Who sucks the life out of you? Have you dated a vampire who sucked out all of your energy? Or have you been the vampire to someone else? If you are on purpose you won’t suck the life out of someone else. It’s only when you don’t have enough going on that you look to someone else to fulfill you. Are you doing the things that fulfill you? People have to have their own life. If your girl is needy, she needs to find her purpose. It’s impossible for another person to fill you up.

Here are 3 steps to dealing with relational vampires:

1. Confront—You have to confront it. If you can’t confront, how are you going to do anything? Have the conversation with yourself and look at you. You picked that person, you needed the needy person. Nothing happens to you, things happen because of you.

2. Communicate—You have to talk with the person. No email, no text, just sit down in person and have the hard conversation. They will be defensive at first.

3. Commit to something. Find something you can agree on and work together toward it. Help each other with your dreams and if they’ve lost sight of their dreams, help them rediscover what their dreams are.

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  • jade brodeur

    hi grant im jade im 11 i would like to ask if you could give a shout out to my stepdad jamie wheeler he is such a big fan so am i  i really hope you read this also he orderd your book the new one we (me and my mom) orderd it for his b-day thank you so much plz shout out to him on your next show