The holiday season can be a time of joyous family get-togethers or it can be a period of stress, conflict, and rising tension. On today’s episode Grant and Elena discuss how to make the holidays great for yourself and your partner.

To begin, Elena recommends helping your spouse and trying not to complain.

They discuss the three C’s of handling holiday conflicts:

1. Conversation
2. Carve out time
3. Commit

Listen as Elena and Grant both openly communicate how they can help each other out during this busy season. They also take some calls and Grant offers advice to one guy struggling this holiday season.

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  • hinc1mike

    I don’t worry about it no one helps me out when I need help so I focus on expanding my brand and getting out of obsurity, Unckle G motivated me more then my whole family

  • warrencasselljr

    Would love to see you do a Power Players with your brother Gary. He’s a pretty awesome guy.

  • Awe$$ome to see you guys…

  • LuisVega1

    Uncle G I would like to wish you both a grateful holidays , I was in car sales for 10 years and in sales 22 years …I have accomplished remarkable things in sales . I just became licensed in real estate and my goal is to become the next billionaire …..who has my money ???  I am at that point uncle G was before he made a decision to take the leap of faith !

  • Grant you are off the chain today

  • warrencasselljr

    I was just thinking the same thing. I couldn’t get anyone on the phone all week. It’s ridiculous.


  • WOOOOO! WOOOO! Grant you asked for it… She’s throwing down! Bitch slapping you around

  • omg, I love these two

  • MarcRodill


  • ChaddNaugle

    I love this also… They need to do this more often.

  • kyledmcqueen

    I agree with Uncle G – I hate holiday family gatherings. If I haven’t talked to you all year long, I definitely don’t want to sit across from you at the dinner table and eat over-cooked food!

  • chadpittenger

    You Always Bring a Great Show and Never Know where it can go with you two.

  • Success = health, wealth, love and happiness… these are the pillars of the good life. Each pillar in balance. Each stand alone. Don’t confuse one with the other. Take care of it all. Don’t hang it all on 1 pillar. You can go to an extreme in any one direction and long term you could wind up rich but lonely and unhappy. Take care of your family, take care of your wife, take care of your social connections and kill it in business.

  • ChaddNaugle

    Grant – Let me help you acquire more Multi Families…. I can also help with the YAMS.  Brown sugar and butter, and definitely don’t need a knife 🙂

  • chadpittenger

    Happy Holidays and Happy Thanksgiving Grant and Elena!!

  • Awe$$omE [email protected] [email protected]



  • ChristopherRayColeman

    Auntie E is from Fairhope Al????? I was born and raised in Mobile…living in Spanish Fort right now. You guys are awesome! Just launched my brand and I’m moving to Miami next May. Can’t wait to meet you guys!!!


  • tanphill

    GrantCardone love it

  • digitalhealthspace

    If there was another letter before A then GE would be a type A+  HAVE A HAPPY TURKEY DAY….FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT…

  • yup this is so needed me and my husband just had a discussion

    about the balance of life and these holidays are stressful your right

  • thx

  • Dizzlefoshizzlenizzle

    I like your hair Elena U0001f600

  • JennRyan

    SO TRUE. I could absolutely forego the holidays altogether and be totally happy! I hate being forced into get-togethers with people who don’t inspire or motivate me. It’s actually a sign in our society we need these structured obligated holidays to inspire us to get together and appreciate each other anyway. We need to be doing this spontaneously through the year with people we WANT to be around!