Are you colliding in a relationship? Does your significant other have opposite dreams and aspirations? You have power and your partner has power. If the king and queen aren’t on the same page, the empire is in trouble. Dynasties usually crumble from within. You must know your role. The king would not do the role of the court jester. Every empire has different roles, and every role is important in helping the empire flourish.

Why should you build an empire?
When do you exile someone?
How big should your empire be?

These questions and more are discussed in this episode of the G an E Show.

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  • Roselyn Cruz

    Uncle G (Grant and Elena),

    Is there a Livestream for 10X Growth Con?”
    If you asked that question, then the  GOOD NEWS for you…
    …we WILL be Livestreaming The 10X Growth Conference!
    Now, whether you can’t make the trip or you got locked out when we closed the ticket sales, you can watch us live on your computer, anywhere in the world.

    Watch Live Stream on Virtual Reality – VR Box, Samsung Gear VR, or any other VR Headsets, if you can’t be there you’ll be there.  
    Get your Sales Team, High School Students, Business Associates and find a place.   Make it FUN!!  Suggestions:YOUR HOME, The local restaurant, local bar (21), your gym, and even a Karaoke Bar to watch it.  

    Warrior Fans will watch the Game “Live Stream” in Oracle.  A week or so to plan a group gathering.