutions for this. Always Always question what they give you – be aware- and having an advocate to work in your behalf.

  • SteffanAllen

    grant you been getting my letters?

  • Tom Evans

    You will never find this type of content on main stream because of the bureaucracy.  Thank you for doing your part in changing the world!

  • Rj77777

    Prescribe pills for every little thing.

  • Rj77777


  • William and Astrid

    In South Africa people with HIV sell the anti-retroviral drugs that the government hands out for free mix it a bit with marijuana and voila!

  • New Life

    They have to want to change themselves!! I have been clean for 16yrs!!!!!!

  • Thanks for all your sharing Grant & Elena!Teen Challenge Does a great job of helping folks(all ages)with drug additions!

  • imaginehealing777


    Thank you for writing this  Grant and Elena.

    I was trained by Grant twice when I was at Applewood Chev in Canada.

    I AM a victim and have a story to share of Big Pharma abuse.

    I healed myself from $600.00 a month of pain killers over 30 years, plus 25 Carbocaine injections a week for years.
    Thousands of pills and morphine injections to cope and stay working..

    I had a near death experience in May 2014.

    I AM drug free and healed myself with a little help from my new friends, Gratitude.

    My story is

    The doctors are running from me, because they OD’D me twice and covered it up.

    They told me I would never get better.

    They told me I can’t have my medical records, and they shredded my file.
    Now I have been rejected by pain clinic rudely, they don’t even want to know how I did it.
    The waiting room are full of patients addicted to their drugs.
    Because there is no money for western docs when I am healthy.
    I have lost respect for these drug pushing docs, it all about the money.

    Jordan Grenier

  • Elora

    Every thing Grant Cardone is saying here in this segment, has been exposing too against the Pharmaceutical
    Industry whose intentions are to profit as much as they can by not
    solving the problem but by keeping you in their business.
    the plant weed or Cannabis plant (known as a “depressant”= meaning that
    lowers neurotransmission levels,to reduce arousal or stimulation in
    various areas of the brain) it has been push through legalization for
    medical treatment by an Award-Winning Talk Show Host Montel Williams,
    dealing with Mustiple Sclerosis, for medical purposes. Cannabis/weed
    plant is a better alternative for pain than those addictive dangerous
    phamaceutical pain drugs. I believe this plant should be legalized for
    medical purposes only for conditions that are due to uncontrollable pain
    and not for problems that you are “throwing under the rug”. agrees with cannabis plant, as a hemp oil for example, as an alternative to
    pharmaceutical pain drug.

  • GiannaMoglino

    That’s our message at, we say “dont’ trust your doctor if his go-to is drugs!”